Thursday February 21st 2019

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Destination maternity

I’m getting ready to be a mom!

I’ll be logging off Addiction Blog for an extended period of time, but will be back later.  Until then, I wish you happy trails.  Happy comments.  And great recovery.



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One Response to “Destination maternity
4:42 pm August 16th, 2010


Congratulations on your pregnancy.

In response to your comment, I agree that it would be great if an employer would be financially able and willing to provide 6-9 months of paid leave. For some companies, it probably would be possible even in these hard times.

However, to have the US pay for this kind of benefit would be another socialist give away. I have worked with thousands of people, who live off the govt. and many are 3rd generations recipients.

IF a program was created for those who don’t abuse the system, that would be great. For those who honestly want to have a family and be productive in the workforce, then right on.

I have learned that it is human nature to take advantage of give aways and eventually expect more (entitlement).
I believe we need people being responsible for themselves and being accountable for what they need, nothing more.
Best wishes,