Learn to Thrive: An Intervention Guidebook (BOOK REVIEW)

Do you have a family member or a loved one who denies their addiction problem? Does it make you feel hopeless or hurt? Check out our book review of “Learn to Thrive” and learn how to deal with these issues today.

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Substance abuse problems in the family

Talking with an addict about addiction is never easy. In fact, it is quite painful to watch your loved one struggle with addiction, feeling incapable to help. For this reason, Dr. Louise Stanger has written the guide, “Learn to Thrive: An Intervention Guidebook for Loved Ones and Their Families”.

Dr. Stanger’s many years of experience in social work have gone into this practical guide to help families find hope and healing. Here, we review how this short e-book and then we invite your questions about staging an effective intervention at the end.

Why Do We Recommend This E-Book?

“Learn to Thrive” can be a great educational material for families that experience love ones with alcohol, drug, process disorders (sex, gambling , gaming , shopping, disordered eating), chronic pain and mental health disorders. Medical or addiction industry professionals who will also love it include:

  • Addiction specialists
  • Families of drug or alcohol addicts
  • Interventionists
  • Licensed clinical health professionals
  • Mental health workers
  • Social workers

1. Basic principles of intervention

First, “Learn to Thrive” explains the intervention basics. It is constructed as a guide to help families who struggle with substance abuse disorders and mental health problems. Dr. Stanger provides guidance on how to motivate your close one to ask for help AND accept the care he or she needs.

2. Experienced advice

Dr. Louise Stanger shares her personal insights gathered from decades of supervising interventions. She shares her “best practices” and ways for performing an intervention in simple terms.

Additionally, Dr. Stanger gives great importance to the team-based approach, and you’ll learn more about using this strategy. A team approach engages all individuals interested in helping their loved one through recovery in the intervention session with many benefits.

3. New ideas

Filled with creative techniques, “Learn to Thrive” can help quell your doubts about getting a loved one the help s/he needs. Learn about effective and novel ways to approach an addict in your family.

What will you learn from this E-book?

The first thing you’ll learn from this book is better understanding of interventions and their significance. It gives a valuable insight about Dr. Louise Stanger’s team approach during an intervention and the benefits of participating in one. You will also learn what skills are required to be part of a intervention team and what are the benefits of having one. At the end of the book you have a list of valuable tips which might come in hand when searching for the right interventionist.

Empowerment for everyone involved in the process!

Dr. Louise Stanger’s way of working with addicts and their families can be an inspiration and an example about how addicts can find ways to improve theirs lives. She says that her intention with this book was to empower clients to be the captains of their lives.

Wondering where you can find “Learn to Thrive: An Intervention Guidebook for Loved Ones and Their Families”? To buy, download, and read the book, check this link: http://www.allaboutinterventions.com/learn-to-thrive. Additionally, if you are left with any questions about this topic, we gladly ask you to post them in the comment section below. We also welcome your feedback if you’ve read the book and would like to share your opinion.

About the Author: Dr. Louise Stanger – lecturer, professor, clinician, trainer and international interventionist – has developed and refined her invitational method of mental health and substance abuse interventions using the well-established research methodology of portraiture. She and her teammate have performed thousands of family interventions throughout the United States and abroad.
She is a published author and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Journal of Alcohol Studies, Recovery View, Sober Way, and various other magazines and scholarly publications. In addition, the San Diego Business Journal listed her as one of the top 10 “Women who Mean Business” and she was ranked as one of the top 10 Interventionists in the Country.
She is known for lively, informative, customized and invigorating presentations for staffs, families and clients. Most recently Foundations Recovery Network, 2014 Moments of Change Conference, proclaimed Dr. Stanger the “Fan Favorite Speaker”. Her memoir Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal was published in the Spring of 2016.
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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