Addiction recovery meditation 101: The walking meditation

Did you know that you can meditate while walking? Learn a simple five minute addiction recovery meditation here.

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The practice of walking meditation takes but a few minutes but can go a long way to reigning in the mind, which likes to bounce back and forth between thoughts. With regular practices, we begin to train our minds to live contently in the present moment. Not only can meditation for addiction recovery help us stay grounded, it can also help us become creative without drug or alcohol.

Here, learn how to begin meditating and then ask your questions about the practice at the end. We do our best to try to respond to all questions personally and promptly

How to do a walking meditation

A great way to meditate is by walking. Although it is not what we commonly think of when we think of meditation, walking meditation is an integral part of meditation practice.

To do this meditation, it is ideal to find a 20-30 foot space where you are able to walk back and forth. You might want to set a timer to keep yourself focused on the present. I personally enjoy walking barefoot, but this is absolutely up to you!

Standing still at one end of your space, feel your feet pressing on the ground. Recognize that just as you are pushing down on the ground through your feet, the earth is pushing with equal force back up. Taking your first step, move slowly. Feel the sensation of your foot slowly moving forward and touching down on the ground. Lifting your other foot up, feel the sensation of it moving through the air and again touching back down.

As you walk, focus completely on the sensation of your feet lifting off and touching down. Again, thoughts will arise. You are bound to get distracted. Just as before, return your attention to the present. Feel your feet touching the ground, and focus on the actual physical sensation.

When your timer goes off or you feel finished, try to retain some of your present-time awareness. You may do this practice at home, at work, outside, or anywhere you wish!

Addiction recovery meditation questions

Still have questions about addiction recovery meditation? Please leave your questions below.

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