Rehab facilities in Florida: Who’s getting treatment in FL? (INFOGRAPHIC)

How many people are served by Florida’s network of treatment services? More here, with stats from SAMHSA’s DASIS reports laid out in a graphic form. Easy-to-read stats on addiction treatment in Florida!

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Florida rehab attendance

Interested in stats about Florida’s public mental health system (especially regarding substance abuse treatment)?  After a brief look at this infographic, you’ll get all the relevant data you are looking for. Some of information you can peruse in detail includes:

Q: How many people are getting addiction treatment in Florida?

Rehab facilities in Florida: Who’s getting treatment in FL? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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A: More than 50,000 children youth, and adults have been served in Florida’s treatment centers in 2012.

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Q: How many people get better?

A: In the age group 17 or younger, 83.9% of people have reported improved functioning from treatment received in the public mental health system (that’s higher than national rankings). Among mental health patients aged 18 and older, 85.5% report feeling better after treatment.

Rehab facilities in Florida and their statistics

More here on the number of people treated for:

  • only alcohol
  • only drug problems
  • both alcohol and drug problems

Floridians need more access to addiction treatment

Finally, did you know that Floridians need access to addiction treatment?

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  • Less than 10% of Floridians aged 12+ received treatment for alcohol dependence or abuse (who needed it)!
  • Only 13.7% of Floridians aged 12+ received treatment for illicit drug dependence or abuse (who needed it)!

We have also included stats on the State of Florida’s substance abuse treatment, its demand and supply. Check out more on annual state and national data taken from reliable government sources here. We welcome your questions in the comments section below and try to reply personally and promptly to all legitimate inquiries.


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