Addiction treatment certainly isn’t cheap. Costs range from around $135-$700 per day. How can you reduce these costs? Read on to learn more.

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Q: How much does addiction treatment cost?

A: From $135 to 700 per day.

Addiction treatment costs – on average – about $100 per week of treatment, or about $7,500 per treatment episode. However, keep in mind that inpatient rehab is two to three times more expensive than outpatient treatment.  While we know that the benefits of addiction treatment far outweigh the costs, learn more about the out-of-pocket costs for alcohol and drug treatment programs here.

Q: What’s the average cost of inpatient treatment?

A: From 10-20K per treatment episode.

Residential addiction treatment costs, on average, more than $700 per day for inpatient treatment. According to one recent government study, the average price of addiction treatment per residential patient episode has recently been estimated at $11,260.  However, a private study has set the average price of 28-day inpatient addiction treatment at around $19,000.

As a general rule, inpatient addiction treatment is more expensive than outpatient addiction treatment. This is attributed to the daily intensive counseling and therapy sessions, as well as the structured drug-free environments offered by these facilities. 24-7 care can be costly, as well.  More on the costs of inpatient treatment programs here:

Q: What’s the average cost of outpatient treatment?

A: Addiction treatment costs, on average, about $135 per day for outpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment may require several hours per day of clinical treatment, but does not require additional staffing or overhead costs. The average price of addiction treatment in an outpatient setting was $2,325 per episode in the same government study referenced above and $6800 for a 10 week program in the private study.


Q: How much does detox cost?

A: It depends.

Detox can be a very expensive part of any addiction treatment program. Why? Because the cost of medical and alternative detoxification depends on your length of stay in a detox center, the use of prescription medication(s), as well as the number of doctor consultations, testing and procedures.  Each of these factors can impact the final cost. More here on the costs of detox:

Q: What’s the cost of psychotherapy for substance abuse disorders?

A: It depends. 

Ranging from almost free to $150 or more per hour, counseling for issues related to substance abuse disorders can be expensive. Learn more about addiction counseling costs and how you can afford counseling here.

Q: How much does it costs to live in a halfway house?

A: About the same as living in a similar modest home in your area.

Halfway houses cost about the same as living in a modest apartment or home. However, many supervised facilities will have additional costs related to management of  drug testing and  regular monitoring. Read on to learn more about halfway houses and their costs, including utilities and security deposit, here.

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