Long term effects of Ambien addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

Is Ambien addictive? Yes, Ambien is highly addictive. More here on how Ambien works + the consequences of use. If you find it useful, please SHARE it with your friends!

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Long term effects of Ambien addiction

Ambien (zolpidem) is highly addictive, so it’s usually not prescribed for periods longer than 4 weeks. More here on how you become addicted to Ambien and its risks.

Addiction = Can occur when users do not follow doctor’s recommendations or when the drug is taken for reasons unrelated to sleeplessness, but used by addicts to get high.

Long term effects of Ambien addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Mechanism of Ambien action

1. Ambien binds to the alpha 1 subunit (BZ1 – or w 1-receptor subtypes) of the GABA(A) receptor associated with sleep promotion.

2. Ambien potentiates GABA-ergic transmission, increases the frequency of chloride channel opening, resulting in the inhibition of neuronal excitation, eventually causing sedation.

3. In higher doses it binds the alpha(2), alpha(3) & alpha(5) subunits.

How addictive is Ambien?

The risk of Ambien addiction is HIGH. Ambien can cause strong cravings and drug-seeking behavior. It causes addiction by creating physical and psychological dependence.

Is damage caused by Ambien permanent or reversible?

Permanent damage Ambien can cause

  • acute allergic reactions
  • acute kidney failure
  • angina pectoris, heart attack
  • glaucoma, loss of sight
  • liver damage
  • memory loss
  • respiratory failure

Reversible damage Ambien can cause

  • dry mouth, tooth caries
  • rhinitis, nose bleeding, sinusitis, ear inflammations
  • skin color change

How does Ambien addiction affect you?

Ambien effects on health

  • alters the memory
  • damages the immune system
  • increases chances for fatal outcome
  • induces states of amnesia

Ambien effects on work

  • concentration difficulties
  • reduced attention capacity
  • sleep-driving
  • slow reflexes

Ambien effects on self esteem

  • decreased self-esteem
  • fearlessness
  • suicidal thoughts or actions
  • worsening of depression

Ambien effects on relationship

  • detachment
  • emotional liability
  • may lead to interpersonal conflicts
  • more aggressive behavior
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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