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oxycodone addiction

Oxycodone Detection Timelines [INFOGRAPHIC]

Oxycodone Detection Timelines [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 10th, 2018

An easy-to-read, visual presentation on the drug detection windows for blood, urine, hair, and saliva drug testing regarding oxycodone. Check it out here.

1 Oxycodone Rehab Cost

Oxycodone Rehab Cost

July 24th, 2018

Rehab can cost around $20K for a one month residential program. However, outpatient programs can be 2-3 times less expensive. More on average costs and payment ideas for rehab here.

How Does Oxycodone Work In The Body (Infographic)

How Does Oxycodone Work In The Body (Infographic)

March 6th, 2018

Find out how oxycodone affects your entire body. Become aware of the risks, and learn how to use this medication with caution.

1 Oxycodone rehab treatment: What to expect?

Oxycodone rehab treatment: What to expect?

November 19th, 2017

A review of what happens during oxycodone addiction treatment here.

5 Physical addiction to oxycodone

Physical addiction to oxycodone

May 22nd, 2017

An explanation of the difference between physical dependence and addiction to oxycodone. Learn how to identify and treat both. More here.

How to help an oxycodone addict

How to help an oxycodone addict

January 21st, 2017

You can help and oxycodone addict only when they is ready and willing to make a change in their life. Learn about the available options to aid yourself or a friend addicted to oxycodone, here.

5 Can you get addicted to oxycodone?

Can you get addicted to oxycodone?

December 12th, 2016

Oxycodone is an extremely habit forming painkiller. Learn how you can recognize oxycodone addiction and what you can do to avoid it, here.

6 Negative consequences of oxycodone (INFOGRAPHIC)

Negative consequences of oxycodone (INFOGRAPHIC)

October 28th, 2016

Long-term use or illicit abuse of oxycodone can impact your psychological and physiological well-being. Some negative effects include dependency, feeling high, occurrence or worsening of anxiety and/or depression. Learn about the unwanted consequences of Oxy in our detailed infographic, here.

5 Oxycodone addiction and side effects (INFOGRAPHIC)

Oxycodone addiction and side effects (INFOGRAPHIC)

August 12th, 2016

Using too much oxycodone, taking it too frequently or for a longer period of time than prescribed leads to addiction. What are the adverse effects that follow oxycodone addiction and dependence? Learn, here.

4 Oxycodone rehabilitation: How long?

Oxycodone rehabilitation: How long?

July 13th, 2016

Oxycodone can be addictive! In this article we summarize the duration of oxycodone rehabilitation treatment and what oxycodone rehab looks like. Questions welcomed at the end!

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