How much does drug testing cost?

Drug testing can be used to determine if one of your loved ones is under the influence of illegal substances. Their small price tags can help you determine whether you or your loved ones may need drug testing. Find out more about drug testing costs here.

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Is drug testing expensive?

Usually, the cost of drug testing and screening will be under $100. Compared to the cost of full-blown drug rehabilitation, drug testing is relatively inexpensive. Free and/or low cost drug testing is generally very easy to find. Drug testing and screening at a drug rehab or mental health facility will be your most expensive option. Fortunately, there are several resources you can use to reduce your cost, including non-profit groups, government programs, and health insurance.

Drug testing: How much does it cost?

According to one study, the average cost of drug testing and assessment was around $400 in mental health and medical facilities across the country. This most often included mental health exams and screening for addiction as well as a brief intervention. Lab diagnostic testing via blood, hair, sweat, and/or urine based samples will also be relatively expensive. These tests vary in price based on type of specimen tested, as well as the number of drugs that you’d like to screen for.

If you simply want to know if a loved one is under the influence of drugs, though, there are much cheaper alternatives. Home drug testing kits, for example, are probably the most affordable option. These can be obtained from schools, community health offices, and pharmacies as well as ordered online. Their costs can vary from $5-25.

Is drug testing tax deductible?

According to the 2013 IRS tax code, your out-of-pocket medical expenses are only tax deductible only after they exceed 10% of your gross adjusted income. Therefore, it’s a bit unlikely that you’d be able to to claim drug testing as a tax deduction.

Is drug testing covered by insurance?

Some drug testing and screening may be covered by your insurance. In order to be eligible, though, drug testing services must be performed by a medical facility. To make sure that your insurance will cover this service, you should contact your insurance company and verify that the facility that you choose accepts your insurance. Home drug testing kits typically aren’t covered by insurance.

Will Medicare pay for drug testing?

There’s a good chance that traditional Medicare will pay for drug testing and assessment, particularly if it’s combined with inpatient treatment in a dedicated mental health hospital. However, it will usually only cover part of the cost, and you may be required to come up with a deductible for the rest of the amount. Medicare Part A, though, will cover inpatient substance abuse services, including drug testing and screening.

For more information on Medicare and what it covers, visit the Medicare website at or call 1-800-MEDICARE.

Is drug testing free?

Like anything else in life, drug testing is almost never free. It may be possible to locate some low cost and free drug testing and assessment, though. Your state’s federally funded substance abuse referral program would be a good place to start. This program will usually be able to refer you to programs and facilities that offer free drug testing and rehab.

Sliding scale drug testing

Many addiction treatment facilities that offer drug testing and assessment services offer sliding scale fees. With this arrangement, you will only pay what you can afford. The final cost to you is usually based on factors such as your income and expenses.

One of the best places to start when looking for sliding scale drug testing facilities is the National Drug Abuse Hotline, which can be reached by calling 1-800-662 HELP. When you call, ask them for any facilities in your area that may offer low cost or sliding scale drug testing services.

You can also call your state’s Department of Health and Human Services for help finding sliding scale drug testing. You can easily find the contact information for your state in the Directory of Single State Agencies (SSA) for Substance Abuse Services, which is offered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This department will be able to direct you to your district’s substance abuse services administration, which can set up a drug testing and drug use assessment.

Drug testing financial aid and assistance

Other types of drug testing financial aid and assistance may also be offered by some substance abuse treatment facilities directly. Contact local facilities in your area, and request information about their programs and any available drug testing financial aid and assistance.

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