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Long term effects of Ambien on the body (INFOGRAPHIC)

Long term effects of Ambien on the body

Ambien (zolpidem) is used to treat sleep disorders. But Ambien slows activity in the brain. Due to its sedative properties, what are its long term effects on the body? We review here.

Possible damage to the brain:

Long term effects of Ambien on the body (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • abnormal dreams
  • amnesia
  • anxiety
  • delirium
  • delusions
  • depersonalization
  • depression
  • hallucinations
  • insomnia
  • lethargy
  • memory impairment
  • short term memory loss

Possible damage to the cardiovascular system:

  • blood clots
  • cerebrovascular disorder
  • hypertension
  • inflammation of the walls of veins
  • palpitation
  • syncope

Possible damage to the ear, nose, throat:

  • difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • nose bleeding
  • otitis
  • rhinitis
  • sinusitis
  • sore throat

Possible damage to the heart:

  • angina pectoris
  • arrhythmia
  • heart attack
  • tachycardia

Possible damage to the kidney:

  • acute renal failure
  • renal pain
  • urinary incontinence
  • urinary retention
  • urinary tract infection

Possible damage to the liver:

  • abnormal hepatic function
  • bilirubinemia
  • increased SGOT
  • increased SGPT

Possible damage to the lungs:

  • bronchitis
  • pneumonia
  • respiratory depression
  • respiratory failure
  • upper respiratory infections

Possible damage to the mouth:

  • altered saliva
  • changes in taste
  • dry mouth
  • increased salivation
  • tooth caries

Possible damage to the skin:

  • dermatitis
  • pruritus
  • rashes
  • skin color change

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4 Responses to “Long term effects of Ambien on the body (INFOGRAPHIC)
2:41 am March 7th, 2015

I have been taking 20 mg of Ambien per day for 10 Addition to helping my insomnia it also helps my chronic pelvic pain by a relaxing my only medication I found that does. I see little side effects from taking itvthis long. But perhaps there are lasting effects that are permanent that I am not aware of. Could you tell me what they might be?

3:58 pm March 12th, 2015

Hi Wayne. There are many possible side-effects form long-term Ambien treatment, as you can see above. Talk to your prescribing doctor about your course of treatment and maybe discuss possible quitting scenarios if that’s your goal. Otherwise, you can get a thorough examination to see the general well-being and organ health.

12:57 am March 17th, 2015

Hello my husband has been taking Ambian at ight to aid with sleep…he is having headaches, GI issues etc which I believe are a side effect of the medication…how can I help him get off this drug? When I speak with him about the S/E he gets angry with me, (not like him) and i feel like I am living with an addict…his medical MD prescribes it, he only takes it nightly.

His work called tonight telling me that he is more ‘forgetful’ and the are worried about his memory. He is in the medical field. Please advise

5:27 pm March 20th, 2015

Hello Elizabeth. Ambien is meant to be used of the period of weeks, not for years. I’d suggest that you seek a second opinion from another doctor or pharmacist to get another perspective on its prescription and effectiveness for your husband. Here is the full description of the drug as published on the drug label:

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