Adverse or negative effects of morphine on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Morphine is named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, and it’s one of the most powerful sedative opioids. Here, we review a basic graphic about how morphine affects the brain, and the main problems it can cause. Feel free to LIKE< SHARE<OR COMMENT and we will respond to you personally and promptly! How does […]

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Morphine is named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, and it’s one of the most powerful sedative opioids. Here, we review a basic graphic about how morphine affects the brain, and the main problems it can cause. Feel free to LIKE< SHARE<OR COMMENT and we will respond to you personally and promptly!

How does morphine affect the brain?

Morphine causes general central nervous system (CNS) depression, the most common effects being slowed breathing and heart rate. However, morphine also interacts with certain nerve centers and causes chemical reactions in the brain. In the Limbic System, morphine causes increased feelings of contentment, pleasure, and produces  short-lasting good emotional feelings. The effects of morphine in the brainstem are a decrease in coughing, which is done by the slowing of breathing and the heart rate.

Adverse or negative effects of morphine on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Long Term Effects Of Morphine On The Brain follow:

  • addiction
  • confusion
  • cravings
  • decreased reflexes
  • delirium
  • depression
  • disorientation
  • disturbed sleep
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • emotional spurs
  • hallucinations
  • impaired thinking
  • impairment of mental abilities
  • lower consciousness
  • mental clouding
  • poor concentration
  • poor psychomotor reactions
  • unstable mood
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. 3 years ago I was hit by a car.
    My back was broken in 3 places, including my C2, vertebrae in the middle of my spine and my pelvis. It is a miracle that I am not in a wheelchair.
    I could not walk at all for 3+months.
    I am in constant pain.
    Because of my broken neck I am unable to lay down on my back.
    I also have a huge haematoma on my upper right thigh.
    I also have nerve damage in the lower left side of my jaw.
    All this damage makes it virtually impossible to sleep.
    I have been awake almost constantly for the last three years.
    I need pain relief.
    It’s not to get stoned.
    I am in agony.

  2. To all those with Morphine,Oxy problem,this is my Comment,i my self have been on all of the above and more,except meds for psyche probs,i feel your pain but as you mention,it all takes its toll,its hard for me to mention my injuries on such a short conversation,i somehow think since nothing works after a while,amn attempt to take less meds,(especially those with kids,since YOUR PROBLEM,COULD become the childrens problem,and you nand i couldd be lucky to have made thus far,the children may NOT,)and to maybe try an exercise regimen,obviously starting slow,and with low weight,get on a vitamin program,i DONT MEAN ONE A DAY,i like those multiple vitamin packs,try to eat right,and somehow cope with the pain,before we ALL GO THE WAY of PREVIOUS substance users/abusers,
    and wind up with multiple organ failures,simply put ,if something is not working then its time to try to take care of our selves,if not for us,for the people who love us,cause they may not say it,but they ALL remember who we were,and could only PITY us,BEFORE we die,and theysomefow think that at least we”re not suffering,I hope somehow i make sense,good luck to ALL of us.GOD BLESS !!!!!

  3. u all sound like me I am on 3 30mg time released morphine and 15 mg oxycodone for break-through pain. And now this crap with the government taking over as our doctor with the opiod war, LOL that’s crap like they know we all are just druggies and need a fix. I would like them to put up with my pain for just a week — they would just kill themselves. I have 3 kids I need to be able to move not in a bed for the rest of my life. What are we to do???????????

  4. my pain management doc had me on 30 mg plus nor-co for chronic pain for about 20 years he discharged from his practice for being late to an appointment and moving out of town i didnt think much of it at the time and found another pain management doctor who prescribed 15mg IR also soma i then had an episode of A-FIB what is your op ion on this also he gave me Testosterone weekly for low T thankyou

  5. I have been on 60 mg. of morphine every 8 hrs. for a very long time. I used to install carpet and ceramic tile for about 45 yrs., and it took quite a toll on my body. I have had arthroscopic surgery on both knees and bulged discs removed from my neck. I have pinched nerves and cracked vertabre etc. I am a hobbling body of pain. I have lower back pain and live with migraine headaches daily.I don’t need pity; I need a new drug. Sincerely, Dennis I have been on 100 micrograms fentanyl patch but ignorant me; someone told me I would feel better if I chewed on it. It killed my younger brother and almost got me. I woke up in a dazed stupor and found my brother dead in his bed. That in itself almost killed me.I am ashamed to tell you this cause I truly love and miss my bro. Good bye

  6. Cherries OMG we could be twins . I’ve had 34 surgeries on my back averaging at least 1per yr for the last 12 yrs. I have the spinal stim in now and it has cut pain in half but I’m by far not pain even manageable most days. I’m on high doses of opiates just as you, and some days I get pissed off just for waking. I’m not suicidal, just sick and tired. Now the DEA putting their hands in the way of people who really need the meds make you feel like a junkie every month when you go to refill. I’ll be 53 at the end of the month and have dealing with all of this since I was 20. It’s exhausting!

  7. But no alternative to pain/copd breathing help especially with the liquid and fentanyl and lorazapam and prednisone once they worked you into that mess? Downhill, a pretty quick confused death? Hospice style

  8. I have been on every drug made to man over the past two decades.
    Morphine helped, I gained a tolerance to it, and I was bumped up to a higher amount to try to kill the pain.
    I even had 5 internal pain pumps put in and out of me, within a year and a half.
    Currently, I’m on 30 mg morphine ER, 3 times a day.
    Breakthrough pain, morphine 15 mg IR twice a day.
    I have been through 29 surgeries, ranging from brain surgery to surgical mesh in my abdomin.
    I am searching the net for other people who are in the same situation, taking high amounts of Morphine everyday, and if they have any side effects from taking morphine.
    The lingering effects from heavy opioid usage.
    I have, I lost my ability to be sharp, thinking about something, but I’m not sure if it makes sense.
    Before opioids, I was quick thinking, intelligent. Now I can’t say what I’m thinking about. I forget the words.
    I’m severely depressed, I’ve gained some serious weight, (from the antidepressant meds) I rarely go outside. I am sick of this!
    Nothing seems right. I have pulled away from my friends and family. I have no idea what’s next, waiting for me, to push me over the edge.
    I won’t harm myself, I have an appreciation for life, even if it’s a crappy life.

  9. I have been taking 30 mg of ms contin for 3 years and I just started at a new pain clinic and the Doctor prectibed Nucynta 50 ms 1 pill every 12 hours. Should I stop the ms contin before I take the new medication or start the new medication when the next ms contin is due? After 8 hours. Respectively Mary

    1. Hi Mary. Did the doctor not advise you on how to transition from one to the other medication? You should definitely ask as soon as possible.

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