Addiction Quotes: Encouragement In Addiction Recovery [POSTER]

The encouragement you need as a home or office decoration available FOR FREE! The link to the must-have poster with motivational quotes about addiction is behind this word.

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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”
~Alice Walker~

Take Courage To Go The Extra Mile!

Encouragement is very important for every person in recovery for many reasons:

Addiction Quotes: Encouragement In Addiction Recovery [POSTER]

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  • Encouraging messages can help people raise their mood. Recovery from addiction is a process accompanied by many ups and downs. Motivation and strong spirit require constant work and effort in recovery.
  • Encouragement can increase a person’s self-esteem in recovery. Encouragement works as a bust injection to the lack of confidence.
  • Encouragement helps people overcome negativity they might be experiencing. In order to build a successful recovery you will need to face some difficult challenges. A bit of encouragement will give you the extra motivation you need to live a sober life.

We’ve created these posters to encourage each day of your addiction recovery and give you some inspiration as you take your first sober steps. The combination of various quotes about encouragement is created with a single purpose – to make you believe that you are CAPABLE of LIVING A LIFE WITHOUT drugs and alcohol and still find joy and fulfilment.
Read further to find out various ways you can use these posters to increase the faith in yourself.

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Addiction Recovery Quotes: Ideas For Use

There are many ways you can use recovery quotes about encouragement besides a decorative element in your home, office room, or clinical setting. Below we suggest different ways you can use these inspirational messages:

1. Addiction recovery quotes in combination with mindfulness therapy
Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing your attention in the present moment. This is usually developed through the practice of meditation. We suggest to pick a quote an incorporate it in your mindfulness meditation practice.

2. Addiction recovery quotes as part of the education on addiction
The posters available for download below include famous quotes and inspirational messages. Teachers can use them for display in their classroom to encourage and motivate people in their learning.

3. Addiction recovery quotes posters as an inspiration in 12 step meetings
If any of these quotes inspired your journey to sobriety in any way, you can spread the word and share your testimony during a 12 step meeting session. This way you’ll expand the idea of recovery and help others increase their motivation and encouragement during the battle with addiction.

Resources For More Addiction Recovery Quotes

If you want to extend your choice in inspirational quotes about addiction recovery, choose from various graphics visiting these pages:

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Addiction Recovery Quotes For Encouragement

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self”.
~Napoleon Hill~
“Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier”.
~Mother Teresa~
“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life”.
~Wayne Dyer~
“Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life”.
~William Blake~
“Forgiving those who hurt us is the key to personal peace”.
~G. Weatherly~
“The happiest person is he who thinks the most interesting thoughts”.
~William Lyon Phelps~
“Enjoy and laugh a lot. Up or down, love the ride”.
“If you’re unhappy, what is it in your life that you’re not facing?”
~Brian Tracy~
“Unhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations”.
~Edward De Bono~
“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body the two are united”.
~Alexander Von Humboldt~
“Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine”.
~Mario Fernandez~

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