John Lennon quotes about drugs (INFOGRAPHIC)

Every now and then, rumors arise and link this iconic rocker to drugs. What did John Lennon say about drugs? An infographic collecting his own words here.

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Famous Addiction Quotes – John Lennon

Most of us can agree that the life of this famous Beatle was inspiring. In fact, he has left a valuable cultural legacy of music, peace, and love for generations to come. But every now and then, rumours arise and link this iconic rocker to drugs. While he did live the iconic life of flower power … was he a heavy drug user?

John Lennon has admitted his first drug of choice was benzedrine. In fact, it was the first drug he ever took. What other substances has he used? We’ve looked into John Lenon’s drug use and his opinions about drugs and have created an infographic to answer this very questions.

John Lennon quotes about drugs (INFOGRAPHIC)

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John Lennon and drugs

He left a strong message, inspired people to imagine a better life, be generous, stop fighting and dividing…he asked the world to be as one! Some may say that John’s life was about overcoming the past and living in the present. What do you think?

  • Is John Lennon still a model for today’s youth?
  • What lessons do past musicians leave with us?
  • Do personal experiences with drugs or alcohol demand privacy?
  • Does it matter if those that we look up to have used drugs or alcohol?

John Lennon on drugs: What do you think?

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