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Rehabs in Texas (INFOGRAPHIC)

Rehab services in the Great State of Texas

If you’re looking for addiction treatment facilities in Texas, what’s the standard? Here, we visualize annual statistics taken SAMHSA reports and summarize the addiction services in Texas. In an easy-to-read format, you’ll learn about the capacities, type of care, and organizational structure of Texas’s treatment centers as of today.

Facts that might interest you include:

Rehabs in Texas (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  • Rehabs in Texas provide treatment for around 36,000 patients at any given point in time.
  • In the State of Texas, 494 medical addiction treatment facilities currently offer medical help and treatment for issues related to addiction.
  • Texas rehabs offer two main types of care: inpatient and outpatient. However, a large majority of people (about 81%) receive medical treatment without being admitted to a hospital or a treatment facility.*
  • Rehabs in Texas mostly specialize and offer help for substance abuse. Up to 73% of the total field addresses abuse of substances. While mental health and general healthcare services are also available, Texas’s addiction treatment facilities target those in need.

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* Inpatient, outpatient and residential percentages may overlap. This is because some treatment centers offer a mix of those services.

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4 Responses to “Rehabs in Texas (INFOGRAPHIC)
3:17 pm May 14th, 2014

What an awesome resource with current data – great job on the web site!

12:56 pm May 15th, 2014

Thanks, Andie. So glad you find the data and presentation helpful.

B. Elliott III,MD
2:53 pm June 4th, 2014

Need referral resources in Rockport area.

10:46 am June 5th, 2014

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