Thursday February 21st 2019

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Who needs rehab in Illinois? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Drug and alcohol rehab in Illinois

How bad is Illinois’s alcohol and drug problem?

We explore drug abuse, dependence, and/or addiction rates in the State of Illinois here. So, if you’re interested in how many drug and alcohol users are NOT receiving treatment…look no further! We found the stats shocking!

Who needs rehab in Illinois? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Did you know?

  • 10 people per 100.000 experience drug overdose fatalities in Illinois.
  • 7.2% of Illinois residents have used illicit drugs in the month previous to an annual survey.
  • 27.9% of youth aged 18-25 reported past year marijuana use.
  • 54.2% of minors around the age of 12 drank alcohol in the past month.

Rehab centers in Illinois: Are they meeting demand?

Explore our infographic to find stats on how Illinois residents use tobacco products, alcohol, marijuana, and illicit drugs. You’ll learn more about the gap in addition treatment services, and how the state compares to national averages.

In this infographic we uncover:

  • The most commonly used drugs in Illinois
  • The rate of drug-induced deaths in Illinois
  • Who’s using what in the State of Illinois (by age and gender)

So, have a look! And give us your feedback!

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