Cost of alcohol detox

Oftentimes, the first step toward a full alcohol addiction recovery is successfully completing alcohol detox. Like other aspects of the recovery process, though, the cost of alcohol detox can be somewhat high. Read on to find out more about alcohol detox cost and how you can afford it here.

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What’s the cost of alcohol detox?

The cost of alcohol detox will vary and be influenced by several factors.

1. One of the major factors that will influence this cost is the type of detox you decide on. Inpatient detox is typically much more expensive than outpatient detox, for instance, as it includes room and board as well as intensive 24-hour monitoring. And private detox clinics will be more expensive than publicly funded, no frills detox centers.

2. Pharmacotherapy will also raise the cost of detox from alcohol. This includes the administration of alcohol treatment medications as well as any other medications or intravenous fluids.

3. The length of time that a person spends in a detox facility will also have a big impact in the final cost. Typically, alcohol withdrawal and detox can last anywhere from three to fourteen days. However, severe alcoholics may need detox a few weeks to begin feeling better after a serious alcohol detox.

Average cost of alcohol detox

It can be hard to determine the average cost of alcohol detox in the United States, since there are so few studies conducted on this issue. In general, though, the cost of inpatient alcohol detox is usually around $700 to $1,5000.

Outpatient alcohol detox, on the other hand, is the much more affordable option. The cost of alcohol detox on an outpatient basis does not include the price of accommodations or intensive monitoring. Instead, detoxing alcoholics travel to a detox facility a few times each week to get checked by medical professionals. Each of these visits will usually cost the same amount as a typical doctor’s visit.

Low cost alcohol detox

Alcohol detox does not have to break the bank, despite what some may think. In fact, it’s usually not all that difficult for individuals to find low cost alcohol detox in their areas. One of the best ways to lower the cost of alcohol detox is by simply talking to different detox facilities. Many of them charge their clients based on sliding scale fees, which allow them to only pay what they can afford. Government and non-profit groups may also be able to offer you low cost alcohol detox solutions. Finally, if you’re looking for truly low cost alcohol detox, you should consider opting for outpatient detox. As mentioned above, the cost of outpatient detox versus inpatient detox is much lower and more affordable.

No cost alcohol detox

Although they can be a little harder to find, no cost alcohol detox programs are out there. You just need to know where to look. Some states consider alcohol detox to be a medical need, so you may be able to get government medical assistance to pay for it. To apply for this type of assistance, you will need to contact your local county assistance office to determine if you qualify.

Probably the most common type of no cost alcohol detox, though, requires no facility at all. Many recovering alcoholics choose to forgo detox facilities altogether and go through alcohol detox at home. The advantage of this is that there are no out-of-pocket costs. However, you’re much more likely to relapse and have a drink if you detox at home. And it may not be a good medical decision to detox from alcohol at home, especially if you have been a heavy drinker for 6 months, or more. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before starting an alcohol detox at home. Severe cases of alcohol withdrawal can provoke seizures or hallucinations that need to be treated.

Cost of alcohol detox questions

Don’t forget to keep away from things that can make your detox costs more costly, here are things we advise you to avoid when paying for alcohol detox. Now that we’ve covered some of the information available regarding the cost of alcohol detox, it’s your turn. Please leave us any questions about the cost of alcohol rehab in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to accurately address each of your concerns in a timely manner.

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