Cost of drug detox

Successfully completing drug rehab is a big step toward becoming drug-free. Covering the cost of drug detox, however, can be intimidating. Find out more about the cost of detox and how to cover it here.

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What’s the cost of drug detox?

Drug detox can range from very expensive to very cheap. It all depends on what type of detox facility you use, what services you need, and how long you’re in detox.  There are a few factors which affect the cost of addiction treatment and detox services.  These include:

1. The type of drug detox facility you choose

Non-profit drug detox clinics are generally much more affordable than private drug detox. This is because non-profits focus on delivering services and may receive government money to do so.  However, you may not receive the level of medical supervision provided at a private drug detox clinic.

2.  Services needed

If you need a basic detox service, you’ll most likely get away with paying the lowest price. However, if you need medications such as naltrexone, the cost of drug detox will typically be higher.   Also, if you choose a rapid detox with the use of anaesthesia, the cost of drug detox can increase to a few thousand dollars, or more.

3. Length of detox program

The length of time that you will need to stay in a detox facility will depend on what types of drugs you’re detoxing from and how severe the case of chemical dependency. On average, though, most individuals stay in drug detox anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. Not surprisingly, the cost of drug detox is higher the longer you’re in a program.

Average cost of drug detox

Generally, the average cost of detox can vary from facility to facility. Residential drug detox will usually cost around $1,000 per day.The average cost of drug detox on an outpatient basis, on the other hand, is typically more affordable. Outpatient drug detox only requires you to visit a detox facility a few times each week, and therefore doesn’t have the same costs that inpatient detox. You can usually expect the average cost of drug detox each outpatient visit to be equal to the cost of a traditional office visit. This can be as low as $50 per visit.

Low cost drug detox

If you don’t think you’ll be able to afford drug detox, there is some good news. There are a few resources that you can use to get low cost drug detox.

1. Medical health insuranceHealth insurance companies will sometimes cover part of the cost of drug detox. While you’ll still need to pay for some of the costs, you’ll still benefit from low cost drug detox.

2. Public funding – Government assistance programs might also be excellent options for anyone interested in low cost drug detox. To find out if you qualify for this type of assistance, which is usually determined by income, you should contact your county assistance office. You can also search for low cost drug detox programs on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website.

3. Sliding scale drug detox – Finally, many detox facilities use sliding scale fees. This is an excellent way to gain access to low cost drug detox, because sliding sale fees are typically based on your ability to pay. For instance, lower income individuals will typically pay the least amount of money when sliding scale fees are used.

No cost drug rehab

Believe it or not, you may also have access to free drug detox. The best part is you don’t even have to venture out of your own home to find it. Detoxing at home prior to entering a rehab program can save you a great deal of money, but it’s also important to keep in mind that you will be more at risk of detoxing during this crucial time.

Always consult with a doctor before attempting an at-home detox. Schedule regular check ins during drug withdrawal.  And keep in mind that it might be medically necessary that you withdraw from drugs in an inpatient setting, especially if you at risk of developing serious complications.

Cost of drug detox questions

Do you still have cost of drug detox questions or concerns?  If so, please don’t hesitate to leave us your questions about drug detox in the comments section below. Helping our readers through every step of their recovery is our primary goal.

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