Addiction treatment facilities in Alabama (INFOGRAPHIC)

A snapshot of the addiction treatment scene in Alabama. Graphics and data on inpatient vs. outpatient treatment, client numbers and beds, as well as organizational structure and ways to pay for addiction treatment in the great State of Alabama.

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Addiction facilities in Alabama

Where do people diagnosed with substance use disorders find help for addiction in Alabama?  Check out this infographic to learn more!

Here, we visualize annual statistics taken from state and national governments sources and summarize addiction services in Alabama. We’ve selected only relevant data to help provide a better understanding of the capacities, type of care*, and organizational structure provided by Alabama’s treatment centers.

Addiction treatment facilities in Alabama (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Types of addiction facilities in Alabama

What types of care does Alabama offer? Both, inpatient and outpatient care are available. However, addiction treatment in Alabama is PRIMARILY OUTPATIENT. Further, of Alabama’s mental health services for addiction, facilities mostly specialize and offer help for substance abuse. While mental health and general healthcare services are also available, Alabama’s addiction treatment facilities target those in need.

Details you might be interested in include:

  • In the State of Alabama, 147 medical addiction treatment facilities currently offer medical help and treatment for issues related to addiction.
  • Treatment centers in Alabama provide treatment for around 15,000 patients at any point in time.
  • A large majority of people (about 93%) receive medical treatment without being admitted to a hospital or a treatment facility.
  • Up to 70% of the total field of focus is turned towards the abuse of substances.

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* Under types of care, inpatient, outpatient and residential, percentages may overlap. This is because some treatment centers offer a mix of those services and facilities may provide more than one type of care.
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