Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

Dr. Goecke is a medical doctor and general surgeon with personal experience of substance use disorder.


Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D. received his medical degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, José María Vargas School of Medicine. During his medical studies, Dr. Goecke experienced how substance abuse and addiction impact human lives, motivating him to bring his understanding of addiction treatment to his hometown.

In his post-graduate clinical work in as an emergency room resident, Juan applied his therapeutic approach in many cases of patients in need of substance treatment. In his current capacity as Medical Reviewer for Addiction Blog works to provide accurate, authoritative information to those seeking help for substance abuse and behavioral health issues.


MASTOLOGY RESIDENCY: February 2017 – January 2019 in La Unidad de Mastología y Atención Integral a la Mujer, Barcelona, Anzoátegui state, Venezuela.

GENERAL SURGERY RESIDENCY: Degree obtained on December 2016, in Hospital Vargas de Caracas ascribed to the  Universidad Central de Venezuela, San José de Cotiza, Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela.

E.R. MEDICAL RESIDENCY: October 2012 – December 2013 in Rescarven Chuao Clinic, Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela.

MEDICAL DOCTOR DEGREE: Degree obtained on June 2012, in Universidad Central de Venezuela.

  • Rural residency completed in Ambulatorio Rural tipo I “La Carlota”, Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
  • One year staff experience completed in 2012 at “La Llanada” Camp, Acarigua, Portuguesa state, Venezuela.

Juan Says…

“Not only can you have a new life when you seek addiction treatment, but you can improve it 100%. Addiction not only affects your health but other social areas of life: family, work, security. Treatment is the alternative to staying in the problem. And education is the key to fighting addiction!” 

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