Thursday January 24th 2019

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The “War on Drugs” Noam Chomsky Quotes (INFOGRAPHIC)

The War on Drugs: Noam Chomsky Quotes

Is the “War on Drugs” successful… or subterfuge for government administrations pushing a different agenda?  Check out these thought provoking quotes from Noam Chomsky.  Then, we invite your own personal opinions about the “War on Drugs” in the comments section at the end.  Thoughts to consider:

  • How is addiction regulation carried out in urban centers versus the suburbs?
  • Who does drug sentencing empower?
  • Who does drug sentencing imprison?
  • Who benefits from imprisonment of drug addicts?
  • How does U.S. foreign policy get sold with the “drug war”?
  • How dangerous are illicit drugs to society versus alcohol or tobacco?
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Famous Addiction Quotes Noam Chomsky [Reference Sources]

The “War on Drugs” Noam Chomsky Quotes (INFOGRAPHIC)

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