Long term effects of meth on the body (INFOGRAPHIC)

Long term use of meth can damage blood vessels, cause liver failure, or kidney disease. More on long term effects of methamphetamine on the body here.

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Methamphetamine (meth) takes a toll on the body. But what does long term use of meth really do to the body?

Meth affects multiple systems of the body. These include:

Long term effects of meth on the body (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • The circulatory system
  • The respiratory system
  • The excretory system
  • The lymphatic system

For example, long term use of meth can cause tooth decay, liver failure, and irreversible blood vessel damage that may result in stroke. Not only that, but smoking meth can lead to chronic lung diseases, blood clots, or irregular heartbeat.

While each of us react differently to meth, meth affects the body in similar ways. Review the potential long term effects of meth on the body here. And please send us your questions at the end. We’ll do our best to respond to you personally and promptly.

About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My best friend is in the hospital with pneumonia. She is hiv positive and has using meth smoking, for 30 years. The doctor can’t get her to breathe on her own. Have you heard of this and what are the prognosis

  2. Hi my name is Mary I started doing meth around the age of 45 I am now 62 I haven’t been able to get through a day without it in a very long time would I ever be able to function on my on if I could quit

  3. I’ve been a regular user of meth for about 8 years now I mean 1/2 gram or better only going 35 days sober the whole time.. well for the past year n few months I’ve been shooting up no other way but literally feel like I’m dying during any activity even walking to the mail box.. if I stop now do I still have a chance to fix what I’ve destroyed

    1. Hi James b. There is always a chance you can fix things the drugs destroyed. There are people who can help you. Please feel free to call us on the number above. We have addiction recovery support specialists on our hotline ready to talk you through treatment options.

  4. Hi, I am aware that long term meth addction can cause severe weight loss and muscle damage /loss?
    What are the effects of the organs and for the body to function correctly? Is it true that your organs can begin ti shut down, thus resulting in death? And at this stage can the symptoms be severe pain all through the bidy, bones etc just like cancer does? It could be considered to “eat away at the body,”” like an acid or cancer.
    Thank you

  5. My boyfriend is a regular heavy meth user. I was at the doctors taking a test for work and I came up positive for meth but they said a very low amount. Is it possible, because we have unprotected sex, that I could test dirty from his sperm?

  6. I have a brother and a sister that is highly addicted to meth I wish there was something I could do to help them I’ve even thought about turning them into the police secretively any suggestions would be appreciated please my sister and brother are so close to death and they look 80 years old and they’re both in their fifties what can I do to help them

  7. I used for 3 years 13 years ago. Would I be at greater risk for lung cancer now? I’m 36 yr old female and wondering what damage I did to myself back then.

  8. Ive snorted meth once but never again but I feel like it’s done some bad stuff to my body that might be permanent. It’s been about over half a year, could doing it once like that mean permanent damage?

  9. For anyone who wants to alleviate some of the anguish and pain associated with withdrawals look towards vitamin supplements. Meth strips the body of some nutrients while blocking other nutrients from being absorbed. Add losing the desire to eat on top. This in itself causes your body to feel achy and uncomfortable. Vitamins C, B12, B5, D, as well as Folate, CoQ10, Magnesium, Choline and 5HTP are some good ones to start with. Also research amino acids especially L-Phenylalanine, l-glutamine, and l-theanine to mention a few. These aminos help to repair some of the damage done during the neural degradation from prolonged use. Another helpful fact is that of the four common ways to administer meth, snorting and eating is not as bad as shooting and smoking. The liver metabolizes the drug better and the kidney excretes toxins when ingested and or snorted. And eating/snorting gets you higher than smoking. I say this to this because it is a misnomer that smoking diminishes the harmful effects. You can find all this information on the web and I encourage you to take a proactive stance in obtaining this knowledge to better the odds of getting free.

  10. To whom it may concern,
    What are all the organs that are affected by methamphetamine?
    It can be short and/ or long-term. I have been having lots of trouble…please help.
    Sincerely, Absolutely Clueless

  11. Hello, I have an adult daughter, age 48 who used meth for over 20 years. We just moved to a different state, and she is living with me. She no longer uses meth, but she does have an alcohol problem. I am noticing that she isolates herself from me and my husband. Tonight we had family over for dinner. After she ate dinner, she went back down stairs , into her room and closed the door. Is it normal for an old meth user, to still isolate herself ? Please respond. I feel so awful, and want to try and understand this, before I confront her. Thank you very much.

  12. I am wondering the same thing that Hope mentioned in her post from Sep 2017 regarding long term effects years after stopping meth use. It has been nearly 12 years that I have been clean and sober, I was always very intelligent and put myself thru two college degrees in nursing after I stopped and was working on my doctorate until last year. I have had a 4.0 throughout my education and have been known for my nearly photographic memory. I worked as an ICU RN for 6+ years and was nearing my degree as a Nusre Practitioner. I mention these things only for the reason of demonstrating the degree of change that has now occurred. Last August I developed severe working memory loss and have undergone extensive neorological and neuocognitive testing as this is not a normal degree of loss for someone my age (45). They are saying there is no clear etiology, however I have not mentioned my previous life of drug abuse as considering my field of work and study I did not want that reputation or stigma to follow me. My observation is that it is stress related as it happened after a very stressful time/events and I have weak adrenals (? from the past meth/stimulant abuse) and have been under the care of a naturopath for several years due to low cortisol, DHEA, and testosterone levels causing hypotension and hypoglycemia. Anyhow, I speculate that it could be possible that the memory loss may also be related to the meth use. I am suffering the consequences all these later as I have had to stop working, am on long term disability, struggle to get thru simple tasks, and am excessively forgetful. I have been prescribed adderal which helps take it from hundreds of senior moments an hour to only several which is great. However, I am still looking for answers on the long term effects years after cessation. I have been so ashamed considering the successful life I had built but am thinking of coming out about it to my doctor. At this point I don’t have much to loose anyhow right? I would love to hear any insights on how the brain or endocrine system (specifically the HPA axis) could be affected by meth use years previous. Thank you kindly and I wish to everyone currently struggling with meth or any other addiction that there is hope and you can overcome it. Don’t ever give up, you are worth it 🙂

  13. I have been on meth for a total of two and a half years maybe less but every single day non stop and I know that it depends on the persons body and blah blah blah but can you give me an estimated time on when I could pass a drug test if I quit using like right this second please?!

  14. My dad is on meth and has a blood clot in his heart. He is also in a fib, how serious is the meth use with these conditions?

  15. I have been on meth for a very long time on and off this last time practically every day now got into out clinic for more ways then one since I’m rereading else I haven’t done no meth at all have no cravings nor DTS but told that I don’t stay still could it be cause my nervous system shot??

  16. Hi, I’m 19 Year’s old and I’ve been using meth since I turned 16 I’ve been living a normal life I smoke because it always keeps me motivated and positive I smoke it like 4 days of evry week since I started I think I only stopped like 4 times and each time was a lil bit over a month I don’t have a problem at all eating normal I brush my teeth 3 time each day and floss them and rinse evry time I smoke my teeth are 100% straight and their totally healthy once and a while I last the most like 2 days with no sleep . I was wondering if the effects would be the same either way? I have wanted to quit it but I feel like with a lil more time that I’ll give it I’ll just get tired off it and not do it again.

  17. i been with this person for about 5 years and his diabetic as well is addicted to meth very jealous person and i love him so much i dont want to leave him but what should i do to make him stop doing the thing he does specially his diabetic. i never use this drug before but if i test my self would it come out positive? and can i be high too if his the one smoking it but we do make love so his sperm go inside me. will i be positive if i get tested?

  18. Hi, my exhusband has been on crystal meth for the past 10 years, he is now shooting it. He gets off the drug for a month to 3 months then back on. What are the long term effects? He has lost jobs, me, our kids, he has had kids with other women. He tell me that he will never stop the drug completely because he likes the way it make him feel and likes that he has learned to do so many things while high. How can he do it daily for 10 years, while stopping every 9 months for 3 months and not be falling apart physically?

  19. Hi Haylei.
    I am a recovered meth user. I used every day for 10 years. No. It won’t prolong your bleeding. I am not a trained medical professional etc. However I had put myself in multiple similar situations. So with my experience, no. I actually would look forward to using during that time of the month because it would help with my cramp pain and cravings. But that was stupid I should’ve just taken a model lol.
    My heart goes out to all you that are still using because I know the world/ lifestyle that you are in and I just pray that something shifts inside you and you realize and wake up. It’s a thge slowest most painful most manipulative death ever. I am lucky to be alive and healthy! Yes, flipping my life around and getting clean wasn’t easy. It was HARD- I had to be sick and tired of the abuse of the drug. Nonetheless it is possible. Just know that everything happens for a reason and God is real. I am not some religious crazy person but the things I’ve seen and life I’ve lived and it is all my testimony.

    Be safe.

  20. I have a client that tested positive for meth in a hair follicle test. Cut off level used was 500. I can’t remember what her level is. She adamantly denies use. Her one year old son tested at 12000, about twice as high as the parent. She adamantly denies using. Testing site has told me if she tested positive, “it is what it is”, meaning she used. She said maybe she tested high after hugging her boyfriend and son and it seeped through their pores into her skin. Maybe she tested high because meth residue was still in the carpet, fabric, or paint from when they were smoking meth in the home. Is there any way to test positive for meth use without ingesting? Does exposure make you test above 500? Would the baby test high because somehow he ingested?

  21. I’ve been using meth daily for about a month. Only smoking it. I also have been in a vehicle multiple times with all windows rolled up and no air on when my boyfriend and his friends smoked heroin. I started my period the day I was supposed to but now its going on three days longer than normal. And it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down at all. This is very weird for me my period has always been regular and lasted 6 days. Can meth prolong how long you bleed?!

  22. I used for 2 years, once not taking a day off for 8 months. Thought I was hopeless.. lost my job and almost lost my family.. a recovering meth addict told me the benefits of cannabis.. I quit using meth and started using cannabis.. I’ve successfully reinstated myself in the working class and fulfilled my dreams of becoming a Good father to my beautiful kids.. I’m heavy into exercise and am healthier then ever.. cannabis has many amazing healing properties that helped me get to where I am.. I owe this life I live and love to Jesus Christ!

  23. Hi I’ve been smoking Meth for 16years I don’t know I’d it’s affected me or not physically but mentally I know I’ve changed in alot of ways anger and aggressive but I hide it in public I also have a lower tolerance to it …but then I’m thinking it’s brain damage I also have severe paranoia people also play on it… Is there any way of me giving this drug up I’ve tried again n again… I’m living in Denial week in week out i have my weekly doses I’ve quit work n have started stealing ripping people off… This never was me I’ve stopped so low i don’t care about anything everything I heard about the damage I would laugh n yeah what ever but now I’m all what I was warned of I need help

    1. Hi James. Call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

  24. Hello, I was wondering and am trying to do some research, but having a hard time finding a straight answer. Can the effects of meth on the brain be felt 10+years after quitting? I did meth daily for about 2 years, but also smoked pot for about 10 years daily prior to meth. 12 years ago I quit both and maybe about 2-3 years after I quit, I realized I have no motivation, no more creativity, and have a hard time being joyful. It’s getting worse as I get older. Can my meth use from back then be a cause of this, even though it’s been 12 years since I quit?

  25. Ive been using “smoking” only, pretty much daily, maybe off n on some days but 35 years or so. Ya i have seen the efects from the anny bangin on top of that, it was a dirty high. I loved the lemon drop n red was ok, but this ice nowadays I love it i cant help it. But ive been with same circle forever, we dont het the crap that makes m pik n paranoid, lookin out the windows constantly. I did quit drinking on accident, i was a daily drinker n forgot to go get it so i left it at that. 2years ago i quit smoking cigs after 30sum years of it mainly i think my granddaughter would tell me every time id go fer a cig she’d say no smokin grandpa, but it hasnt been hard at all. I just gave them up without patches n gum eve Vapes. But i hope when the time comes, i hope it’ll be that easy.

  26. Speed was my #1 priority for around 10 yrs… I have done it dangerously in every way, an unknown amount of times. I have definitely done serious damage to my body, what would be a good medical evaluation to have done on me? Is there a few specific tests that would be best to get done to check on what all is wrong with me? I’m not SCARED but I do think I have a/some major health issues.

  27. My name is Kenny I’ve been shopping meth for a little while now… Last night I done some and my hands, face, and get started swelling…also it was like was on fire…it has happened before But went away after a few hours… But this time my hands are still swollen my eye sight it’s not so good and skin red and shinny..and having some pain in my joint…please help

  28. Hi i overcame drug addiction got in treatment attend aa regularly and working on becoming a peer specialst or a recovery specialst and was wondering if there is any resources out there or anywY i would be able to become a volunteer or help thankyou

  29. So it has been almost 2 years since my 9 months meth usage, now i have done meth laced cocaine, a handful of times since than. And smoked it once 9-10 months ago. Ive been dead on clean of drugs since than, but this isn’t my point. My point is I still feel my nerves moving constantly. This HASN’T gone away and I still haven’t had a straight answer. Lydia and Ivana, you are experts you must have some information for me. Is it simply just nerve damage? And why am I the only one out of all the people who were par-taking with me to get this weird condition? It is the most berserk feeling. I feel like it has detached me emotionally from my heart, and took away a certain piece of mind I once had. Now I’m not worried about healing it, I know what herbs to use, what food to eat, and how to life a fulfilling healthy lifestyle now. I’m worried about never knowing or understanding this condition. Perhaps it is just a nerve damage, but I want YOU’RE advice guys. YOU’RE the experts! Cheers 🙂 And wishing all you on this site a good, fulfilling healing journey!

  30. My step son had possibly suffered some brain damage from a previous car accident in which he received a hairline fracture of the skull and was never treated. About five years ago (or longer), he started using meth. We do not know how long he used it or how much. He used it enough that he lost a significant amount of weight, had a large sore on his arm he claimed was from a cigarette as well as other symptoms including losing a job and a house. We believe the use lasted for over a year, but he did finally get himself off of it cold turkey. We have seen a change in his personality. He is not violent, but very, very angry, hateful, disrespectful… he seems to believe I am a horrible person now, and makes crazy, irrational accusations about me. The anger is now turned toward his father. He is now a father, is holding down a good job and by all accounts SEEMS to be doing better. But this anger, insecurity, and the other things I have pointed out concern us. Because he never went to treatment, he never released the guilt and shame of his actions. My question is this…. could his use have produced long term effects that are rearing their ugly heads four to five years later? Could it have made his previous brain injury worse? And how do we talk to him without adding to his shame and guilt? (He doesn’t know that we know about his drug use. We found out only afterror he had moved away, got off of it and started getting his life together.)

    This drug not only has long term effects on the user. It deeply affects those who love the users as well. IF YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY, DO NOT EVEN TRY IT!!

  31. How can someone be on meth every single day for the last 35 years and they’re not dead yet? they look like their dead..

  32. I was diagnosed with copd today I’ve been a cigarette smoker for 20 years but my question is did me smoking meth over the course of my adult life play a part in me getting copd???

  33. I saw one post about smoking vs. snorting, but could snorting it cause lung damage? Natually, I figure smoking is worse, I ask because I was recenlty diagnosed with emphysima, I’m non-smoker, but smoked some for 4 or 5 months some 7 years ago, (21 years prior was my first use and it was snorting and s-term), none in-between until last year when I did snort regularly for 6-8 months. I’m awaiting an A-1 antitripsin test, which if positive could mean it’s heriditary, but if it’s not pos, this is all I could figure!
    thank you, jk

  34. Hello. I tried meth for the first time in 2012. I can say that I’ve been snorting it since. I’ve never smoked it before, but I want to know how I’m still alive? Lol

  35. How do you get someone or your self to really want help to stop meth,if it’s really a big embarrassment to them ,

    1. Hi Crystel. It stigma must be overcame. I suggest that you stage an intervention. In that way, the addict may see and understand that s/he has an addiction problem. You may look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help: http://alliesinrecovery.net/about-craft/

  36. I stared using Meth at the age of 14 sadly. Not much longer after turning 18 I decided on my own that I wanted to quit and I did. Right then. Changed my surroundings and life. My teeth look nice but they are terrible. I still hate the morning and prefer to stay up late. I make rash decisions. It’s almost like I’ve stayed in a teenage way of thinking only I’m 31 with 4 children. I wonder all the time if the way I react and view certain things is because of how young I was during my use. I was a heavy user as my boyfriend that introduced me at that age was a drug dealer for those 4 years.

  37. my son been doing meth for years I mean years he is 42 and I know he is not going to quict,even when he got out of jail he went back to it,my question is when does it take a life I was told after so many years it catches up mom who cares I cant have him around me I have try to help him but he lives in his car and works for what I have no ideal,my husband will not let him stay for we both try to help and he wanted to jump on us so we told him to go,

  38. Hi I was wondering if paranoia is part of the crystal high.. I was never affected by it until I sat with wat I call seed planters. They deliberately spoil ur high. How do u clear ur mind from the paranoia

    1. Hi Connie. Paranoia is a side effect of abusing meth. However, this symptom may not be reported to each user.

  39. I’ve been using this awful drug for 5 years strait I don’t think I’ve ever missed a day but I’m. At my end with it I’m. Only 44 but I feel 60 I’m. Also on methadone for my pill addiction I had but I truly do want.to kick the meth thank god I still have my teeth but I see myself forgetting lots my mind is going and I wake up every morning my body is aching so bad I’ve been injecting it for 5 years I don’t think I’ve missed a day my family has no idea my siblings but my kids no and hate it and I just had a grandaughter who I love more.than life but if I keep this up I won’t be around much longer what I want to no is what my detox will be like I’m a wimp hate sickness I’m. Only asking cause of my consistent use everyday Im not gonna keel over from it ??????

    1. Hi Rachel. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  40. Im wondering about long term memory loss. Ive been clean for about 13 years(party boy in the clubs), Im now clean and can barely complete a sentence. Is this because of the meth use? Or maybe because of my HIV meds? Also I want to say…Getting out of “Dodge” did the deed for me! I was on my moms couch for eight months, gained 50 pounds, I now weigh 180…I have no more urges and honestly would probably do it again if offered back then but not for three years! I lost everything..my business,my health, my home! But I needed to get it out of my system when I was younger or what a sad life I would have now! I still can’t remember things and names are gone, short term memory is gone. Im wondering if maybe its my mreds or other things like HIV meds or heretic?

  41. Hi i been on crystal meth for 3 years now! The first year i smoked every single day and it was a fair amount of it then the second year i would smoke now and then and this third year i smoke one whole month and stop for 2 and just so on! My question is what damge can these 3 years cause to my body and organs iam 21 years old and i weigh around 200 lbs !i hope someone can help me out with this question

  42. I just started meth last week and enjoyed​ it. But I was up almost two days. I spent 10 hours half on the floor half on the bed Scraping my sheets with a razor. I enjoyed it but at the same time I’m scared of it. That’s all I think about. I want more thinking I can just do a little a be fine. I’m already in hooked on Cocaine but I think this is better. I wonder if ice is a substitute I can switch to. But I have a very addictive personality

  43. Hello. I have a boyfriend who had been using meth for like 12 years and when we got together he stopped completely. He quit cold turkey for 3 years he was sober. Then he met the wrong person and that was all it took to relapse. It’s been maybe 2-3 weeks since his last use. He’s been using for a whole year behind my back and I always had suspicions but was in denial. He always has mood swings and one simple question really makes him angry and he blows up. What a proper way of asking him to get help? He did look for it but hasn’t followed through and has admitted to needing it. How can I help him get help without pressuring him? Also I would like to know how long after using meth will he be having mood swings? Anger outbursts? Or is this just the person that he is now? I really need someone to help me. Thank you.

  44. I have a twenty year old son on meth . I kicked him out and had him come back. He went to do laundry and I went to throw in dryer and found multiple needles. He claims these are from a few months ago and up to this point has denied completely of all usage. He has refused to go get tested but has passed recent job interview tests. I want to get him help but I don’t know what’s the best to do. I don’t want to put him on streets but I have two other teenagers in the home.

  45. We regularly test for drug addiction and are curious about the pg/mg levels of crystal meth reported. one of our mothers has pg/mg of 1,462, 4576 and 8450 over the past three months. Where can we find how the levels of pg/mg impact an adult. How often would an adult use to get to a 8450 pg/mg? Does that amount impact parenting?
    Can you provide any clarity?

  46. My daughter smokes 1300.00 or more in just days. 3 kids go unfed unbathed are not in school, no sleep cause of the screaming all day and night with boyfriend. I have called dss, I have called cops 18 times I have filed 50- b all to try to get the kids out but nothing has worked. The system does nothing. My daughter is going to die I can’t get my grandkids out can u please help me?

  47. I had recently relapsed after being meth free for 4 years. When I quit 4 years ago I got sick cronic pain two years after being clean even had heart attack. I hurt everywhere even after 4 years. I relapsed and it was crazy how it made me feel brand new no pain, no limping when I walk, full of energy. Like I was cured when doctors couldn’t even help. I’m now 5 days clean sick all over again. I’m scared because like before even after 4 YEARS I was still ill. I know now using was my only way of feeling better. What can i do? Is it possible that I have done permanent damage to myself? Where do i turn to? What’s next? This by far is horrible and devastating to my mind and body. Will I ever be better

  48. How long is long term use like every other week for about nine months and the year before ten times and not a lot at a time but makes me crazier than I am . I don’t know what withdrawals are i don’t feel them but still promise self not to do it again Then can make it months sometimes but crabby and so depressed I already have deppresion! I can’t get out of bed

  49. The Great Wassimie, i agree. I was just thinking…didnt anyone hear that poor man! He sounded genuine to me and what I know. Heaven send help!

  50. Hello, I have been an addiction most of my life. I started using meth and coke when I was 18 and I am now 43. I was an occasional user of meth like every weekend or every other weekend for a while, then started using the coke. When I was about 19 I became addicted to crack, hard habbit to break. When I was 21 got married and slowed down for years, at 33 became addicted to the needle as I was shooting coke and meth, I would do and 8 ball of Coke a day and at least a half gram of meth for about 1.5 year. Finally stopped it all for about 4 years. Now I have been smoking meth on a daily basis for 6 years, I mean there is probably 8 days in the whole six years I have been without meth. No one knows of my addiction. I work everyday, I’m a supervisor a father and husband I have rebuilt my credit pay over $2,600 a month in bills, I paid one $42,000 off and bought another one, I’m buying a new house, I eat 3 meals a day plus snacks, I sleep about 4 to 5 hours a night I work 7 days a week and no one knows or suspects my meth problem. I mingle and fit in with society and maintain my life. But for the last year and a half I have had problems breathing, like I’m going to die, I can’t lay down flat or I will wake up choking and can’t breath, my ankles stay swollen, I have several pain in my knees with swelling and I have coughing attacks and breathing attacks from the smallest of physical labor, I have trouble urinating and don’t go often at all. How much damage do you think I have caused to my body and will it only get worse. I also get pneumonia about 2 times a year now and have started have severe chest pains. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  51. I have been a long term daily user for 15+ years. I have always been a functioning user, always held a job, a home, always ate and slept. I still have all my teeth and they look like “normal” people’s teeth. Two days ago I had an emotion rage moment around the woman I love. I hit the bedroom door one time and broke it. That was the end of the rage but I then got very suicidal thoughts in my head. I devideo that moment that I was going to use the the following day (yesterday) and then, finished. I told her and she supports me. She is also going to be with me through the next few days. I don’t deserve her. I started looking up what to expect and it scares me. Especially about permanent damage that can or has been caused. I couldn’t find informaton or advice from anyone that has used as long as I have and quit. Even less on what the damage was for someone with so much time invested in meth. I believe I can remain off of meth especially if my love can bear to stay by my side. I don’t know if the damage that has been caused ( idk what damage) is going to prohibit my functioning as a “normal” adult. I suppose what I’m asking is is there a point of no return? A point at which it is physically and mentally better/needed to remain on meth than to stop. Thank you for your time.

  52. I have never done meth before until recently… I really kinda went buck wild with it and pretty much binged on it for about 8 days with extremely small amounts of sleep or bodily nourishment. Today I decided I’m done and I am never going to do it again. This has been one hell of a ride and the question that I have for you is… How does the drug typically work it’s way out of a persons system? I snorted some, but mostly smoked it the whole time. I was told by an associate that meth crystallizes again once it’s inside your lungs and pushes its way out of your pores in tiny little shards. This just sounds utterly gruesome and I would like to know if that’s really what I’m in for… thank you

  53. I’m very sorry for what I’m about to say. I feel like you guys are a bunch of arrogant and extremely selfish assholes. I wish there was someone that had a heart to care enough by trying to help out that was literally calling out for help. Who knows if was joking around or not. The main issue is we don’t know if he was telling the truth. Maybe he was dead serious. Just think, maybe one or two words could of helped him boost up his self esteem by trying to get his life back on track. If he is dead, just because everyone were selfish and heartless. Then by all means, you’re all guilty and fully responsible for that man’s death

  54. I live in a very small town. I want to b truthful with my Dr regarding my past drug use but I don’t say anything in fear of who might read my chart. Not to mention I don’t want my insurance Co to kno anything like that in fear they would “drop” me. I want to have some tests done to see how much of my brain has been eatin by my years of use and see what other problems I might have from using. Believe it or not I did one line a day….every morning to get my ass outta bed be cuz
    I never had any energy. That was it. It’s been the only thing that has worked for me but I’m fifty now and have known the risks. I’ve been clean three months now but all I do is sleep. I can sleep 20hrs a day. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome back in the 80s but my Dr didn’t believe that was a real illness.
    Any suggestions? I want to live my life

  55. I recently tried meth for the first time this past memorial weekend. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT and ever since I been snorting 2 grams 3 times a week. However I still eat and drink alot of water mixed with Gatorade too keep me hydrated but Lately I been craving it more and more. When I don’t have money it’s when Indian use it but NEVER stolf

  56. I havent smoked meth in over ten years. I did it for about a year and quit when I was 17. I recently got a night job and have stayed awake for over 24 hours a couple times now, and lately my mouth feels like I have done meth, and I didn’t get as tired as I should have when adjusting to my new work schedule. I heard it can stay in your spinal cord indefinitely, and I’m wondering if I am detoxing the drug and it’s being dumped into my system from over ten years ago??

  57. I thank you for the opportunity to ask these questions about meth.
    Is it possible for a person who comes in contact to the smoke of meth could they come out dirty on a drug test?or if their clothes are in the same room with someone smoking?What if they touch meth could they come out dirty for meth? What if a man cums inside of his lady ( who is not doing meth), could she cum out dirty if he is using? or if a clean man and enters into a person using, could he come out dirty. Last question, In a three day period how could a person test clean one day and come out dirty the next day and then clean the last day?
    I appreciate you helping me out and I will looking for your answers on my email. hope to hear from you soon. I could earn some cash for the right answers.

    God Bless?

    Maria Elena

  58. I 1st started smoking meth about 14 years old and i am now 29. Out of those 15 years ive been sober maybe 2 years total which was both times i was pregnant. I know im an addict and i know its hard to quit but ive been really thinking about it a lot lately but im also kinda worried that once i do stop my body will start to give up lil by lil. So my question is is it possible that, that can happen? Because my father was an alcholic and once he quit drinking his kidneys failed him and he began to get very sick. And i know alcohol and meth are two different things but just wondering if that can or will also happen once i stop smoking? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Sheila. When you quit meth and sober up, you begin a new life of recovery and positive habits. Your father’s kidneys got damaged from the drinking. They just happened to fail when he quit. But, you are still very young. As you stay sober your brain and body will go back to their natural tendency to heal what can be healed.

      You can expect the withdrawal symptoms during detox to be harsh, but will subside over time. During detox, I suggest you check into a clinic and be monitored by a medical staff. They can make quitting far less uncomfortable. From then on, it will be a long-term effort, therapy, counseling, support groups and family support. But, you health will only get better.

  59. @Pinky: No, it would only be detected roughly 4 days after his last use. 1 month is more than long enough for him to pass

  60. My son take crystal last month and he needed to take drug test next week,is that drugs will can be detect in urine test?

  61. Hey names Matthew I’ve by tryed it twice last Tuesday I took one shot of meth think it was pnly like half shot felt nothing then this past saturated I tryed again think the first shot was like a big one then two or three more not much longer afyer it’s een 4 days and feeling aftee effects feels like my vain are burning and fingers kinda tingle maybe I just need sleep might feel better

  62. hello, i was using for 9 months, snorting it. after a while my muscles started to move on their own in my head, like i had nerve damage or something. I would just love to hear your or someones opinion on this because it’s obviously driving me crazy. i miss being comfortable. every time i lay down i feel them move and restlessness is home base for me. all i can think is how i shouldnt have gotten into it and i should have been smarter.. haha why cant we just devotte our lives to loving ourselves and everyone around us, why must we get so distracted..

  63. I was a user for almost a year & now have been sober from shooting, snorting, smoking meth almost a year ago. I used heroin to come down on days I was too high. I am also a binge drinker. I feel I have conquered the drinking part seeing as I hardly drink anymore. Meth though, has a hold of my gut that won’t let go.I don’t always feel like myself. I’m always on edge or feeling confrontational with my husband but not my friends or family. All i do is think. I feel like i have restless body at night & can’t sleep. I’m constantly having hot/cold sweats. I find myself crying more now than ever.I can’t stand who I’ve become. I quit cold turkey without the help of rehab or Dr. I tried rehab but my towns made it impossible for meth addicts to get help without getting treated like your in a prison. My husband seems to forget the struggle I have going on in my head. He likes to think nothing happened. If I talk to my bff or grandma ( the other two that were there for me) I feel like I’m being judged especially knowing my friend isn’t being so”good” herself. Are there other stages for after a year to prepare for? Can I do this alone? How long does this depression or whatever it is last?

    1. Hi Nikkie. You may enroll into support groups to speak with people who have addiction problems. You also have online options available, check the web pages and enter your geographic area of living to see what fits your needs:

      – SMART Recovery® Meetings http://www.smartrecovery.org/meetings_db/view/
      – Secular Organizations for Sobriety Meetings http://www.sossobriety.org/meetings.html
      – Face-to-Face LifeRing Meetings http://lifering.org/find-a-meeting/
      – Online LifeRing Meetings http://lifering.org/online-meetings/
      – SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Services https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/

  64. I wonder what the health risks are for a person with COPD and moderate emphysema to keep smoking meth on a regular basis. They have trouble breathing but while on a meth high seem to breathe better and active. When it wears off they start having chest pains, etc. Breathing more impaired. Can an episode such as this take their life?

  65. Um, so i have a question. Im 32 and ive been smokingmeth since i was 12. I’ve had about a total of about 5 years in between that clean, but other than that, every day ive smoked and ive pretty much kept it a secret. My stupid question is all day every day for the the past year ive had a constant pressure on the left side, but my boyfriend would alwayd say im just being a hypochondriac. (He also doesnt know i do drugs) it is starting to finally get heavier, but ive also been really stressed with school and looking for a new job and bills i need to catch up on. When i went to the dr to complain about it, he gave me beta blockers, but my chest hurts still. Im afraid to go back but i was thinking maybe i need to because it could be something really bad, huh? I really dont want to face the truth, im really scared. Sorry for asking a question i kind of already know the answer to i think….

  66. It sounds like rationalization, but I started smoking meth to blend in in a situation where I clearly did not fit in and was ostracized because people thought I was police. I am bipolar and had been taking lithium, a couple of antidepressants and seroquel. I am also in my 50s. I became afraid of possible drug interactions so I didn’t refill my meds for the bipolar. However, my bipolar seemed to be better. I had better impulse control, my depression was minimized greatly, my memory (which was severely effected by lithium) was better than ever, and I started doing things I’d only dreamed of. I also have a severe pain disorder for which I had been on opioid meds for a really long time. When I ran out of those, I elected to stop taking them as well.

    My circumstances changed and I was no longer in the situation that precipitated the meth use. I moved to a rural mountain residence and stopped using meth. I made appointments with my doctors, but due a series of unfortunate events, including the loss of my vehicle, I was unable to see my physicians. A few weeks went by and my bipolar symptoms resurfaced. Not so much the manic episodes (although still present since I was “homebound” they were only evident to me) but the depression became severe. Losing my autonomy, having to rely on others to take to the store, etc. caused my depression to worsen. And, my pain disorder went out of control. Having no means of transportation and no one I could ask to take a day off to take me to the doctor, I started smoking meth again. That was almost 6 months ago. I’ve been smoking daily since. At first, the bipolar and pain were somewhat alleviated,. I kept telling myself that my isolation and loss of autonomy would change, but they haven’t and now the depression is getting bad and the pain issue is worse than ever. Pain and depression are intertwined, meaning you have pain, you get depressed, which in turn causes more pain, etc.

    Besides those two things, I begun developing other problems that are concerning me: numbness in one toe, at the base of the toe, on the top of my foot and on the base. At first it was one foot, now it’s both. And it hurts. too; headaches, a pain in my neck that keeps me awake and a couple of other things. I am about ready to go crazy and hire a car service to pick me up and transport me to a hospital or doctor, which would cost a lot considering my location. I’m afraid that because of the daily meth use, if I present to either a doctor or the emergency room, once meth is detected, I will not receive appropriate treatment. I’m also concerned that the depression will just get worse if I stop smoking meth and I will end up in the psych ward because I’m suicidal.

    I’m alone in the mountains so it’s not a good situation and not having the ability to leave due to having no vehicle makes the entire situation seem hopeless. But I’m about ready to lose it and just hire a car. Because of my chronic meth use, I am wondering how long I need to be meth free before going for medical treatment? I am a small person, with an incredibly fast metabolism but because of pain issues, I have been somewhat immobile. Also, I’ve read the long term effects meth can have, but none seem to match my symptoms except for the depression, but i was already depressed before using. The depression has been worse when I wasn’t smoking meth, but I’m afraid it’s going to go out of control because of the pain I’m in and when I stop smoking.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  67. I have done meth about 4 different days in the past 9 months. I last smoked meth on Septemer 10 and then October 10. I just did a hair drug test on December 8th (a little less than 60 days since my last usage)…. I am wondering if even the small amounts I smoked would still show up on a hair test? Does the length of my hair have an effect on whether meth will be detected—-in otherwords, can meth be detected as well in a hair sample that is 4 inches long from the scalp as well as a sample that is 1 inch long from the scalp? Your input urgently needed… as I am to take a drug test soon and am wondering whether to cut my hair!!!

  68. ok so i never use meth but i used only .1 maybe less i smoked it off of foil… i found out im getting tested the next day giving me about 34 hours before i have to test. I have literally drank a 16.9 fl oz water bottle every 30 minutes since i got the news of the test. As long as i keep this going i will be drinking somewhere between 3.5 to 5 gallons of water. is there any chance that the test will come up negative? i REALLY need an educated answer tonight if possible?!??!
    Thank you, Robert

    1. Hi Robert. It really depends on the dose you took, urine pH levels, body mass, rate of metabolism, the type of test you’ll be given or other circumstance. Generally, meth can stay in the system and be detected in urinalysis drug tests 1-4 days after use. In blood methamphetamine can be detected for approximately 24-48 hours after use. While, saliva tests can detect meth for approximately 1-2 days. Hope this helps!

  69. My daughter took several times ice and on one occasion large amounts for about a day and a half. She since has not taken any more but she consistantly has rapid heart rate and lots of chest pain, trouble sleeping, and foreboding thoughts.Are these long term symptoms she will continually have ?

    1. Hi Ibon. Acute withdrawal symptoms usually subside after a few weeks most. There are also post-acute withdrawal symptoms which are mainly psychological and include cravings and urges to use drug again. Some organ damage may be permanent (depending on the individual and the drug), but they are all mostly reversible and will return to normal.

  70. I suspect my tenant/ relative who lives in the apartment in my home, but is separated by an insulated wall and locked door is cooking meth, he use to do crack, but meth at times, and states that now he is drug free, and I know he went through a real hard time for over a year getting off the stuff, But I have asthma and I start to get choked up every once in a while, and smell a weird smell and my heart starts to race and I start to stare, and get shaky. Is there any way I can buy a reliable test to prove if I am right in thinking that this person is doing a drug that will effect me? If so I will give him his notice to leave the premises. I have never done drugs and do not want that near me or at my home. What test would be most reliable to tell if there are drugs being cooked, because I am afraid if I go to my doctor and ask for a test that comes out positive then he may have to tell authorities and I may get in trouble and didn’t even do a thing wrong, but I need to know so I can evict if I have to due to health reasons plus I do not want that near my home. and if he has no consideration for me, then he will be evicted.

    1. Hi Maria. Meth smoke can get easily dispersed through closed spaces, and you may have passively ingested some. You can call your town’s (or county’s) local police station and tell them that you suspect there is a meth lab being operated in your neighbourhood. You can also check the front of your phone book for a local drug enforcement agency. You have to do something because if there really is a meth lab, you are all in danger because of the high possibility of explosion.

  71. This is really hard to confess because I’ve been a closet Meth user for 28 yrs. I started using because I’m a worker, perfectionist, and had to raise my daughter on my own. She WAS my WORLD. I gave 150% during those critical years of her life from 1993-2009 when she graduated high shool.I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 mths after she was born. I never used during pregnancy and I started using regularly in about 1997 to the present. Im very greatful and humbled that the good lord got me through all those years. She is now 23 starting a life that I dreamed about marrying a welder on the pipeline working as a head teller at a huge bank, and Awh I’m a 4mth old grandmas!!!
    BUT I have had many health issues over the past 10 yrs. A heart attack 6 yrs ago, COPD, along with arthritis, extreme depression now etc.
    This shit is killing me and I am scared’!! Please give me some advice. I really have just laid downafter the heart attack and want to die. I’m have gained alot of weight and feel I’m gonna be in a wheel chair in 5-10 yrs. Please help me.

    1. Hello Diana. You are a dedicated and noble mother, and you did what you knew best in order to get things done. But, I believe it’s time to turn your attention towards yourself and work on the addiction issue. You seem like a warm and open person from what I read, and I believe it would be important to talk to your daughter and family about your problem. I’m sure they will be by your side to support you. You will need professional medical help to get out of this situation, and it may not be easy given the years of use and other medical conditions. See your doctor and ask for initial advise, I’m sure s/he will make a referral to another clinic that will address your needs accordingly. I wish you much success in your recovery and life!

  72. Hello Jay. Meth can stay in the system and be detected in urinalysis drug tests 1-4 days after use. In chronic users the detection timeline can be increased. Meth usually stays in the blood for approximately 24-48 hours. While in saliva Meth can stay detectable for approximately 1-2 days after you stopped using.

  73. Just wanted to say thank you for all this blunt truth but I have been searching high and low for natural supplements or vitamins, and/or both to help me ease all the harsh reality I’m gogoing to have to deal with when I begin to detox. I’ve been searching for 2-3 days now and I only end up finding sites like this. So I wanted to know if anyone can either give me some good advice to what I can take to help this agony I’m about to feel again so I can graduate treatment and stay out of jail. If no one here knows exactly please point me in the right direction to get accurate, beneficial information and advice to help me through my withdrawals.
    Mucho mahaloz and alohaz amigoz

  74. Hi Melissa. Good question, thank you for posting it. And, the answer is NO, snorting meth is not less dangerous at all. Frequent snorting can cause damage to the nose and sinus cavities. It can make your nose stuffy and cause nosebleeds. When snorting meth it damages the lining and cartilage of the nose. In extreme cases, it can cause a hole in your nose.

    Compared to injecting or smoking meth, snorting is not as effective…the rush is not as intense. That’s why many users make a fatal mistake and keep on snorting to reach the same effect, and eventually overdose.

  75. I have been smoking meth for almost a year..i was overweight at the time and i havent weighed myself but good chance ive lost 100 lbs.. ive also lost most people who ever cared about me and i hate myself..im sitting in a truck hidden in my home town and about to drive north until i run outts gas and then well thats it…a year ago i had childten a partner a lifr and friends..today im alone in a rentrd truck with money in the bank meth in my pocket but no home and no one who loves me.. just want someone to trulu pondet how i feel.. just fucking leave it alone…seriouslu i miss that feeling of accomplishment in life. I miss frienda and i miss me and the pride i incr had..i care aboit nothii

  76. Hello Luke. Some methamphetamine-induced changes are very long lasting, and some changes in brain structure and function may be permanent, especially when someone that young and still developing uses meth.

    Although medications have proven effective in treating some substance use disorders, there are currently no medications that counteract the specific effects of methamphetamine or that prolong abstinence from and reduce the abuse of methamphetamine by an individual addicted to the drug.

  77. Hello
    I have a someone close to me who smoked meth when she was 16. She is now 35 years old. Unfortunately she is struggling with prescription drugs now. I have a few questions if you can help me out. She smoked meth for at least 6 months, not sure how much, assuming close to daily use.
    How long do the long term side effects take to manifest?
    Are there particular prescription drugs that help which are not dangerous to use?
    Are there any other treatments outside of drugs that can help with the brain?

  78. Hello Kristal. Every person is different. Dosing limits, physical health, age, gender, etc. are all factors the play into possible overdose. But keep in mind that long term use of meth is considered regular use of meth for a period of about 6 months, or longer.

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