Wednesday November 21st 2018

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Drug & alcohol treatment centers in Illinois: Who’s being treated? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Who’s getting addiction treatment in Illinois?

If you’re looking for more about addiction treatment received by citizens of Illinois, you’re in the right place.

For example:

Drug & alcohol treatment centers in Illinois: Who’s being treated? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • How many people seek help for addiction treatment?
  • Or, what age groups receive addiction treatment in Illinois?
  • Or how many Illinoisans are in need of addiction treatment, but still not getting it?!

We’ve taken annual statistics from national and state government sources and made them visual. In this infographic, Addiction Blog reviews the State of Illinois’ alcohol & drug addiction treatment scene… and who is getting treatment. You’ll find reliable stats with a graphic twist that make treatment in Illinois easier to understand.

Drug & alcohol treatment in Illinois

You’ll find details here about:

  • Types of addiction treatment Illinoisans receive
  • The number of people accessing addiction treatment
  • Numbers of drug and alcohol users who get/don’t get treated
  • The number of patients receiving opiate substitution therapy
  • Children and adults served in Illinois’ public mental health system

After review, feel free to send us your questions and comments at the end. We try to provide personal and prompt responses for all legitimate concerns.

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