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Hillary Clinton’s opinions on legalization and the criminal justice system (INFOGRAPHIC)


A progressive view on addiction

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and former Secretary of State previously expressed that she wasn’t a supporter of marijuana decriminalization, but later changed her stance and has since made some very progressive and liberal statements regarding legalization and addiction treatment.

Hillary Clinton’s opinions on legalization and the criminal justice system (INFOGRAPHIC)

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In this infographic you can explore some of Hillary’s most striking quotes on the subject of drug use, the criminal justice system, and the War on Drugs. So, check it out! Then, we invite your questions in the designated section at the end of the page and will try to respond personally and promptly to all legitimate inquiries.

Her opinion on marijuana decriminalization

Hillary Clinton may be aware of the medical benefits of marijuana for some medical conditions, but calls for more research. Since marijuana is listed as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act and is thus considered to be a drug with a high abuse potential and no current accepted medical effects. Clinton has stated that marijuana should be re-classified as a Schedule II drug, saying:

“Because it’s considered what’s called a Schedule I drug and you can’t even do research in it. If we’re going to have a lot of states setting up marijuana dispensaries so that people who have some kind of medical need are getting marijuana, we need know what’s the quality of it, how much should you take, what should you avoid if you’re taking other medications.”

Basically, she’s open to acquiring more evidence. Clinton would like more research to be done and results from medical and recreational marijuana to be analyzed by the medical and science community before conclusions are made – or as she puts it:

“We need more studies. We need more evidence. And then we can proceed.”

Her opinion on addiction and treatment

Clinton has proposed a plan to combat the epidemic of alcohol, drug, and prescription medication addiction in the United States through prevention, treatment and recovery.

“We’re not just now ‘discovering’ this problem. But we should be saying enough is enough. It’s time we recognize as a nation that for too long, we have had a quiet epidemic on our hands. Plain and simple, drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, not a moral failing—and we must treat it as such.”

More specifically, Clinton plans to:

  1. Empower communities to adopt preventive programs for teens and young adults regarding drug use and addiction. The emphasis will be put on education and early intervention.
  2. Make addiction treatment available to everyone who needs it. Also, spread the understanding that substance use disorders (SUDs) are chronic diseases.
  3. Ensure that all first responders have access to naloxone to prevent fatal outcomes from opiate or prescription pain overdoses.
  4. Require licensed prescribers of controlled medications to attend training and consult prescription drug monitoring programs before prescribing.
  5. Prioritize addiction rehabilitation and addiction treatment for low-level and non-violent drug offenders, instead of incarceration.

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We hope you like our infographic series on addiction treatment quotes by the 2016 presidential candidates, so feel free to SHARE. If there is anything you’d like to ask or add, please use the comments section below. We try to respond to all legitimate questions personally and promptly.

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