Thursday January 24th 2019

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Pink quotes about drugs and alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)

Famous Addiction Quotes Pink [Reference Sources]Pink stops drug abuse after a near overdose

Pink learned the hard way that illegal substances can really harm you. In ’95 at only 15 years of age, she almost overdosed in a club after years of experimenting with crystal meth, ecstasy and acid. She recalled this event in an interview many years after and stated:

“It wasn’t to the point of going to the hospital, but I remember getting up off the floor in the morning-and that was the last time I ever touched a drug again.”

Pink quotes about drugs and alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)

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We salute her decision to stay away from drugs and we find her thinking to be very strong and mature way for a 15 year old Pink. Seems like she was always an opinionated and determined woman, one that is similar to the celebrity we see today.

Pink’s opinions about drug and alcohol

In an attempt to capture and centralize Pink’s opinion about substances, we’ve collected her quotes here. Now, we’d like to welcome you to post your comments and questions in the section below, and if you like our infographic – feel free to SHARE IT.  And let us know if you have any questions. We try to answer to all legitimate inquiries with a personal and prompt response (and can also help you find help or addiction treatment, if needed).

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