Thursday February 21st 2019

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Bob Marley quotes about weed (INFOGRAPHIC)

 What did Bob Marley say about weed?

Many things.

In the continuation of our series on “Famous Addiction Quotes”, we present the man’s words so that you can infer meaning.  Then, we invite your own personal opinions about the use of herb as medicine or drug in the comments section at the end.  Thoughts to consider:

Bob Marley quotes about weed (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • Is marijuana equally as harmful as tobacco and alcohol? More harmful? Less harmful?
  • Are psychoactive effects caused by weed on the brain superior to other drugs?
  • Why do so many people smoke weed?
  • Is it worth quitting for a while, to see if you can?

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One Response to “Bob Marley quotes about weed (INFOGRAPHIC)
7:59 pm August 16th, 2017

Dope article I like the bob pic as well.