Say “No” to Drugs Quotes from Nancy Reagan (INFOGRAPHIC)

Some famous quotes from First Lady, Nancy Reagan, during her tenure as a spokesperson for the “Just Say ‘No'” campaign.

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Say “No” To Drugs Quotes

The “Say ‘No’ to Drugs” campaign may have meant well, but effectively served as a complementary campaign to the “War on Drugs” begun in the early to mid 1980’s.  Much literature and criticism of the “War on Drugs”, exists….which basically has imprisoned (rather than treat) drug users, abuser, or addicts…and has created an industry that spends 50+ billions of dollars in “fighting” traffickers per year.  More on the War on Drugs Statistics here.

Here, we present – in her own words – First Lady Nancy Reagan’s quotes about saying “No” to drugs.  Taken from public speeches she made, mainly during the second term of husband President Ronald Reagan, these quotes help present a political context for how Americans view alcohol and drug use today.

Say “No” to Drugs Quotes from Nancy Reagan (INFOGRAPHIC)

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