Prescription Drug The News Top 10

Evidence-based descriptions of the most popular Rx drugs and their effects. The full spectrum of prescription drug use from habit to addiction.

BOOK REVIEW: Raise the Bottom

This book promises to tell you how to keep "secret alcoholics" from hurting your business. Does it live up to its promi ...

Help for drug addicts

This month's topic is prescription drug addiction. Just a brief reminder of the steps that you can take if you suspect ...

Back from maternity leave

Excited to be back after more than a year away! My son is almost 8 months old now and doing very well. Feel free to send ...

Suboxone doctors

Dr. Jana Burson explains WHO can prescribe Suboxone, HOW MUCH it costs to see Suboxone doctors and how you can FIND A SU ...

Destination maternity

I'm pregnant! And counting the days to baby's arrival. I'll be back online in a while. Until then, you can navigate t ...

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