Thursday February 21st 2019

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Morgan Freeman on smoking marijuana and legalization (INFOGRAPHIC)

Famous Addiction Quotes Morgan Freeman [Reference Sources]Morgan Freeman: Pro-marijuana?

Morgan Freeman seems to be an advocate for marijuana use and a long-time believer in marijuana legalization, stating that the criminalization of weed is the “stupidest law possible”. Here is Freeman’s take on these types of laws, in his own words:

“Marijuana! Heavens, oh yeah. It’s just the stupidest law possible, given history. You don’t stop people from doing what they want to do, so forget about making it unlawful. You’re just making criminals out of people who aren’t engaged in criminal activity. And we’re spending zillions of dollars trying to fight a war we can’t win! We could make zillions, just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor. It’s stupid.”

Morgan Freeman on smoking marijuana and legalization (INFOGRAPHIC)

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