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Adverse effects of Ambien on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Long term effects of Ambien on the brain

Ambien affects chemicals in your brain by slowing down the activity in the brain. But Ambien can also cause many side effects, such as memory problems.  Principle adverse effects of Ambien on the brain include:

  • addiction
  • abnormal dreams
  • amnesia
  • concentration difficulties
  • confusion
  • delirium
  • depersonalization
  • depression
  • emotional liability
  • impaired memory
  • insomnia
  • lethargy
  • memory loss
  • slow reflexes
  • suicidal tendencies

Adverse effects of Ambien on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

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12 Responses to “Adverse effects of Ambien on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)
5:01 am March 20th, 2015

I was given ambien after total knee replacement in October 2014 and have been taking 5mg since.

My personality has been non addictive all of my life.

Now I am scared of the withdrawal syndrome. How do I taper? Do I taper?

5:09 pm March 20th, 2015

Hello Norma. You’ll need to seek help from your prescribing doctor to set up an individualized tapering program. Many factors are considered during a taper. If you need additional help, you can consult a pharmacist. But remember: you’ll need to have a back up plan for coping with re-bound insomnia. With help and time, you can learn how to sleep again naturally, without the aid of a strong psychoactive medication.

1:17 am September 12th, 2015

Are these side effects permanent or do they dissipate after a couple of months?

2:11 pm September 22nd, 2015

Hi Anna. Great question! Many of the side effects from long term Ambien treatment tend to subside as time passes. Our brains are great at healing and returning to honeostasis, but it might take a lot longer than a couple of months for everything to return back to normal. Now, in some cases, depending on the person’s mental health state, and the dose, duration and frequency in which Ambien was used, it can cause or aggravate new or pre-existing symptoms irreversibly.

9:29 am November 6th, 2015

Is taking 30 mg zopidiem will eliminate Euphoria feeling and allow you to become drowsy and fall asleep. Does it avoid euphoria if you take only 5mg zopidem per night.
is there any sleeping medication that will not cause euphoria

6:42 pm November 10th, 2015

Hello Dhiraj. I suggest you consult your doctor or a pharmacist about your dosage. But, have you tried any natural sleep remedies or teas?

8:03 am January 20th, 2016

I took ambien since it came out about 20 years ago .I got seriously addicted.I attempted 3 suicides on the medication.I was taking 20mg.A little over a year ago a new Dr. took me off of it cold turkey due to a suicide attempt.I wa also on lorazapam.I had horrible withdrawel symtoms.I now am having great difficulty with word finding problems.I am 59yrs old.I am very scared I have ruined my brain.I was a public speaker and never had a loss for words.What should I do??.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:43 pm January 29th, 2016

Hi, Meg. Did you speak with your doctor about this? Maybe, you can run some tests to see what’s the problem.

9:42 pm July 12th, 2016

I have been taking ambien and noticed a much better sex life (more uninhibited). Is there any harm in using ambien several nights a week? Its a 3mg dose. Thanks.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:17 pm July 21st, 2016

Hi Sharon. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at r

5:00 pm October 16th, 2016

This is ashley here. I have been taking ambien 10mg & it works great! I have also heard that you can take this drug during the day to relieve severe anxiety…. I’m a stay at home mom with 2 school aged boys…. so I’m hoping if I can take it during the day it will work for me

8:35 pm November 18th, 2016

Can ambient cause disconnect and aniexty I have both and I have been on ambient a year I’m scared will the feeling go away when I go off it

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