Tuesday October 23rd 2018

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How to feel more grateful (INFOGRAPHIC)

How to cultivate gratitude in addiction recovery

How can you feel even more grateful in addiction recovery? By focusing on the changing your thinking patterns, you can positively affect your mood and mindset.

And who can best explain how to feel grateful in recovery than someone who is actually IN recovery and practicing gratitude?

How to feel more grateful (INFOGRAPHIC)

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This infographic has been inspired by the art and blog “Attitude of Gratitude” from Scott Woodard. We’ve used figures from his piece “time runners”, as part of this design in order to communicate specific directions used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help develop gratitude. Inside, you can explore step-by-step explanations on how to use commitment, devotion, faith and patience in order to cultivate gratitude. You will discover, in detail, how to:

  • Share positive energy with people surrounding you
  • Understand the cycle of gratitude
  • Practice gratitude every day

Your comments and questions are welcomed at the end.

Reference Sources: Scott Woodard Studio: “time runners
Tiny Buddha: How to start a gratitude practice to change your life
Working Resources Blog: How to create an attitude of gratitude


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One Response to “How to feel more grateful (INFOGRAPHIC)
Susan Deborah
12:16 pm March 27th, 2014

Thanks for this infograph, dear Scott.

Joy always,