Jennifer Lawrence quotes on drugs and alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)

“People have diabetes or asthma and they have to take medication for it. But as soon as you have to take medication for your mind, there’s this instant stigma.” More addiction quotes by J-Law, here.

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Jennifer Lawrence Famous Addiction Quotes B&WJennifer Lawrence on drinking and the social stigmatization of mental illness

We, just as the rest of the world, think Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely amazing.

And in completing our series of “Famous Addiction Quotes”, we simply haveone idea behind it: to give addiction a face and have celebrities represent the different views on this topic. Well, J-Law’s positive, realistic and funny views on the subject as some lightness.

Jennifer Lawrence quotes on drugs and alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Is Jennifer Lawrence an addict?

No. We do not believe she has a substance abuse problem(s). She got her own infographic on the matter mainly because of this statement: “People have diabetes or asthma and they have to take medication for it. But as soon as you have to take medication for your mind, there’s this instant stigma.”

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We totally agree! Don’t you?

We’d like to hear what you think about the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance addiction. If you have any comments or questions, please post them in the comments section below. We promise to try and get back with you soon.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I think its ultra sad. I had a massive admiration for jen not only as an actress but as a person. She was a little wierd and qourky but in all the best ways in my opinion. Then a few years back all i ever saw from here was drunken and drugged out stories. She clang to drama and hollywoods queens of drama amy schumer and all the whoredashin’s. Became this constant junkie look. You could see it in her eyes and in her actions. That she was changing and not for the better. She even slept with another person’s husband and thought offering an expensive purse as an offering was an acceptable apology for helping to fuck up the marraige that was already on edge. More and more i see here on drugs and drunk thinking it is funny and it breaks my heart for her. Not because i habe any sort of personsl ties to her. But because she was an example of the best someone could be. You cpuld aim for the stars and not be a drama junkie and an addict. But she messed that up with her crowd chooses. I personally hope she pulls an RDJ and gets her shit together. She seemed like an awesome and amazing person to get to know head to toe until this shit kicked off.

  2. I am both an alcoholic and a diabetic. I have had to attend serious counseling because I was molested and abused and neglected as a child.
    But, I copied with my difficulties by drinking. My first drink was at 12. I had this wonderful experience. I didn’t know what an alcoholic was or that Alcoholics Anonymous existed.
    10 years later I lost my best friend of 16 years.
    Yes, I met him at five
    I hit rock bottom with my drinking and discovered I couldn’t stop. I always thought I legitimately would if I ever needed to.
    Thank God, my higher power, brought me, through a series of events to my first 12 step meeting.
    Since then I have become diabetic, suffered cancer and major surgery 2 plus times.
    I have suffered significantly worse experiences than during my childhood.
    But by God’s grace and 12 step support I have a peaceful life despite seriously difficult circumstances.
    When I was young I had heard Bowie had said “I want to live hard, die Young, and leave a good looking corpse” As a person who couldn’t see my life improving because I had horrible experiences as a child these words attributed to Bowie(incorrectly?) Were incredible.
    Thankfully at 22 I had a life altering experience. I had been in a 12 step program for 3 months. I was sitting near a waterfall in the forest. And I realized my mind was Quiet!
    It was always running! Why did I, why didn’t I, who will hurt me next, when is the second shoe going to hit the floor?
    Just peaceful, blissful, quiet. I wasn’t terrified. I wasn’t plotting. I wasn’t paranoid.
    I realized I wanted More of this peaceful person. I could possibly do positive, non-hurtful, selfish things.
    I honestly hope Jennifer is not addicted to anything.
    But if she does become addicted. There is a peaceful, calm, beautiful, life available.
    But people be aware, your addicted friends Do Not want you to change. Change terrifies those with concrete surrounding there own feet.

  3. My fiance was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2013,and o er the years that is absolutely correct. There is a stigma on anyone with mental illness. It’s sad because alot of people don’t give them a chance an the Doctors treat them like guinea pigs for the Epilepsy because it’s so hard to pin-point where it’s coming from. Therefore they give them medication. Sometimes if your lucky it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If you mix the wrong seizure medication with another medication such as an antidepressant then you get serotonin syndrome. And that I’ve dealt with first-hand it’s horrible the person that you want to do is not them anymore

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