BOOK REVIEW: What’s left of us: a memoir of addiction

This autobiographical tale of a seven day detox for heroin is an honest, candid and surprising look into what motivates a drug and sex addict. More here on why you should buy this book!

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Richard (Richie) Farrell is the author and voice behind a wonderful and difficult story of heroin addiction and recovery. He tells it like it is. The tale is at times heart wrenchingly sad, thrilling and absolutely nightmarish…but the WAY that Richie tells you about his life keeps you reading.The mark behind any good book, in my opinion, is the first sentence. If that first sentence can draw you in, you will keep reading. “What’s left of us” does that and more. Richie keeps you strung along, wondering what will happen, and what DID happen in his past in a wonderfully rich and real language that is both intelligent and street wise. This book is the real thing.

I recommend this book for someone in recovery, or someone who is not even an addict, to understand and relate to what motivates people to use sex, heroin, behaviors or substances to dull the pain of life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “What is left of us” (although sometimes I could not pick it up for fear of what will happen next) and hope that you will go straight out and pick it up.

Have you any recommendations for other addiction memoirs? I’m looking for other good books for my recovery library.  Post them here, email me, or submit a comment form at the bottom of any page.  Cheers!

About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I am close to publishing a memoir of my personal and professional life defining experiences working at the orginal Odyssey House as a beginning psychologist in the sixties. Although I was not a drug addict I came to realize I shared many symptoms with the residents who were in treatment. I experienced the best and the worst of treatment in the 17 months I worked there. My book is tentatively called: MY ODYSSEY: Turbulent Beginnings of Treating Drug Addicts in the Late Sixties.

  2. Wonderful review. I am definitely going out to buy this book. I am currently in recovery now in a residential facility that incorporates Judaism, 12 step programs, therapy along with counseling into their program. I have 8 months sober, the longest I have ever had. Thank you for this review. I hope it inspires others to read this book.

  3. Hello, Great Blog. I have written a memoir titled The Year of the Dogs about the death of my boyfriend to addiction ten years ago. It will be released in ebook and softcover February 1, 2011. Also, I know of another great book written by the parents of young man who died of a heroin overdose, called Losing Jonathan. This book came out a few years back but was lovely. The authors are Robert and Linda Waxler. I don’t have contact info but they have a website. Thank you for your time and I will be following your blog. Best, Marie Sheva Cullen

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