Lisa Espich

Lisa Espich is the author of the multi award-winning book, Soaring Above Co-Addiction: Helping your loved one get clean, while creating the life of your dreams. For additional articles, resources, and a free preview chapter of Soaring Above Co-Addiction visit her website. Her book is available at bookstores everywhere and at Twin Feather Publishing.

Why does relapse occur?

The hardest part of recovery can be dealing with relapse. Why does relapse occur and how can you cope? Lisa Epsich explo ...

Is relapse a part of recovery?

You don't need to view a relapse as a failure. Instead, it can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself. 5 tips on ...

Heroin and teenagers

Can your teenager get wrapped up in heroin? Yes, and teenager heroin use usually starts with abuse of family prescriptio ...

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