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No Insurance Drug Treatment Centers


ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Getting help for drug addiction is possible, even without medical insurance. In fact, you have several options for free or reduced cost drug treatment. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these options and give you an idea of how you can find help…on a budget. Then, we’ll invite your questions at the end.



Who Needs Treatment?

Rehab stay can help people who have substance use disorders regain their life and start over. But you might be feeling all alone. We know. We’ve been there. We’re here to encourage you to NOT be scared of getting into treatment. First, you are not the only one! Second, treatment is effective.

In fact, the 2016 National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health reported that about 22.5 million people aged 12 or older had substance use disorders in the past year. 15.1 million people deal with alcohol use disorder, and 7.4 million were struggling with drug use disorder. This means that 1 in 13 Americans aged 12 or older need addiction treatment.

This report showed that an estimated number of 21 million people need addiction treatment. Further, the numbers break down into age groups:

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  • 1.1 million adolescents aged 12 to 17 need addiction help.
  • 5.3 million young adults aged 18 to 25 need addiction help.
  • 14.5 million adults aged 26 or older need addiction help.

And if you don’t get help…it only gets worse.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that in 2016, about 64,000 people lost their lives due to drug overdose.

Why be a number?

Rehab can really turn your life around.

Is Treatment For Me?

Rehab treatment is structured to help people who deal with addiction problems. It is most successful for those who are willing to change.

If you suspect that you may have addiction problems, here are some symptoms that can help you identify substance use disorders:

  • Decreased work or school performance because of drug use.
  • Increased health problems related to drug use.
  • Legal problems related to drug use.
  • You cannot control how much or how often you use.
  • You cannot stop (or stay stopped) using your drug of choice.
  • You have relationship and family problems due to your use.
  • You spend a great deal of time thinking about, using, trying to find, or recovering from your drug of choice.

How many symptoms do you have? If you have EVEN ONE OF these symptoms, consult with an addiction specialist to diagnose the severity of your addiction.

Still not sure about your addiction problems? Test yourself with the help of this NIDA drug screening tool.

REMEMBER THIS: A drug addiction is often a very difficult problem to overcome on your own. In order to increase the chances of success, a stay in a medical center can help. If you have no health insurance, however, it can be quite scary wondering what your options. Keep reading or jump to the section at the end for ways to finance rehab.

Social Costs

Addiction treatment can cost thousands of dollars, and no one can guarantee 100% effectiveness. However, when we look at the numbers…even a little investment goes a long way,

On one hand, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse use of alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco is costing our society more than $740 billion annually. These costs are related to:

  • Criminal activity.
  • Lost work productivity.
  • Health care costs.

On the other hand, NIDA states that evidence-based addiction rehabs have shown to be effective. People who complete a rehab program:

  • Stop using drugs.
  • Improve their psychological and physical state.
  • Decreased criminal activity.

Also, NIDA reports that every dollar invested in rehab programs will return between $4 to $7 in reducing criminal activity connected with drug, theft, and court costs.

The Average Costs

Rehab programs vary in price depending upon the services you choose. For example, a long-term inpatient program is more expensive than a short-term outpatient program. Not only do inpatient programs provide living accommodation and constant medical care for their patients, but the duration of time spent in rehab increases the the pricetag.

The most common addiction services include:

Detox costs between $6 to 12K.
Psychotherapy costs from almost free to $150 or more per hour.
Outpatient Rehab ranges between $50-$135 per day.
Inpatient Rehab ranges between $235-700 per day.

Find more information on the costs of addiction treatment here.

Factors That Influence The Cost

Final rehab cost can vary drastically. Some of the factors that go into your invoice include:

1. Services provided.

A rehab program can offer many services: from animal therap to aroma therapy. Services can include massage, yoga, or spa treatments. Some rehab even provide private rooms with a specific meal plan and a personal chef. But, most of these services are extra, so always consult with the staff on pricing options before the start of your program.

2. Length.

A long-term rehab program (of up to one year) is more expensive than a short 30-day program. Common durations for rehab can be 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. Then, tratment usually goest in 3 month intervals: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or one year.

3. Location.

Rehabs located on a far-away islands, beaches, or resorts are usually far more expensive than a locally-based rehab program. Avoid destination rehabs in order to lower the final cost of treatment.

4. Type of rehab. 

As mentioned before, inpatient programs are more expensive than the outpatient programs since they don’t offer 24/7 medical supervision and a living space.


At the moment, many private insurance plans cover addiction detox and rehab programs. You can always consult with companies about the coverage for addiction treatment. However, there are also additional federally funded options available to you.

Launched in 2013, the Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) is an online marketplace for policies where you can buy private health insurance plans. In order to be placed on this market, companies need to cover mental health and substance abuse services including:

  • Behavioral health treatment (psychotherapy and counseling)
  • Substance use disorder treatment
  • Mental and behavioral health inpatient services.

Find more information about the marketplace, click here.

Passed in March, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was created to reduce the cost of healthcare by helping everyone get access to ‘affordable’, quality health insurance. An individual’s plan is based on their income: those with lower income pay less than those with higher income. With the help of this law, many uninsured people will qualify for affordable health insurance.

How does this Act help addiction treatment?

  1. Addiction will no longer be considered as per-existing condition for policies, and therefore companies will have to cover addiction as medical condition.
  2. Companies that are listed on the Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) must provide mental health and addiction treatment services.
  3. Medicaid programs are to be expanded. Created by the federal government, but administered by the state, Medicaid is a health care program that offers free or low-cost medical coverage. Check out this link to find out whether you qualify for Medicaid. Also, contact your local healthcare office to get more information about Medicaid and addiction treatment coverage.

Read more about the Affordable Care Act and substance use disorder treatment here. Keep in mind that many federal health insurance packages cover part of addiction treatment. Moreover, in June 2018, the House of Representatives passed the most expansive legislation to address the opioid crisis, approving a bipartisan package that combines 58 bills. The final package will address:

  • Expanding access to addiction treatment and recovery services.
  • Opioid alternatives for pain management.
  • Intercepting illegal opioids.
  • Restricting use of fentanyl.
  • Allowing Medicaid to pay for opioid addiction treatment in inpatient facilities that address mental health issues.

Still No Insurance?

What can you do to get into drug rehab without being insured? Seeking drug rehab without insurance is certainly intimidating, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from getting the help you need. There are several different resources out there for anyone who’s seeking drug rehab without a plan to back them up. A handful of the most common ones are listed below.

Consider a personal loan. 

Borrowed money can also be used to pay for drug rehab. Some sources of borrowed money include credit unions, banks, friends, and families, as well as your own retirement accounts and life insurance policies. If you borrow money, however, make sure that you have the means to pay it back; otherwise it could result in legal, financial, and personal problems down the road.

Establish a payment plan.

Many drug rehab facilities will be willing to let you make payments toward the cost of your treatment if you are not insured. This makes paying for drug rehab much easier and more manageable.

Investigate drug rehabs with sliding scale fees.

If you need drug rehab, facilities that offer sliding scale fees are one of your best options. These types of drug rehab centers calculate your fees based on your income. Typically, they will only charge you as much as you can afford, and in some cases, you may be able to get free or very cheap drug rehab.

Seek non-profit groups and government programs for drug rehab.

Some non-profit groups offer free or treatment at a reduced cost. Other may also offer monetary grants to help pay for your treatment. Medicaid is a government program for low-income individuals without health coverage. If you qualify for Medicaid, you will most likely also qualify for free or almost-free drug rehab.

Finding a Rehab

Drug addiction treatment centers that do not require insurance are not usually difficult to find at all. In fact, the majority of drug addiction treatment centers accept clients with no medical insurance package. So how can you make drug addiction treatment affordable?

1. Many of these facilities also offer reduced fees, such as sliding scale fees, to individuals who are unable to pay for the exorbitant cost of treatment out of their own pockets.

2. One of the best resources to locate addiction treatment centers is your own doctor. Medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, will typically be able to refer you to a drug addiction treatment facility that works with uninsured clients.

3. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also has a facility locator on their website (SAMHSA.gov). Using this locator, you can find rehab centers in your area. You can also narrow the list down to those that offer payment assistance and sliding scale fees.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Getting the help you need for your drug addiction is possible, even if you are uninsured. However, when looking for a rehab center, questions will inevitably pop into your head. Fortunately, we’re here to help all of our readers throughout every step of their journey.

Feel free to leave your questions and concerns in the comments section below. We’ll try to answer any questions you might have as soon as possible.

Reference  Sources: SAMHSA: Free Substance Abuse Treatment
SAMHSA: Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator
NCBI: Chapter 5. Outpatient Treatment Financing Options and Strategies
SAMHSA: Acceptance of Private Health Insurance in Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

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384 Responses to “No Insurance Drug Treatment Centers
2:35 am May 22nd, 2015

I am looking for a rehab clinic for drugs that help with no insurance and no money. I have no job.

11:05 am May 22nd, 2015

Hi Jerome. You can call the helpline number you see on our site to talk to treatment providers and find the best treatment options that will fit your needs. Also, check out this site: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ to find addiction help in your area that will be in accordance with you financial status.

2:57 pm September 24th, 2015

I am female 52 yrs of age and so desperately want off opiates, my husband and I, we have gone to Gilmore in kalamazoo however its a 5 to 7 day detox and you still leave there sick, what is sick addict going to do when still suffering the demons of addiction? Please help us in any way you can before its too late. we are both in very poor health. my husband has serious coronary problems and cant breathe well.Please we need a longer program. Thank you very much and God bless

3:02 pm October 9th, 2015

Hi Geri. I’d advise you to search for a facility that will be able to offer you and your husband a longer stay and support you through the detox and withdrawal process. Or, you can search for an aftercare program in your area that will be able to assist you through the following period. I’d also suggest you to seek support groups and attend their meetings regularly. If your doctor knows no good references, you can search for treatment facilities in your area here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx

2:39 pm September 25th, 2015

My husband has been using meth for at least 5 years. He was using cocaine before that since he was 25. He is 40 and has reached his low. We have been separated for 6 years but I am desperate to find him help. He has hit his low. He has 5 beautiful children, 3 are mine. Ranging from ages 23 to 1. He has no insurance and very limited funds for payment. He is located in sc but we are willing to send him to any part of the country that may offer help for him. He needs inpatient care. I’ve heard that they have ranch style places that offer a Christian recovery but I haven’t found the recourses. Please help!

3:10 pm October 9th, 2015

Hello Ingrid. I agree with what you say, that he needs a comprehensive and structured treatment program. My advise is to call the helpline number you can find displayed on our site. You will get in touch with our trusted treatment providers that can help you find the best treatment program fit for your husband’s needs. They have a range of inpatient treatment facilities and will be more than happy to discuss available options with you.

9:58 am September 28th, 2015

Please help my daughter is heavily addicted to heroin among other things such as pain pills cocaine whatever she can get her hands on ! I need to find an inpatient nonprofit facility asap she is in Martinsburg WV and its an epidemic of young users of heroin overdosing on a daily basis I need an intervention immediately please someone help me I don’t want to bury my beautiful 26 year old daughter!!!!

3:30 pm October 9th, 2015

Hi Pamela. You can start your search here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx. Also, you can call the helpline number on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers that can help you find the best treatment program fit for your daughter’s needs. Apart from an inpatient treatment program, I also suggest that she continues attending counseling and therapy sessions after the program is done. Recovery doesn’t end when the substances are out of her system and when treatment is done, but takes a lot of time, motivation and effort.

1:17 pm September 28th, 2015

my daughter has been fighting drug addiction for years when she asked for help i was so relieved but we can not find an inpatient treatment center please help

4:47 pm October 9th, 2015

Hi Regina. Call the helpline number you can find displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers that will help you find the best treatment program fit for your daughter’s needs. Also, if you are looking for treatment programs in your area, search through SAMHSA’s online treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx

1:32 am October 13th, 2015

I tryin to find a free drug rehab tohelp my sister n her boyfriend who has no insurance and no money ..we live in south Georgia close to Florida . I’m trying to get they help they both need. Thanks

4:43 pm November 4th, 2015

Hello Sabrina. I found this list of free, sliding scale, and affordable addiction treatment centers in Georgia. I believe this is the end of your search and that your sister and her boyfriend will successfully kick addiction. http://www.freeaddictioncenters.com/state/georgia

8:18 pm October 23rd, 2015

I am wanting help for meth addiction. I don’t have insurance or Medicaid and no money.

12:52 pm November 10th, 2015

Hi Tonya. There are a lot of outpatient treatment centers and even free rehab opportunities. You can ask a doctor to refer you to some in your area, or try looking online, here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx

9:31 am October 31st, 2015

My son, 33 yrs old, has been to rehab twice. He has a degree in nursing. He has not worked in 3 yrs. He has no insurance. My husband and I are both disabled. We cannot afford to spend more money on him. I feel he is fixing to hit rock bottom and will ask for help. He needs a long term care facility which can offer him treatment and work. He’s a good person, just lost his way. I can’t fix him, but am desperately looking for help. He has no money nor insurance. Please give me any advice of where he can seek help when ready. Thank you.

7:33 pm November 9th, 2015

Hello Patricia. I am very sorry that your son and also you are dealing with addiction. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program.

8:14 pm November 25th, 2015

I’m trying to get help with a drug addiction I live in Texas but want to go to an out of state treatment. I need one that’s affordable or free. I have no income I lost my job but need the help.

8:29 pm November 25th, 2015

Hey 79605. I suggest you call the number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program.

5:27 pm November 27th, 2015

I Live In mass have mass health and want to go to florida to get my life and family back want to be far from home to make this work please help need a detox and rehab that takes mass insurance in florida please help

2:28 pm November 30th, 2015

Hi Jay. Why don’t you call the helpline number displayed on our site. You will get in touch with our trusted treatment providers that can find the right treatment program for you in FL and help with any other questions you may have.

1:14 am December 3rd, 2015

I live in gray ga. And am addicted to herion. I don’t have any insurance. I really need help, I did this before 11 years ago, I can’t do it again, please help me with treatment.

10:58 am December 3rd, 2015

Hi Lisa. Call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program. You did it once, you can do it again.

6:12 am December 3rd, 2015

Hi! I am trying to find a drug treatment center for my son he lives in Warrenton,Oregon he’s only 23 yrs old and is addicted to heroin, he has no money or insurance. Is there any way that you can help my find a treatment center? Thank you

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:22 pm December 3rd, 2015

Hello Nellie. Check out SAMHSA’s directory here https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx to find certified addiction treatment centers, and then research them to see if they offer programs and options that fit your needs. Also, you can contact our trusted treatment provider to learn more about your treatment options. The number is displayed on the site. Good luck!

5:19 am December 11th, 2015

I’m trying to get my daughter to agree to help..I am at a loss as to how to help her. She is 27 with a 7 year old that she left with her inlaws over the holidays. Her husband overdosed 2 years ago and she found him. I just realized the drug use. We took her car ,she has been kicked out of her home for non payment . I was an enabler .. i realize that now. Please help

1:26 pm December 15th, 2015

Hi Linda. Immediate help is available. She will need to work with professionals to help her detox, and start the recovery process (and continue it). From what I read there is a lot of trauma that may have lead to her drug use. So, the problem won’t be completely solved until she is helped to get to the bottom of these root causes for her addictive behavior and resolve them.

You can call the free helpline number displayed on our website to get in direct contact with our trusted treatment providers who can answer your questions and help you find the best treatment options in accordance to her needs and abilities. They can also help you stage an intervention that can get her into rehab. Check out SAMHSA’s treatment locator https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx to locate the drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs nearest you.

4:56 am December 14th, 2015

I am trying to find a rehab in either the chattanooga tn area or the trenton ga area i am addicted to alcohol and meth, yet i have no insurance. Please help me, i cannot keep living this way. Extremely depressed even when uing.i

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:08 pm December 14th, 2015

Hi, Denise. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program. Good luck!

5:00 am December 18th, 2015

Help trapped hospitals,bad on li hmo is,awful all programs,are,bad,unless private,anything for,a nurse,addicted,tonpres,drugs

7:14 pm December 23rd, 2015

Im trying to find help for my son he is 23 n has no insurance has no job now has lost everything. Me n his dad r all there is n we r on ssi is there a treatment centrr that can help him thank you

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:45 am December 24th, 2015

Hi, Dawn. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, immediate assistance is available. Call the number displayed on our site to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

3:51 am December 29th, 2015

My 20 year old needs help! He is addicted pain killers. He is tearing our family apart. We need your help please.!$

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:11 am December 29th, 2015

Hi, Pam. If you are looking for addiction treatment, call our trusted treatment helpline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you and your loved ones. Also, you may check out Allies in Recovery: http://alliesinrecovery.net/about-craft/. They are an NGO that works with families to intervene with problem addicts using the CRAFT intervention model.
Good luck!

9:09 am January 4th, 2016

My son has no insurance. No job and addiction to, alcohol, drugs, mentally unstable. We live in the Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:10 pm January 4th, 2016

Hi, Aristene. I suggest you try SAMHSA’streatment locater: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx
You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility. Also, some of the centers have web sites, but they all have phone numbers listed, so you can call them and ask about your son’s options. Or you may contact our trusted treatment provider. The number is listed on the site.

7:29 am January 5th, 2016

I live in Gray Ga. Is there a free methadone/ suboxin clinic near me?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:12 pm January 5th, 2016

Hi, Lisa.I’d suggest you to try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx
You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility. Further, all centers have phone numbers listed, so you can call them and ask about your options. Or you can contact our trusted treatment provider, the help-number is displayed on our site.

9:52 am January 6th, 2016

How,does a person get a,scholarship to go to a humane facility all medicare,medicaid,facilities. Are horrible Jerome ft lauderdale,hospital no insrance,needed,

5:57 pm January 6th, 2016

i am desperately seeking help. i have noinsurance and no money as a result of my addiction. im in the Coatesville pa area . thanks so much for your time

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:25 pm January 6th, 2016

Hi, Mike. I suggest you try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx
You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility. Also, you may contact our trusted treatment provider to learn more about your treatment options; the number is displayed on the site.
Good luck!

7:14 pm January 8th, 2016

Hey Mike, if you have no money, search nation wide treatment center, and they accept people with no insurance.

Good look, hope everything works out man.

2:03 am January 10th, 2016

Iam trying to put together a intervention for my Godson who is a IV user with no insurance I’m needing a rehab facility that will take him please get back to me as soon as you can this is a life or death situation Thank You Cheyenna

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
9:58 am January 11th, 2016

Hi, Cheyenna. You may try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx
You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility. Also, I suggest you contact our trusted treatment provider. The number is displayed on the site.

4:23 pm January 14th, 2016

Trying to find inpatient treatment for my daughter who is addicted to meth for over 10 years. I’m a single mom, living on my paycheck only and so there is not a lot of money I’m able to help with. But I will do whatever it takes to try and help her get the help that may be out there for her. Just don’t know were to turn.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:51 pm January 14th, 2016

Hi, Regina. I suggest that you try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx
You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility. Also, some of the centers have web sites, but they all have phone numbers listed, so you can call them and ask about your options.

2:38 am January 19th, 2016

I just learned my grown son has a her ion habit. My self and his friends plan to intervene this week. He has no insurance and we have little money. What can we do for treatment?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
7:42 pm January 23rd, 2016

Hi, Terry. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program. Also, you may try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx Good luck!

6:00 am January 20th, 2016

My son is a 25 year old drug addict, who desperately needs help. He has no insurance, so how would I go about locating a center that would take him. He is injecting drugs so I assume he would need in house treatment. This is my only hope to save his life. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:52 pm January 23rd, 2016

Hi, Melissa. I’d suggest you to try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx Or you can call our trusted treatment provider to learn more about your treatment options. The number is displayed on the site. Good luck!

7:21 am January 23rd, 2016

my wife and i are seeking treatment before feb16 or face jail. we use saboxone but cnt afford dr. we have tried to stop but rather get meds we need legally so we can have normal lives. miracle drug unless in poverty facing being homeless. any advice helpful.

5:24 pm January 23rd, 2016

My son needs help and is now willing to seek help,he is 26 has no means of financial support I have no way of paying it’s all gone paying medical bills off on his mother who passed away from accident 5 years ago she had a broken neck. He has been getting suboxin wite what little help I had left.I can’t even do that now.I just got out of the va with heart problem.thank you and God bless

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
8:36 pm January 24th, 2016

Hi, Dean. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help your son access an adequate treatment program. Also, you can try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx You can add more details like place where you’re looking, insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility. Good luck!

1:01 pm January 29th, 2016

I’m looking for alcohol treatment where ‘rule 25’ insurance can cover me because I have no insurance. The state takes up the insurance payment.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:47 am February 2nd, 2016

Hi, Louis. Why don’t you call the number displayed on the site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you an adequate treatment program. Or you can use SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx to find addiction help in your area that will be in accordance with you financial status.

6:08 am January 31st, 2016

I am looking for a substance abuse treatment facility or center with little to no cost and no insurance. Can you help with that by giving me some numbers to call. Just email me them

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:36 am February 2nd, 2016

Hi, Rebekah. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access an adequate treatment program. Also, you may try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx

2:38 am February 3rd, 2016

My son needs help for addictions in the ponchatula , LA area the he is 32 and no job or income ?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:42 pm February 3rd, 2016

Hi, Kathy. I suggest you try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx
You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find a treatment facility. Also, you may call the number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help your son access an adequate treatment program.

3:37 am February 7th, 2016

I have a problem! I need help! Funny how on fb everyone talks about being strong, tomorrow is a new day! But nobody really wants to help. It’s easier just to stay stuff! I have done aa and it’s a joke unless I would go to five meetings a day! I want to be better I destroyed my life, I am tired of it all. I don’t live, I exist and I don’t even want that. I am tired. But I have kids, I am so torn between giving up and leaving them. I know they no of my problem. Both are in college, one for psychology the other got bio chemistry. I think it’s because they have a mom that had brain surgery and then became an addict and messed up their teens, my husband divorced me I can’t keep a job, I live with parents that don’t have money and I go for aye not leaving the house. I secretly drink, because they don’t. I no what I need but don’t know how to get it. I need 30 days to clear my mind.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:01 pm February 10th, 2016

Hi, Cheri. I’m sorry that you faced so much in your life. I’d suggest you call the number displayed on our site, and get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access a program that fits your needs. Good luck!

11:54 pm February 12th, 2016

I am trying to get into a rehab facility in sc without any insurance.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:11 pm February 16th, 2016

Hi, Nichole. You may call the help line displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers. They can help you access an adequate program that fits your needs. Also, you can try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx
You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility.

5:29 am February 17th, 2016

My daughter has been using since the age of 11 year’s old she told me, she had a stroke at 18 been hospitalized 3 different times the last 2 almost died, she now shoot’s up anything she can get has shot up morphine pill’s and k-8’all I know is pain pills heroin meth crack cocaine she was shot up with bad crap someone made and now has blood poisoning in her blood steam she was told if she continues she will die she is 32 year’s old and has 4 beautiful children that none of us can have anything to do with them because of her lifestyle, and she has lost out on so much of life I miss my beautiful daughter she never went out in public unless she was dressed to a tee make-up and hair just perfect, and now she doesn’t care about the way she looks, we just lost my sister in law last week her kidneys stopped functioning because of drug’s and I was praying that would open my daughter’s eye’s but it hasn’t we are lost and confused about how to help her before it’s too late we want to do an intervention on her and don’t know how to go about it she doesn’t have insurance or money and we don’t have the means to pay for it does anyone know how to help us please we are desperate.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
7:48 pm February 17th, 2016

Hi, Beverly. You’ve been through a lot. I’m really sorry for your daughter. You may look into Allies in Recovery: http://alliesinrecovery.net/about-craft/. They are an NGO that works with families to intervene with problem addicts using the CRAFT intervention model. Hope this will help!

9:04 pm February 23rd, 2016

I have no insurance, but I just started a job that will offer it after 3 months.. I am in debt, and have no money I live in Dallas Texas. is there a place to go for out patient withdrawal treatment with suboxin that is free. I would like to detox and keep my job

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:11 pm February 23rd, 2016

Hi, Pamela. You may call our trusted treatment providers to help you access an adequate treatment program. Also, you can use SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/servicesSearch.jspx You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find a treatment facility that fits your needs. Good luck!

7:57 pm February 25th, 2016

I am a 52 yr old female addicted to smoking meth and drinking. I have no job or insurance and I desperately need help. I live in chattanooga tn, and it seems as if there are no rehabs in my area. Can you please advise me as to what would be the best way to go about getting help. Thanks.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:56 am February 26th, 2016

Hi, Denise. If you are looking for addiction treatment, call our trusted treatment hotline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you. Also, you may try SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx to find treatment facility near you.

9:32 am February 26th, 2016

I am disabled well not tecknically yet deeemed by the coutrs. I have had 10 back surguries and can barely walk and have waitied 6 years to see a “judge” to determine if I am truly disabled and not using the sysytem like so many others out there. I can barely walk with a walker, I lay in 80 percent of the time and am rx’s dilaudid for breaktrough pain methadone 100md 2x a day and I am sick of all the pills I am only 41 and I would rather be dead that have to live like this! addictd to pain killers or in so much pain i can’ function. I go to the judge to find out if I can get “ssi” disablity which woulds only be 700 bucks a month when I a made 4x that much a week when I worked as a cpa…I just pray I die soon

12:52 am February 29th, 2016

Hi I live near pittsburgh I have no insurance and no money I am addicted to herpin I never have shot it but I do snort it I’ve lost my family lost my kids and lost myself I am looking for a place to go but like I said I have no insurance I have nothing I just want my life back as sad as it may be does anyone have any suggestions

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:04 am March 1st, 2016

Hi Candy. You may use SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx to find treatment facilities near you. Moreover, you can call the number displayed on our site to contact our trusted treatment provider to learn more about your treatment options.

11:23 am March 1st, 2016

Please help me save my son’s life. He is addicted to meth and other various drugs. He is 25 with no insurance . we live in Arkansas.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:42 pm March 3rd, 2016

Hello Paula. You may use SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx to find an appropriate treatment for your son.

3:59 am March 2nd, 2016

Me n my fiancee are both wantin treatment but have no insurance n have a four yr old

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:00 pm March 3rd, 2016

Hi Brandi. You can search for treatment facilities in your area here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/geographicSearch.jspx I’d advise you to search for a facility that will be able to offer you and your husband a stay with your child.

1:51 pm March 3rd, 2016

Im looking for help for my son he hooked on herion and he says he knows he has a probelm wont get help he 39 years old no kob no health insurance he keeps saying he going over dose so he wont feel no more pain or hurts us by being a no good low life person i dont know where to start

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:21 pm March 9th, 2016

Hi, Mina. I suggest that you look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:

6:49 am March 4th, 2016

My daughter is addicted to meth she is about to loose her beautiful children and needs help. She has no insurance or income I would like to get her into an in house facility because she has to be away from her friends is there any suggestions I can please get from you. I need the help for her. We live in Georgia but I am willing to take her anywhere I can get help.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:45 pm March 4th, 2016

Hi, Patricia. You may use SAMHSA’s treatment locator:
Or, call the helpline on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants who can help your daughter access a treatment program that fits her needs.

4:53 pm March 5th, 2016

Hello, my name is Britney. I have been going through opioid addiction since i was 14 years old and i had medicaid from 2 years old until 21. I just turned 21 years old on September 22th 2015. My birth year is 1994…gosh i feel like im saying things that i dont even need to say because i dont even know what i want anymore, i dont know who i am because i have so many multiple personalities. I have tried to get help many many times! I’ve been through rehab programs and i was just sitting here reading the comments below and its the same with me too. I was diagnosed with anxiety&depression & bi-polar disorder . so on top of that i myself going to the methadone clinic is stable but its killing me slowly and surely. I want to get off of it but then i cant cause i ne NEED money to survive.I thought that would help me because i wasnt out on the streets looking for drugs and anything that i could get my hands on to make my pain go away and all my troubles go away. Last time i went into rehab was the beginning of last year and it didn’t work because i was scared and i was at Par rehabilitation center in largo/Clearwater fl (also a methadone clinic as well) they were giving me valumes(i dk if i spelled that right but w.e you should know what it means.)like 20 mg 4 times daily and a couple antidepressants and ibuprofen 800mgs and it definitely was working. I came off suboxen though, i heard that methadone is waaaaayy harder to kick. But either way i just want to do it i stayed there for a week but i had medicaid and had to pay 50 bucks which was fine, well did ghat like 3 times and i just gave up because my man ive been with for 6 years, well i met him when he was on drugs. In 2011 Thats when i sat there and said hey britney why not (while having and addictive personality) and tried oxycodone then it became heroin then down to anything i could get to help the pain when i had nothing. I pray to the Lord every night to help me. I am going through a mental and physical abusive relationship now because of the drugs. I want to leave and get help i will have hardly any money but will make a payment plan or something please message me and help me. I talked to the Lord this morning and he told me dont give up Britney something soon is going to come your way and its going to help you out of this mess your in because i see your giving it your al into praying and asking me for help every Sunday at church and every night&morning. I need to get through this guys and i just have a gut feeling maybe you guys can help me. God bless you guys and i pray to that big man upstairs to help me get this demon out of me! Please please please let this be a lead way to a better normal life and how it used to be when i was 14years old!!? family doesnt even barely talks to me, i have NO friends,, cant KEEP a job worth crap and thats where the bi polarness comes out then that leads to me and my boyfriend being in a toxic relationship (for 5 years (but been together 6 yrs and its causing us to fight mentaly and physically i get hurt because once again i cant get a job and KEEP one then that leads to him supporting me. I dont want to have anykne have to support me! Maybe my man should be there for me through thick & thin but this one isnt like that but you know what i dont blame him. All he does is work as a tree climber mon-sat and hes tired of everything because hes paying 32 bucks everyday for us to dose w/ the methadone also we live in a trailer and my little bit of money is not helping w/ a couple bucks here & there when i cant even keep a job long enough to even keep stanle income coming in. its killing me Because i know my family is waiting for me (at 21 years old) to hurry up and start my life over before something happens to me. And something is goimg to happen cause i really think im at rock bottom and im about to give up if i cant get gelp. Now i have family that i guarentee could put in maybe a couple hundred :-O please help me because if what i said to you does not sound like im going through complete hell and really need help then idk what the heck would be wrong with ya haha. I am living w/ a demon by my side everyday telling me to do everything thats wrong instead of the angel that should be by my side telling me the right things to do. Just please help me get through this sickness if you guys can please and thank you! Also God Bless you. Hes good always good. God is god, for is great works in mysterious way

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:50 pm March 7th, 2016

Hi Britney. Thank you for sharing your story. I suggest you contact the helpline displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants who can help you access a program that fits your needs.

1:26 am March 7th, 2016

Im tryna get help for mtmt 24. Yr. Old daughter she’s on drugs and she drinks she has asthma and other health issues i so desperately want to get her help she has loss so much of weight & cant buy her own personal items or food she is 90 lbs if not lesser, she has a anger problem but needs to be diagnosed for bipolar disorder, im afraid if she keeps on the wat she’s going she not gona last long at all, so many people wants to hurt her in a major way, please please i need help for her

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:21 pm March 9th, 2016

Hi, Marilyn. I first suggest that you stage an intervention. You may look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:
Then, you may call the helpline displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants who can help your daughter access a program that fits her needs.

9:08 pm March 8th, 2016

I have 2 adult sons who are addicted to drugs. One is injecting something but won’t say what it is. The other will do just about anything, anyway it has to be done. Of course they have no jobs and no insurance. They need help desperately. E live in Polk County Florida. Any suggestions?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:13 am March 18th, 2016

Hi Tammy.I could say that you’re in very difficult situation. I’m sorry that you’re experiencing a really hard time with your sons. You may check out Allies in Recovery: http://alliesinrecovery.net/about-craft/ , an NGO that works with families to intervene with problem addicts using the CRAFT intervention model. You’ll have to do some reading and get yourself familiar with the style.

9:53 pm March 9th, 2016

Please help me …my ex husband needs help extremely bad. He has no one an he is going down bad path really fast. He is now without a home an job an his family has turned thier backs on him until he gets help. My son is very depressed an worried about his dad . My son who is only 8 is having to go see counseler an take meds due to his dads actions. My ex husband cant control his temper or the things he says no matter who it hurts. Im crying out for someone to please help him for my babies sake. Im afraid if he doesnt get help an straighten up we will be burying him soon.

1:12 am March 13th, 2016

I need help on getting treatment. I have no insurence and want a better life. Please help

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:08 am March 15th, 2016

Hi Patrick. You can start your search here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx.
Or, you can call the helpline number you see on our site to talk to treatment consultants and find the best treatment options that will fit your needs.

9:49 am March 13th, 2016

I need help immediately before I land a job that could help my future. I currently have no money or insurance. Please help me help myself.

4:22 am March 15th, 2016

We live in blanchester ohio. My daughter is 30 on the 21St this month. Been trying to get her into drug rehab…heroin…with no success. I have found her OD 3 times and then this morning We almost didn’t get her revived. She needs inpatient care asap here in ohio. Can u help in anyway? She has 2 boys 4an7. I refuse to bury one of my kids.

8:33 pm March 15th, 2016

I have been addicted to oxycodone for many years due to multiple chronic pain issues. I want off this roller coaster. I need a free Opiate detox and waiting list in California are crazy long. I can’t wait! I will go to any state that can help me! I have 5 small children and my family is falling apart. I am about to lose everything!!! Help!

5:57 pm March 17th, 2016

my son in new York has Medicaid blue cross blue shield health plus and they wont pay for more than four days in 28 day program trying to get help been in other programs in last to years never experienced this how or where can he go why with such epidemic on staten island wont they pay he is bipolar andunemployedand iam disabledad is deceased

1:09 am March 20th, 2016

My husband is in his upper 50’s and addicted to heroin. He works 50+ hours a week. However , the average price for detox and help that we have found is ten to twenty thousand dollars. What to do ? Where to turn ?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:35 pm March 22nd, 2016

Hi Ruth. Why don’t you call the number you see on the site? Our treatment consultants can help your husband access a treatment program that fits his needs.

3:27 am March 23rd, 2016

I wanted to try and find a place inn.Fla.area for my daughter.she’s a pill popper,and may boxing other stuff also.she has a 4 year old and an 18 year old sons. She stays high all the time drugged up she’s 37 years old ..can you please give me some ideas to help her.she did finally say she had a problem but not wanting help for it yet …

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:14 pm March 23rd, 2016

Hi Kathy. Check out this site: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ to find addiction help in your area that will be in accordance with you financial status. Also, you may call the helpline you see on our site to talk to treatment consultants and find the best treatment options that will fit your daughter’s needs.

8:06 pm March 24th, 2016

Hi my name is Brooke and I’m 18 years old. My mom needs treatment very badly and we don’t have insurance right now, she doesn’t know I’m doing this because she denies it every time I ask her if she’s on drugs , you can reach me at the given email , thanks a lot!

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:11 pm March 25th, 2016

Hi Brooke. Call the helpline you see on the site, and get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants who can help you make the right decision. Also, you can start your search here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx.

4:30 pm March 27th, 2016

I have a drug problem but I can’t done any help, because I have no insurance

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:29 am March 28th, 2016

Hi Ronald. Star your search on SAMHSA’s treatment locator at:
Moreover, you can call the number displayed on our site to speak to a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find an appropriate program for you.

7:58 pm March 30th, 2016

A mother searching for help

I’m a mother of three beautiful children my son is 21 years old soon-to-be 22 he’s addicted to meth he has no insurance and he lives out there on the streets have no jobs and very depressed I’m looking for help by all means that will take my son if you can recommend me to a program that would help my son I love my son and I do not want to see my son dead if he don’t get help this disgusting drug will kill him so I’m pouring my heart out to anyone and everyone 2 please help my only son

Thank you God bless you from a terrified mom

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:16 pm March 31st, 2016

Hi Zenise. I’m really sorry that your son is dealing with addiction problems. You may start your search on SAMHSA’s treatment locator:
Also, you can call the helpline displayed on our site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help your son find an appropriate treatment program.

6:18 pm March 31st, 2016

I have no insurance but would do anything to get into a nice drug treatment facility I’m daily user with meth and I want to stop but can’t

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:49 pm April 6th, 2016

Hi Ben. Call the helpline you see on the site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a treatment program that fits your needs.

7:18 pm April 1st, 2016

I’m looking for a free drug rehab in missouri for a friend he doesn’t have insurance. …can u help please?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:41 pm April 6th, 2016

Hi Alyssa. Why don’t you call the number you see on the site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help your friend choose the right treatment program.

2:23 pm April 2nd, 2016

I am looking for a 6 month program that could help my husband get off opiates. I have no insurance and want a facility that he can work and pay for it that way.

3:19 am April 7th, 2016

I don’t get it all over the internet bill boards say there is help for inpatient treatment for drug abuse then you call hundreds of numbers you email and all that happens is you get numbers for rehabilitation centers and they turn you away or down. It’s not right

8:45 pm April 7th, 2016

I Am trying to get help for my Son he has a bad problem I’m not even sure what all he is on he is 33 and is starting to look really bad is there anything I can do to get him help he will admit he has a problem but I don’t know if he woukd agree to treatment. I feel helpless Any suggestions woukd be greatly appreciated

4:22 pm April 8th, 2016

Hi Pam. I first suggest that you look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:

Then,I suggest you call the helpline you see on the site to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants.

9:53 pm April 12th, 2016

Hello I’m trying to find a treatment program please I have a drug problem and wish to find help

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:28 pm April 13th, 2016

Hi Carol. Why don’t you call the helpline on the site to talk with a trusted treatment consultant to help you choose a treatment program that fits your needs.

8:50 pm April 13th, 2016

I desperately need help. Been dealing with depression and Alcohol for a long time now. I’m tired and at times wanna give up on life. I’m working but I’ve lost everything after my mom passed away. I have no insurance but am crying out for help. I’ve hit rock bottom. Please can you help me.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:28 pm April 14th, 2016

Hi Rene. Call the number you see on our site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you make the right decision. Moreover, you may find addiction treatment facility on SAMHSA’s treatment locator:

9:00 am April 19th, 2016

I need help im 19 an addict i have insurance but have to wait for the cards in the mail but im afraid my addiction has taken over my life

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:43 am April 19th, 2016

Hi Mike. Call the number you see on the site to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you make the right decision.

7:10 pm April 19th, 2016

I’m a homeless single mother of 2 that needs rehab inpatient for 30 days asap but have no insurance, no money, no job, no help. Please help me. I have somewhere for my girls to stay for the 30 days I’m in rehab. Please please please help me orb guide me in the right direction

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:17 pm April 20th, 2016

Hi Nicole. Call the number you see on the site to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a treatment program that fits your needs. Also, you may search here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx

3:10 am April 20th, 2016

My Little Brother is a severe drug addict he is in jail right now. He has drained my Parents and myself mentally and financially. He does not have a job and no insurance we live in Orlando Fl. Please we need help I am at a lost. He has been Hospitalized and on life support God willing he pulled through. He started with prescriptions drugs and went to cocaine and Heroin. I don’t want to lose my Brother need Help

2:34 am April 24th, 2016

My 26 year old son needs inpatient detox and inpatient rehab treatment. He injects heroin.he is getting worst.can you get into a treatment the same day.when you do not have insurance or money.

9:04 am April 25th, 2016

I have. A sister that. Need. Really. Urgent help please she has. A boyfriend. That. Beets her. Badly and. They. Both take pills and. Meth i am scared for her life it’s. Like. Im waiting on that one phone call to. Say my sister is gone please help me. Get. Her help she is so sickly. Looking and her. Boyfriend. Is a really. Angry. Meth head. She doesn’t even want To leave him. And. Im always. There for. Her. I told. Her. He isn’t. Going to. Stop bashing. Her. Face please. Help

6:47 am April 27th, 2016

My husband is very distrort because we are all humbles families on both sides and live check by check and can barely deal with our issues. But my brother in law is not going to work and is not earning money and has lost it all only drink and does drugs on whatever he can swindle and its months now all day every day and we are afraid he is going to overdose any day now. He needs deep counseling to see what’s wrong and long rehab, he has no social security number but if does not get help he will die. Please help and we can’t get him to go someone will have to force him there he is not in his right mind and his decisions are dangerous.

12:58 am April 30th, 2016

I am covered under Senior Dimensions–I’ve have been on total SSDI for 11 yrs. I would like to off narcotic meds–I am 58 yrs old..my insurance only covers 3-5 days detox and feel I need a inpatient rehab..it costs $30 a wk. for outpatient which my no means is affordable..my main concern is meds that need to be tapered off & cannot find a doctor who is willing to do this even with insurance, a response with any info. will be greatly appreciated..seems I’m falling through the cracks of help for indigents and being underinsured…

6:02 am April 30th, 2016

i need help for my niece she lives in Charleston SC she’s lost her mom and her husband left and took her 2 children her drug of choice is Ice she talks about killing her self and doesn’t have a income my mom afraid she’s going to harm herself we need help trying to fine a place for her with no insurance and no income please help

11:00 am May 1st, 2016

Daughter needs rehab (inpatient) only insurance is SBCHS CAN U HELP?.

10:43 am May 10th, 2016

Hi my name is Emilia I am 39years old. I am an addict been now for 14 years. I relapsed on Nov. 2015 after being in rehab in Boston. I live back in Clearwater FL. Been using and drinking alcohol precisely since I am a dual addict. I also was diagnosed with adhd. Most likely I’ve had adhd all my life. I am looking for a dual residential treatment center.I have no money saved I’ve spent it all on drugs and alcohol. I also lost my job. I am severely depressed. No hope or wish to do any necessary things. I hate myself and my life right now. I sleep on a friends couch I’m behind on my rent that I pay for space on his couch. Please reply back on if there is help for me I need a long term residential treatment center so I can get my mind and life back.

1:51 pm May 11th, 2016

Hello my name is Megan. I am seeking some kind of free help for my opiot addiction. I have no insurance and no money

8:36 pm May 11th, 2016

I’m 30 years old I’m addicted to methamphetamines lost both of my kids I lost my way I’m homeless I have no money no nothing and I’m not looking for sympathy or anything like that
what I am doing is seeking a second chance and I don’t really know how to start to put my life back together and I’ve been on methamphetamines for 10 years on and off four straight years now and it’s beginning to be hard and harder everyday and I’m losing everything including myself out here and I’m just I’m not looking for nothing more than somebody to believe in me and give me a second chance

Need help
5:01 am May 12th, 2016

I have no job and no insurance and live jn a small town. Where can I find a clinic for herion recovery that would help me without insurance and without money?

5:35 am May 14th, 2016

No insurance need a impatient, have a heroin addiction where can I find help

1:30 pm May 14th, 2016

My son is dying from his heroin addiction. He WAS in recovery until Governor Paul LePage cut Medicaid funding for his age group here in Maine. He was abruptly withdrawn from his highly successful treatment using Methadone. He lasted about a month until he sought relief from the symptoms on the street. Ever since, I have struggled to find him coverage to get him back into treatment. He is ineligible for subsidies through the ACA because, ironically, his income is too low. I am on disability myself and am unable to purchase insurance for him. He is too sick to work, but desperately wants to quit and get his life back together again, though he feels unable to do so without medication assisted therapy. He is extremely malnourished, has anxiety and depression and daily talks about ways to die. I fear he will either overdose or kill himself if he doesn’t receive help soon. Please, please, help us! Our state reps had a bill that would have helped him, but our governor has vetoed it, heartless man that he is. It is beyond disturbing that in this day and age, in the greatest country on earth, that I have to watch my child slowly waste away because his medical insurance has been withdrawn!

2:20 am May 15th, 2016

My son is addicted to heroin he is in jail but is going to get out .he’s not working he really needs help

7:48 am May 15th, 2016

My son is in jail but going yo get out .he needs help with his heroin addiction. He’s needs to be in an inpatient rehab facility. He’s not working its very hard looking for a place .it would be nice to find something before he gets out.nerd help ASAP, Thank you

7:03 am May 16th, 2016

How would someone get into a free drug rehab. I lost everything my boyfriend left me . i have no family here and im getting evicted from my apartment. Because i have a drug problem

7:19 am May 16th, 2016

I am a 45 year old addict. Me and my husband started using at fifteen. Pot to ecstacy to cocaine to over 15 years on oxycontin to the last ten on meth. We have three children 30, 26 and 10. We cannot get our ten year old back until we go to in-house drug treatment. We both have not been out of jail very long and gave no insurance. We live on Miss. Gulfcoast and are told we need 3500 down each or even to come in and pay 75-100 dollar assessment fee with no guarantee to get in. I have been on a waiting list for indigent bed since Feb 6 2015 . I will go anyware to get help. I will divorce my husband. There is nothing I would not do To get my little boy back.

7:05 am May 17th, 2016

Looking for a center for my girlfriend who is taking Norcos and Xanax for over 4 years has straight medical. Looking for a rehab in the inland impire area thanks

9:08 pm May 17th, 2016

I’m in very need of inpatient treatment out patatient is not working. I have no insurance applied for disability I get food stamps my other options are prison or death can you please help me my last resort

9:39 am May 20th, 2016

I have a job and i can pay up front but where do i go and how long is the wait

10:08 am May 20th, 2016

Looking for help for my son. He is addicted to heroine and has no insurance. And little money. We are in Indiana

12:23 am May 22nd, 2016

My daughter admittied she has a drug problem but i get ssi and she didn’t have a job what and where do we go from here

4:02 am May 23rd, 2016

I have a son named Chris bell that is a alcoholic and drug user he also is addicted to prescription drugs he needs help he says he hears voices and a wire has been implanted in his head he is a bipolar and ic he has had he has had tests showing no wire cost us a bundle he has no insurance Please help me get him some help i dont know how to help he constantly hits his head trying to make voices stop.Hisvfather lives with him and they fight constantly.I think he needs mental help but maybe a addition center can help he has medicine for his condition but want takebit he has high blood pressute i am so afraid for him

11:19 pm May 23rd, 2016

My sister n law has lost everything and has a problem. She wants help and to leave a normal life can we find help for her she has no insurance.

7:31 pm May 24th, 2016

I would like to get help with my coc addiction .i am under a lot of stress and coc tends to take everything away .im distant from my son and mate.i truly need help but don’t want to be used as a example but I have Lil cash and no insurance can you please help me get back on track to life.my son is all he got and I’m allowing that to slip away .Adesperate need and cry for help .Im in the Texas panhandle area

8:16 am May 27th, 2016

thanks for the information admin

Celina & Joshua
6:16 am May 28th, 2016

Hi I am Celina I have been a struggling drug addict for 11 yrs now due to this issue I have caught numerable legal charges and have had many family issues and problems due to my addiction including the loss of the custody of my oldest Two children years ago and I have just recently gave birth to my third child and again am having custody issues with children services have got custody of her an are giving me and my fiance many issues on getting her back in the home with us . we have been using suboxone films trying to treat ourselves for a couple years actually as well as starting substance abuse counseling and parenting classes and made appointments for mental evaluanotherand agreed to welcomely participate in a 6 -9 months rehab program we just want to be able to go together and take our daughter with us when we begin our treatment program and now I will have Joshua share his situations worries questions and concerns here he goes my concerns are loading my family again do to drugs and Celina has brought me this far and has showed me love and happiness can exist in life sobber and I want my daughter my girl to see they are my world and will stop at nothing to show them but being together in treatment would be a blessing and motivation to achieve your goals she is my rock and it’s Easier with her beside me we are asking for advice or information that will help us find a treatment center or option that would allow us to simply help ourselves while helping one another through our journey and down the road to recovery and our sobriety and our families future together. So if you can please share with us any advice or guidance or constructive criticism that you may have it will be greatly appreciated and we will use these things to the best of our abilities again please and thank you

6:49 pm May 28th, 2016

I am a recovered addict of opiates for 12 years. About a week ago, I thought (stupidly) that I would go cold turkey. BIG mistake. I need either buprenorphine ( 4Mg a day), suboxone or methadone to get me to Weds., 5/1/2016 when I am going to check into a great program that detoxed me and gave me outpatient therapy for six months. Well, I know I I can’t wait that long. I really need help now. Thanks for listening. – Mark

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:00 pm May 30th, 2016

Hi Mark. Call the number you see on the site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

11:16 pm May 31st, 2016

I’ve been trying to find my daughter a rehab center. She has Medicaid but no insurance . When we call places and say no insurance with no money the person doesn’t try and help at all. Is there a phone number we can call and get help? Thanks

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:53 pm June 1st, 2016

Hi Debra. Call the number you see on the website to speak with our trusted treatment consultants.

10:29 am June 1st, 2016

My name Is Steven I am 28 yrs wat started with tolerating serious pain from a motorcycle accident bc with no health insurance the doctors didn’t perform surgery until almost a year later being highly medicated daily once I bought my own ins. Threw that year I was prescribed 4 and 5 hydros a day then move up to Percocets. About 1.5 yrs surgeon stopped looking at me like a junkie and did surgery on me basically exploratory. There he realized I really was in bad shape and done a more extensive procedure. Of course I was sent home and to physical therapy immediately with a variety of even harder painkillers oxycotines with Percocets so basically for 2 – 3 yrs daily I was told to take these. As I started to heal and go back to work I jumped right back into 65+ hrs week wich caused me serious pain which continued prescriptions. One day I was basically cut off all meds from surgeon. Bc in his eyes I should not hurt anymore well thats when I discovered I hurt 5 times worse than I did before so I would gotoER and after x-rays and stuff it was proven the surgery was unsuccessful but another Ortho wouldn’t see me for a yr. But I still had to provide for my family I was still wrkn 65+ plus hrs weekly and basically could not function could not make the hurting sweating shaking and the list goes on so long long story short bc i could not receive help for the pain and was told my surgery wasn’t the problem that my abuse was the problem I turned to cash and alot of it pain killer are one of the expensive to handle on the street the doctor recommended pain management well those ppl tried to convince me it was my back but I I continued trying to explain my knees hurt more I was treated like a addicted and milked of my ins and money. With no help there either the streets became my pharmacy and still are I’ve lost my job my best friend and my relationship of 10yrs my 3 yr old daughter my home my car and to this day it is a daily mission to get my meds bc i literally cannot go a day without. Now I’m basically homeless and currently unemployed I’ve called doctors I’ve called clinics I’ve reached just to be declined the doctors got me hooked on minor to major pain killers but refuse to help the developed problem a Suboxone doctor wants 350$ in 3 days yea right that’s impossible. So I’m reaching out for advice and help bc the next thing I have to lose is my life that is not a suicide threat that is the truth bc this addiction has me mentally and physically and emotionally and financially and I can’t do it alone but I miss myself and my family and am on a very bad road to nowere

8:45 am June 2nd, 2016

I need help. Inpatient. No insurance. No job or money.

7:45 pm June 2nd, 2016

I have called your referral number. I was directed to cal another number which took me to the state of Illinois which did not answer the call. I have Medicaid which seems to be worse than no insurance at all. My dad has been kind enough to let me use his computer and phone until 9am tomorrow and then I will be on the street again. I need help but not having insurance has not helped. I have also been honest about not being homicidal or suicidal which seems to have worked against me. Please help me. I seem to be out of options.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:11 pm June 3rd, 2016

Hi Tom. You may check out this site: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ to find addiction help in your area.

9:26 pm June 3rd, 2016

I need to find one of these places where i can get help with heroin addiction with no insurance.thanks

2:29 am June 4th, 2016

My son is on drugs did.marchman.act but did not know 3 people had to do it on Monday 2 other people are going to do it .I have no funds.thank youJulian needs help ASAP .

7:09 am June 8th, 2016

Need a long term rehab for my daughter w no insyrance ASAP.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:50 pm June 8th, 2016

Hi Elda. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

5:31 pm June 10th, 2016

I’ve called a lot of rehabs that’s on Google ( they’ll day) their website that they do a sliding scale but they don’t .I need one that’s a in-patient that goes by my income. I’d like to find one in the ft.Lauderdale area or the surrounding areas. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you and have a good day.

4:52 am June 15th, 2016

I am looking for somewhere in Florida that has residential treatment. I have Medicaid, which appears to cover detox everywhere but no residential facilities that I can find. I have heard of places where you can work to offset the cost of treatment and I am willing to go anywhere that is necessary, I am presently homeless and don’t know what to do. I’m running out of options and I’m running out of time. I’m afraid I’m going to end up dead from this awful disease because I can’t find anywhere to go and I can’t fight this alone.

9:38 am June 20th, 2016

I moved by to the ogden area recently, first time back since 1979….I am appalled by the rampant drug problem and as I call it, dead end kid syndrome….these are not folks that will ever call a help line…most have no money no job I.D. even…warrants usually and absolutely no hope of a normal future…….I don’t see one single program that can help this demographic. I am the founder of goose liver inc. Getting organ transplants for folks…and art teacher and funds raiser….and creator of the music studio for veterans art center in Grand junction colorado…..I have never profited one dime from these ventures ever. That is why they work….Am a member of Christian life center church…I do not push religion down the throats of anybody I help. I came here to set up a veterans art center here…….what I see is a dead end kid problem…as well as a dead end adult problem here….And I can fix this……I have met with several different professionals of different skill sets….willing to teack viable trade skills and I propose a new sort of approach…..The odgen mad skills center….it starts with my 501c-3 filing….take one these empty money losing locations in ogden suitable for automotive…. And someone concerned enough to donate a lease and take the tax deduction. Will start with tranmission rebuilding….upholstery…and body and paint…We will branch that with at least 3 of these lost souls trained to businesses that these folks run….wife has master’s in business admin…and criminal justice….have her on board as treasurer……and have teachers for all three fields. Add different skill sets as our individual businesses open and do training for new comers at those , as well as the main center with what new skills are added…. Attempting to profit from, indoctrinate, encarcerate, or ostrisize these folks is not solving this. Have seen enough useless so called help. Would like an ogden city offical or possibly a member of the chamber of commerse on the board of directors. The drug and alchohol and even gang affiliation isn’t the problem here…it’s opportunity folks. The other issues are a result of this…..My Names Kirk…I live in Roy and I am going to approach this. These folks arn’t going away. And they are not a viable income for rehab centers. Conspire to make this happen sooner…and I am involved in man kind. And I just got here……Thanks for you ear, if I don’t hear from you to help initiate this, look for our fundraising events soon. And get involved….might just be some one you care about that we bring back.

12:05 am June 24th, 2016

Hi my name is Barbie and I’m calling from Rhode Island I have been on methadone 10 years 62 years old I finally retired and I went to Florida and purchase a home paper signing is July 17th I’ve been looking online Clinic near Homosassa Florida for me to switch down to I can’t find anything I don’t know what to do this is my dream to move to Florida and it seems like the methadone is stopping me please get anybody out there that can help me find a clinic closer could you get back to me because my heart’s broken methadone is ruining mine and my husband’s life so thank you very much and I hope someone will get back to me and try to help me a little and God bless Barbie

5:42 am June 29th, 2016

Hello, my partner is very much in need of a meth rehab,program one that has a live in residency program. He is on probation right now and continues to violate by dirty urine,sample.this time it he messes up again he l,dgoing to get incarcerated,for a year or more. The state of Florida has not been helpful really. He is 47 and is also hiv positive, I need to,find a live in residency in the Orlando area.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:05 am June 30th, 2016

Hi Steve. You may start your search on SAMHSA’s treatment locator at:

11:36 pm June 29th, 2016

I am a heroin addict and I am in the hospital with a pic line to my heart cause of a blood infection.. I want to go into a rehabilitation center that takes people with pic lines.. I don’t know what to do because my insurance. Ends tomorrow and I will die if I can’t find a place can I please help me

6:53 am July 4th, 2016

My loved one needs to be detoxed before he dies….he lives in San Jose . Where can he go? He only has medi-cal. The one place I called the mailbox was full

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:23 pm July 4th, 2016

Hi Gabriella. Call the number you see on our website to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants.

7:01 pm July 9th, 2016

Looking for inpatient for my son, has no insurance,he agrees to be inpatient. Please help me help my son. If you could get back to me asap please.

2:22 am July 10th, 2016

Need help want to get clean if I don’t I’m going to die have no insurance just need some help I just need somebody to reach out as I’ve reached out many many times to help others

5:16 pm July 20th, 2016

I am looking for information for a Orlando florida Meth rehab inpatient facility with. Sliding scale .

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:00 pm July 26th, 2016

Hi Steve. Call the number displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

6:15 pm July 25th, 2016

No treatment bad no insurance but I need help my life is depending on it

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:49 pm July 27th, 2016

Hi Billy. Call the helpline on our website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

12:05 am July 27th, 2016

Hello, I am trying to get help to find an inpatient treatment center anywhere in the country for my addiction. I live in northeast Tennessee where the opiate and other drug epidemic is the second highest in our nation. I desperately need the inpatient treatment; however, I have no insurance, job, money or family to help me. Is it even possible? I feel like I’m simply out of luck and options. I beg anyone that receives or reads this message to please reach out if there is any possible way to help me, help myself with any kind of information that could help me along the long journey ahead of me. I sincerely Thank you

2:53 pm July 27th, 2016

Live in ocean side, ca. My son is really sick has a drinking addiction. He needs a long term rehab but has no insurance and has lost his job. He needs help to detox has been alone drinking hard liquor for weeks really scared for his health.
Please he needs help. We call placed they here “no insurance ” sorry can’t help.

12:43 am July 28th, 2016

Hi my name is Amanda my brother was released from county jail today he was ordered by a judge to complete a rehab program so he agreed but the only thing that nobody told us that he had pay for the program out of pocket I’m desperate because I know this is the only chance he is going to take for him to change does anyone could help me out with more info

5:25 pm August 1st, 2016

My brother lives in Lakeland Florida and has been having trouble with drinking and drug use for over 13 years and we have tried getting him help…we even tried getting a marchmen act but the law never tried picking him up ad after 6weeks I guess it drops off even when you don’t show up for court and the judge charges him wth contempt of court is no big deal in polk county Florida. Our mom is now fighting stage 4 cancer and our dad is disabled and can’t keep him in line. My brother is in jail for hitting a elderly woman he gets out this Friday and everyone is worried and has no idea what to do. He is almost 40 and has nothing but the clothes on his back…he doesn’t have health insurance. He has been saying he’s ready for treatment but we have heard it before he has been helped over and over and when I say 13years I pretty much should be saying 15 to 20 years. He is always willing to go but always leaves after 24 to 48 hours later and he always has a reason why he had to leave. So we would love to find him a program where he can’t leave because he wants to get high or have a drink. We just need help please.

1:35 pm August 4th, 2016

No insurance want to get clean off heroin

8:38 pm August 7th, 2016

I’m looking for a drug detox I got no insurance no money an I’m layed off from my job

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:28 pm August 9th, 2016

Hi Salli. Call the number displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

1:47 am August 11th, 2016

All Medicaid pays for is 1 week for detox only in south Florida. Do you know of a long term inpatient alcohol addiction and Behavioral treatment facility for those with no insurance in South Florida? Also, from my research, I understand treatment is unsuccessful long term. Most people I know of have had to go back several times due to relases. Is there any that really work?

Any help with finding long term inpatient alcohol addiction treatment facilities for woman with no insurance in South Florida, would be greatly appreciated. One with a proven track record?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:24 pm August 31st, 2016

Hi Nancy. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

12:27 am August 13th, 2016

We are trying to find a drug rehab facility for our friend that will do inpatient even though he has been in jail for a month most of them are saying our insurance won’t cover it since he has been in jail for so long but the court is requiring 60 days inpatient.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:51 pm August 15th, 2016

Hi Marcus. Call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help your friend find an addiction program that fits his needs.

5:56 pm August 16th, 2016

My income is £250.00 every fortnight I want rehab can you help

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:12 am August 18th, 2016

Hi Daniel. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a treatment program that fits your needs.

5:59 am August 17th, 2016

Hi my name is stephany, I’m Looking for a Rehabilitation for my brother his 23 years old . He has a serious addiction drug and Alcohol his wasting his life And we have helped him but we need a find somewhere were I noe they could help him his been an addict since he was 15 he to a point that his living in the streets. He has no insurance but me and my family are willing to pay the payment you can offer . please ASAP please reach me back

12:39 am August 18th, 2016

I need help please I have no insurance but I need to git into a rehab ASAP please help me

1:14 pm August 18th, 2016

I need to find a rehab for my 23year old son on her I on I don’t want to bury my child can u help I’m in Tulsa,Oklahoma. Oh yea no job no money no insurance

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:57 pm August 18th, 2016

Hi Michelle. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

1:07 am August 20th, 2016

I need help getting off herion have no insurance and no money lm in Winston Salem NC

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:14 pm August 29th, 2016

Hi Curtis. Call the number displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

2:48 am August 21st, 2016

Have a son with a drug problem but have no insurance or money need help don’t want to lose my son any body please thank you

1:59 pm August 24th, 2016

Hi Thomas. You can search for a treatment facility in your city, county, or state that offers payment assistance and accepts patients without health insurance. Go to SAMHSA’s treatment locator https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ or call their National Helpline on 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

10:48 pm September 2nd, 2016

I have a friend who has no money can’t work because of her alcohol addiction. Has no insurance. She lives in Virginia Beach , Vieginia. I am in Kansa. Her family will not have anything to do with her. Are there any facilities in Virginia Beach that are free. Helpless in Kansas

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:40 pm September 5th, 2016

Hi Pam. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help your friend find a treatment program that fits her needs.

9:22 pm September 4th, 2016

After reading all these horrific stories of addiction., i cannot believe there’s so few, non profit organizations to help these people., Billions are made bringing all these drugs into this country, and millions were confiscated., why cannot some of this money go to helping those who have fallen victim to these drugs??? I know there r homes out there for displaced children., where r the homes for victims of drug abuse , .that does not hold your home & the rest of your life as ransom for payment . Will power and effort does not come easy when your mind and soul has been, and are being devoured by these drugs., only God & being around those committed to a long term relief effort, mentors, and over- comers of this addiction can be the real solution I would like to help in creating easier accessed homes and relief centers for these drug refugees,THE MONIES from these drug dealers SHOULD go back to the VICTIMS ., But, where to start., I am convinced that families of these victims would be a tremendous support and help. America is in agony as our addicted slowly fade to ultimate death ,All these drug dealers and cartels, and who ever else they are, MUST be held accountable and give back compensation., free to those with life threatening addictions., MILLIONS… I know that if my family member could be saved, she would turn around and donate most of her time to help others like her., she is a beautiful woman inside and out, and a compassionate soul…I just pray that she does not lose her life before she can find help and not leave her child motherless.,, She is one of millions who would do the same…If someone could direct me, .get me started, …
Having said this, my family member severely addicted, to the point of many er visits, having so many infections, almost losing her limbs, the physical and mental scars r horrendous, and being severely bi polar since 3 yrs of age ( now 25), has not helped., bi polar meds too high for an uninsured person. Medicaid put on hold because of child support issues from ex??.now. no bi -polar meds??, which only leads to more affordable drugs, seriously., Example., one injection of $10 of heroin will get immediate addiction, causing a life time of misery or death for most who cannot afford the help needed….

5:20 am September 5th, 2016

Need help with my brother,been doing herion for over 20 years.no insurance,he wants to quit.but always does good for a few months and than falls back to Same problem,this world has a lot of issues with health insurance,u get the round around,seems like it’s more about money than help,can we just help everyone instead of saying theirs help and quit with all the paperwork and red tape??lets treat everyone the same.america is getting worst with people like my brother are human just like everyone else,let’s just help them all and work together as a real nation who cares,thank u and pray for our family members with their problem

7:20 pm September 8th, 2016

Need help for daughter-in-law.has been on drugs as long as i’ve known her,only think that has kept me sane,was keeping kids,from being homeless, which they are again.can’t get it in her parents heads she is an addict.they feel beens she has a job,since she finally did collage classes she’s fine.My son covers for her but my granddaughter has caught her,said smoking a funny pipe.I can’t get her to go.My son lets her run everything afraid she will leave him.she has gone plum crazy on me.I have even turned in her suppliers. To no help.Now she gets them from a so called friend named Yolanda,here in Sav.Mo.on 71 hwy.So afraid my son will lose his truck,she won’t even let him use it to look for work.Just don’t understand him anymore, she has him beat down, he use to be a bullheaded man,even as a child.so sorry she needs help and feel he does for putting up with her.they and one daughter living here,sad another at other GMA’s,and that girl hates her.Funny guess not really,she works at family guidance. collecting urine, when they need to be getting her help

2:20 pm September 12th, 2016

I live in Florida I am a drug addict homeless n hopeless I want help. I feel that I can’t get help due to no insurance. Please help me.

8:45 am September 13th, 2016

Hello my name is James. I’m calling because my friend is moving in with me from Oregon to southern California. I am currently on medical so I don’t have a policy I can put her in and she is moving in with me to stop using heroin. I just need some guidance on the Ave to take with neither one of us having insurance. And only me with a job till she is clean. She will need detox for sure. But I been checking on free/low cost treatment centers. Can you please help me go get her life back on track by just telling me what my options are. I would love to hear from you. Sincerely James

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:36 pm September 14th, 2016

Hi James. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

12:39 pm September 16th, 2016

I desperately need rehabilitation i have a job but instead of using that money for bills and rent i use it on my addiction. I have tried cold turkey and its very hard. I have gone to counseling but it didn’t help at all. I lost my wife i have no kids probably cause i do so much drugs. I lost my house. Im staying on a friend’s floor. I don’t how much longer that is going to last because i just spent my half of the rent on crack… i work as a provider and don’t make much and dont have insurance so. Please i really need help before i have no other options. I also have attempted suicide but im too much of a coward to follow through. That might change when there is no more help. Please i need help with this disease before it kills me

9:08 pm September 18th, 2016

I am looking for a drug rehab for my 33 yr old son. He has been using heroine, pain pills and any other drug. He says that is the only way he can relieve his depression. He has no job or insurance. His father and I live on a fixed income and can’t afford to pay for insurance or rehab for him but he desperately needs help. I would appreciate help for him I don’t want to loose my son.

11:47 pm September 18th, 2016

Im trying desperatly to find at least a 30 day inpatient rehab center for my 43 yr old son. He has no ins nor medicade. Please direct me to make this happen as soon as possible. He takes pills as far as i know.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:18 am September 19th, 2016

Hi Debbie. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

3:54 am September 25th, 2016

I am looking for help for my son, he us a herion addict with no insurance.He is currently homeless, and he needs help so bad, of course he doesn’t work, I do though but I don’t have the money for a rehab.I can make arrangements to pay if there is anyway that someone can help please contact me.Thank you for taking the time to read my plea for help.

6:17 pm September 25th, 2016

Looking for a rehad she has no insurance please.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:49 pm September 28th, 2016

Hi Sarah. Call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

1:04 am September 26th, 2016

Hi, I’m 36 years old and I’m addicted to methanphetamine I have 6 wonderful children that I know want me. I’m fighting this disease and have fir a very long time. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with multiple schlerosis and I never came back from that mentally I’ve been going hard in the paint since then it wrecked my marriage of 18!years my business my life I just want help I’m now homeless looking at going to prison now. Please help I have no money anymore no resources please I just want to get some help and maybe I can get my kids my wife back. Help please

10:59 am October 1st, 2016

I am a mother of 6 I have no job I’m really bad on drugs and I want and need help to get clean and sober not just for myself but for my kids and my family please I have no insurance or any money where can I get help

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:03 pm October 5th, 2016

Hi Tiffany. Why don’t you call the helpline displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

9:59 am October 2nd, 2016

Hi, I’m leaving this message because i have been a addict for almost 40 yrs. I’ve gotten to the point where im tired of my addiction. My biggest problem are two things, a- i have no insurance, and b- my significant other which is the love of my life is a constant user. Please help me find my way back to a constructive life. I can’t do this anymore, and don’t know how to stop on my own.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:03 pm October 4th, 2016

Hi Sharon. Did you call the number displayed on the website? You’ll get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

4:50 pm October 3rd, 2016

My son 31 lives home with parents needs help. No insurance & no money or job.

8:44 pm October 3rd, 2016

I no that the methadone is whats killing me slowly but helps me make it through each day, i know i want to be free of all of it please help me be free of all make me clean again i need help please help me….

6:50 am October 4th, 2016

Hi I have a brother that is a serious drug user that has already developed serious depression issues and developed escrisofenia. Also in and out of jail because of drugs. At the moment he just went back to jail because he didn’t complete the regulations of parol. He really needs help but he doesn’t want help.
How can I get a rehab center that will help to start treatment. If he continues in drugs he will die because he already overdosed once and he doesn’t care about life anymore. What he has told us. Please I need help!

1:38 am October 6th, 2016

I am looking for some help for my 41 yr.old son, he has three children and needs help desperately…he has no insurance. I would try to pay for it if I could, but I am on disability myself and am in no shape to help him..I’m afraid if he doesn’t get help soon..it will be to late, he has tried time and time again to stop on his own and he wants desperately to be free of this awful disease, he is depressed to the point that I’m afraid of what he might do if he can not get help…he Is addicted to pain pills.but, he had recently gone to doing Herion because he can get it cheaper…he doesn’t use needles..he only snorts it…he had pawned or sold about everything he owns to be able to afford his habit…it breaks my heart..he had back trouble and and now pain in his feet constantly to the point he can barely walk by the end of the day, that is what got him started taking pain med.and from there it has blown into a full addiction. He would need to be in a facility and stay for treatment..if there is anything or anyone who could offer me some information on how to help my son…I would be forever grateful…Thank you so much. He lives in Lexington, Ky..40509..

3:15 pm October 6th, 2016

Reading this article, I think that your article has been something.You added more information that you share.I get more information that you share.
Thanks for sharing this article.

3:31 pm October 14th, 2016

Im trying to help my son find a inpatient facilitie for Herion addiction
He needs help very bad,he has tried to do it on his own
He has no insurance and no job he is going to be homeless, please help
Thank you

3:10 am October 16th, 2016

Trying to find an alcohol rehab situation for a family member who is at wits end. He is in MO so i am not familiar with the programs available in MO. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:19 am October 18th, 2016

Hi Elsie. Call the hotline displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best options for your relative.

9:17 am October 19th, 2016

I have an addicttion to meth n herion i have no insurance and my girls going to rehab in Cali she has insurance how could I get to a rehab in Cali too

11:26 pm October 27th, 2016

Forming a Substinance Abuse Info group…to help get rehab. Heroine is killing kids each wk in our rural area.
Many have no money…its just a horrible mess.
Any info on no cost, sliding cost, or scholorship treatments, would be appreciated.

10:31 pm November 8th, 2016

I got a 16 yrs old grandson in JUNEVILLE and judge wonts him in impatience rehab not sure if his skids 1st ins still good but he is having hard time there mentally and emotionally he has express thoughts to me in voice and letters that is worrying me but scared to say anything if say he will think he can’t trust me he been thru enough if you can’t help me then don’t bother I keep looking thks stressed out in Ark

5:00 am November 9th, 2016

My 34 year old son is suicidal, totally at the end of his rope. He was taking heroin, among other things but a couple weeks ago started doing suboxin (subs) trying to quit or maybe because they were cheaper and easier to get. He has agreed to go to rehab and we plan tomorrow to go get a state ID. This will be mailed to us so it will be Monday before he can go. He does not have a permanent job so he has no insurance or money. I live paycheck to paycheck but I will try to help any way I can to help turn his life around and save my son. We are in northern Virginia.

8:49 pm November 10th, 2016

I desperately need a drug rehab for my 34 year old daughter

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
11:03 am November 11th, 2016

Hi Ellen. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

2:24 am November 11th, 2016

Looking for detox facility for my son he is on heroin. He has no insurance and is not working.

7:27 am November 11th, 2016

Hi. I’m 30 years old. A single mom. I’m seeking a dual diagnosis, in patient treatment program for help with my anxiety, pain management, and depression help if offered well. They have been part of the reason for many relapses. I’m currently on probation for a felony and 3 misdemeanor drug charges. I’m also recently out of a pretty mentally abusive relationship that’s made my anxiety at an all time high. He made me quit my job, I had my own salon, sell my home, and move in with him. My family hasn’t spoken to me and I have no friends but not sure how much longer I can take putting myself through all this on a daily basis. I can’t quit on my own. I’ve tried. I’ve been in rehab once before when I found out I was pregnant 10 years ago. After everything i don’t blame my family for not wanting to help me with costs. I would appreciate any help or information you could help me with. I’m sorry if I took too much of your time. Thank you, -Sam

6:28 pm November 12th, 2016

This women I no has an opiate addiction has no job insurance and basically putting a wedge between me and my significant other by staying here for free and keeps making excuses like I will only be sick for a couple more days fine but supposedly she’s cutting down I mean I don’t mess with this garbage and want her to leave and get help and let us live are lives not hers I mean I can’t fill out paper work I’m to sick it’s not our problem you put your self in this mess we do care but enough is enough!!!’

7:39 pm November 12th, 2016

I need help! My fiancé is fighting heroin. Weve called alot of hospital’s to see if he could check in for 72 hours. No hospital will take him for that. Right now hes really sick and begging me for money. I dont know what to do. Hes been almost 24 hours without and hes starting to break and begging me for help. Please help! What do i do?

11:58 am November 16th, 2016

Please i need help with this drug. Addiction but im not leaving my kids behind. They need to be with me.

3:19 am November 17th, 2016

HI, my mother has had a very serious addiction to opiates throughout her life. We have no insurance, and her and I are seeking help for her addictions because we both have very demanding lives and many people in our lives who are dependent on us. Please, any advice at all is helpful.

1:43 am November 19th, 2016

My son wants help through a drug rehab for meth I have BCBS insurance and I’m checking into all of that, my issue is we have a very high deductible is there a path I can take that will help eith that?
Thanks any help is appreciated, I desperately want to get him in one while he is seeking help

6:49 pm November 21st, 2016

I’m in dire need of help! My meth addiction is getting way out of control! I went from smoking 1/4 a gram to Injecting 1.0 to 1.25 grams a day! If I don’t quit my relationships with friends and loved ones are destroyed and I will either be dead or in prison! I DO NOT have health insurance or a job…This is My CRY FOR HELP! PLEASE!

12:15 pm November 22nd, 2016

my 25 yr old son has been using for the last 5yrs. he has tried to stop several times, along with losing his job, a new truck, and some family. He has come to me several times wanting help because he cant do it on his own he told me. . he is wanting help and needs help bad. the only thing stopping him is no insurance. is there any answer to this.

11:57 pm November 22nd, 2016

I was injured in a bad accident in 1995. I’ve been on pain killers since. I now live in rural MO.
I can’t find reasonable Methadone treatment except for 90+ miles one way. (addiction treatment everyday). I need it for pain management as everything else now gives me kidney stones and makes me dysfunctional. What can I do ? Where can I go for reasonable (not everyday)
pain management treatment with Methadone somewhere around central MO ?

3:30 pm November 27th, 2016

Seeking immediate help for opiate addiction for my twenty year old son. Need outpatient. Please help

2:16 am November 29th, 2016

My son needs help I have no money nor does my son.
We live if Fl. in Brevard county . Needs to get off his pain medicine that he can longer afford.

12:19 am November 30th, 2016

Hello I am looking for free help for my 30 year old nephew he is a addict to opiates, he OF on Thanksgiving and had to have cot and ambulance take him to the hospital but they released him. he has Medicade from the state but no money or no job where can I go to find him help his mother has tried but no luck. By the time I find him help is it going to be to late.

3:44 am December 8th, 2016

I can’t stop smoking crack I have no job no money and no insurance

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:36 pm December 9th, 2016

Hi Stephen. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

5:13 am December 18th, 2016

I’ve been a patient for six years on 120 mg of methadone at my local methadone clinic in roanoke va have been a model patient until I lost my job recently and had a problem with paying I at least paid five dollars a day but could not afford the $15.50 so I was told I would be detoxed they detox me 12 mg a day for 10 days yesterday was my last day I was told by my counselor that there was many other patients that owed a lot more money than me and they we’re not being detoxed. also I have concern that I was detoxed more than what was allowed instead of 10 mg a day it was 12 a day now im in withdraws woth no insurance or money i searched online and found nothing any suggestions? Please

8:17 pm December 20th, 2016

Hi my name’s Michelle I’m trying to find a place for my little brother. He’s in San Antonio,Tx. He’s currently struggling with alcohol,& cocaine. He lost his job & has no insurance,due to driving under the influence,he got a D.W.I. & Was extremely lucky it was dismissed!!!! So now he’s taken to binge drinking!!!! I’m very afraid for him!!! He says he’s ready to stop & he’s tired of being this way!! Can someone please recommend where he might be able to get detoxed & help with no insurance or money??? PLEASE???

10:00 pm December 20th, 2016

Hi, two of my siblings have died of drug use. Now my youngest sister is hooked on prescription opiates. She can take a month supply in under a week. I am very worried. We have tried to find her rehabs to no avail, as her insurance won’t cover it. She lives in Central Florida. Do you have any suggestions?

5:39 pm December 26th, 2016

I’m looking for a clinic to help me on a outpatient bases ,i have no insurance. I’m 65 years old and its never to late to put your life back together,its never to late to get help.I want my life back,I’m addicted to oxycodone,I took them by mouth only…I live in north central florida.

7:59 pm December 27th, 2016

Need help 37 live in SC and have been on everything except heroin and would have been if been around it enough. I have no or little money no insurance and 20 started using 21 years ago full blow addict for 13 years I guess ready. Need change lost everything got on Meth lost my mind bout. Help please.

5:21 am December 28th, 2016

I have a 47 year old friend that is on crack. Her husband is on cocaine. Their daughter has been removed from their home 2 years ago this past November by CPS. Her husband either quit/was asked to resign his job of 17 years. There is no insurance. She continues to steal from her 87 year old mother. She steals bank cards, money and belongings that are disappearing at a very high rate of speed. Everything that my 87 year old friend worked for is gone, including $1000’s of dollars worth of very expensive jewelry that her other daughters gave her through the out the yeard. I have had numerous conversations with my friend and she wants out. However, she does not know how to escape this horrible life with him. What can we do to assist her in getting out and staying out? He continues to go find her and she calls him to pick her up also. CPS stated they are not going to help anymore. It is a viscous cycle. Help me help my friend. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please reply even if you cannot help. Truly Yours, Bobbie.

5:32 am December 28th, 2016

I finally have my daughter talked into rehab and now we can’t get a response and no one will help us get her in do not know what to do but she will wake up hurting in the morning and take off what a frustrating process and so hurt that no one at the 30 plus rehabs we called even cares!

10:44 pm December 30th, 2016

My life went upside down since I started using drugs I lost my job messed my credit up don’t have any money I really need help I don’t no what to do

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:23 pm January 10th, 2017

Hi William. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

things to do
3:22 pm January 2nd, 2017

I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog.

1:25 pm January 4th, 2017

I’m addicted to opiates n have been for years. I’m 41 and tired of depending on pills . I have no insurance n very little money. I’ve tried to kick thick sickness myself and failed BC of intense withdrawals . I know if I could just get help I’d get free of this n my future would be alot better n richer. Please help me I’m despite . I’m about to lose everything if I don’t get better

2:33 pm January 9th, 2017

I have no insurance. I am on her ion and trying to get help. What can I do? Where can I go for help. I live in Manassas Va

5:50 pm January 14th, 2017

My son attends a methadone clinic in pasco co on a daily basis. He has no insurance an has to pay approx 100.00 per week out of pocket. He has just lost his job and has no income at all. Is there anyway he can get financial assistance for his treatment. He has applied for unemployment benefit but he has been told that it can take up to 6 weeks for a decision.

11:55 pm January 14th, 2017

I’m inquiring for a friend of. Mine they can’t stop drinking and druging and they are going to kill themselves they keep going this way. The one place someone is letting them stay is about to be gone. They have lost so much. I do understand the disease but I cannot help them I am to close. They have no insurance no job. Please help.

6:20 pm January 15th, 2017

my 36 year old daughter is on pain pills and she needs help she doesn’t have a job and can’t see her children till she is clean. i want to commet her that is the only way i am going to be able to get her treatment what should i do?

9:01 pm January 16th, 2017

My 24 yr grandson for 5 yr. now in out rehab only vodka. So bad as they don’t keep them long enough unless they have loads money .so a life with money is useless human
I call it discrimination . He was great sports school but had some insecurity problems . Could not find help .i want him away for at least 6 months

8:35 am January 20th, 2017

My son needs help for depression and self medication. He has suffered from depression since he was a child. I think he may try to end his life. Please help doesn’t have any insurance.

5:56 pm January 21st, 2017

I have an adult son who is an alcoholic. He is unemployed and I have been supporting him as I have fallen into the pattern of thinking I am helping him get his act together. Well, I am not helping him but enabling him. He becomes very verbally abusive and accuses me of things I don’t even recall ever happened. He blames me for his problems and my entire family as well. He threatens me that he will be homeless and that he is unable to buy groceries. I receive phone calls every few weeks with his ruthless rants aimed at me. He blames everyone else for his failings, he harbors such hatred toward me. I am at my ropes end. He is a college graduate without a job or insurance. I am retired, so my funds are limited. What can I do to help him, I am truly frightened he will die from his alcoholism.

8:15 pm January 22nd, 2017

From new York have only ny insurance. Is there a detox and rehab I can go to down here in delay beach area

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
6:02 pm January 25th, 2017

Hi Robert. You may search treatment facility on SAMHSA’s treatment locator: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/servicesSearch.jspx
Also, call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a rehab program that fits your needs.

10:55 pm January 30th, 2017

I have been on opiates for over 10 years now.I am so over it and very desperate for help.I have 3 kids I have lost custody of who live with my sister now.I have no job because of my addiction and no health insurance.I need to find an inpatient treatment center that can help me get my life back and stay clean please help.I live on Pinellas county.

7:29 pm January 31st, 2017

Amanda is a single mother of 2 small children. She, her boyfriend & kids recently became homeless. Amanda and her boyfriend are addicted to drugs. I’m trying to find help for them. They want to get help getting clean & get off the streets. St Petersburg Florida

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:17 pm February 1st, 2017

Hi Amanda. I suggest that you call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

9:38 pm February 1st, 2017

I’m battling myself today to drink or not to drink!!! I’m lonely, tired, hurtings

4:24 pm February 10th, 2017

I do not have insurance. And i would like a doctor that can help me get off oppiates through Subutex, Suboxone or Benorphine that is in st.louis, Mo 63127

12:28 am February 11th, 2017

i have my step son who is suffering with drug addiction n anger issues he does not have any insurance n he neefs help real bad he threatened to kill his mother n father poor thing she calls the cop they come for him they took him to jail for a qerk n then they discharge him he wemt to mental health they kept him for a few days the release him help we have a crisis

6:53 pm February 12th, 2017

I drinking problem really bad need help I have no insurance I also take medications so I need to find a place that will take me with that thank you very much

1:54 am February 15th, 2017

I have no insurance and I need help asap I am admitting I have a problem

3:48 am February 17th, 2017

I have a 36 year old son who is currently clean. He has been a meth user off and on for 15 years. He wants/needs to stay clean, learn the coping skills and find a job. He just finished a trial where he was the victim of a shooting. He has a 12 yr old daughter who lost her mother on christmas 2016 night. He is extremely smart and has a good skill set. He is worthy of an assist. Please advise.

5:16 am February 26th, 2017

My son is 22yrs old he is addicted to meth and other drugs he is now in jail we live in forest city nc he needs help bad he lives on the streets when he’s not in jail I’m the only one working his father threw him out at the age of 12yrs old please help

3:48 am February 27th, 2017

i have tried for days now to find a rehab for my son as soon as i tell them he is on state funded insurance the call is over is there any where that will accually help someone who wants help nut has state funded insurance that will truely help

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
7:20 pm February 27th, 2017

Hi Sharon. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a suitable treatment program for your son.

5:51 pm March 15th, 2017

Need help for opiates asap pleas

10:37 am March 16th, 2017

My daughter is an alcoholic and would like an outpatient treatment. However, she does not have insurance. Please let me know what facilities in the Brooklyn or New York area will accept payments.

Thank you for your quick response!

7:15 am March 28th, 2017

I need to find drug addiction services for my friend whom is on heroin on a recent relapse. He has lost his job and place to stay, AND HAS NO vehicle. he is in danger of losing a potential career and possibly doing time because he is doing shading stuff, and walking the streeets. we are in southern California, la area. please hurry

10:06 pm March 31st, 2017

My son is an addict he is homeless he has no job he has an 8 year old son but doesn’t have custady he has no insurance no way to pay he eats from food that has been thrown out he wants help and I don’t have the means to help him I’ve talked to a hundred different drug holiness and they do not care about the person all they care about is the money when he had medicare he was put in the hospital diagnosed with paranoid skitsafrinia they kept him a week and turned him out this is why there’s been so many deaths people without money or insurance are not worth saving please help need and inpatient facility that will take him

11:39 pm April 13th, 2017

Need drug rehab help for me

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:03 pm April 14th, 2017

Hi Nicholas. First, take a look into SAMHSA’s treatment locator here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/locator
You may add specific information such as area, sex, insurance, type of treatment, etc. to narrow down your search. Each facility has phone number to call and ask about their services. Also, you may call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment program for you. The number is free, trustful, and available any time of the day, and the night. Finally, download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Rehab’ that may help you make the best decision in choosing the rehab program: https://addictionblog.org/ebooks/the-definitive-guide-to-rehab/

11:50 am April 17th, 2017

My son is working. Addicted to metch. He is seeking help but got no insurance. Is there a rehab he can go to and pay off monthly?

Pls let me know.

Kind Regard

2:48 am April 22nd, 2017

Yes my son is 34 he is addicted to heroin we live in West Virginia and it is so bad here and he has one year clean he did do good in Florida but they had a lot of free time afterwards and his relapse ever since he said he wants help bad he doesn’t want to do this anymore he’s slowly dying in front of me and it’s killing me no insurance no job and I cannot afford to pay for this it’s too much money I don’t have it what can I do to save my son ASAP please help

10:57 pm April 24th, 2017

Just got out of detox a few days ago. Been looking for a long term treatment center. I have had enough. I am 35 years old and have been getting high for 8 years. I really need help. I live in Fairfield NJ. I have not insurance. I am in real need of help

3:25 am April 27th, 2017

Hi my daughter is 30 years old she has a little girl she’s addicted to crystal math she has no job she has no insurance we live in Sacramento California she’s in terrible condition and I’m desperate for help for her I just don’t know where to go or who to contact to get her the help she needs

10:08 am April 29th, 2017

My girlfriend and i want to go to the same drug rehab treatment center an arizona together as soon as she gets out of jail on the 9th of May 2017. We both do not have insurance. I was hoping that i could find an impatient treatment center that is affordable for the both of us. i would like to find a center that we both can live together and help the both of us stay off drugs for good.

2:37 am May 1st, 2017

Im trying to help my husband. He’s in really bad shape and adicted to drugs and i dont know where to start getting him the hell he needs. Since he has no insurance and with what i make Im barely making ends meet. If someone can direct me in the right direction i would so greatly appreciate it. We live in Florida.

10:07 pm May 4th, 2017

son needs a outpatiend program no insurance or income at the present time

1:01 pm May 5th, 2017

I will suggest Kratom powder red for opioid addiction . It helps with detox and pain will give you energy does not per say get you that high . But if your serious about getting clean try KRATOM Powder look online get it shipped. Best route. Or kick cold turkey it gets better takes avwhile. I quit 185mg methadone cold turkey in 2011. It can be done it’s called will power

3:18 am May 7th, 2017

Hi, I am currently looking for a drug addiction inpatient treatment program that doesn’t require insurance for my daughter..she is being bounced from one place to another including homeless shelters in the state of Oklahoma and I, her mother, live in Michigan…Please can you help her and I..??..A major surgery in her neck left her addicted to prescription drugs..she has violent seizures also..!!..shes not crazy, shes an addict to prescription pain medications..Please if you can’t help me save my daughter, can you direct me to someone before it is too late?..Please and I Thank-You from the bottom of my ❤..Thank-You, Susanne

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:02 pm May 8th, 2017

Hi Susanne. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best solution for your daughter. The number is free, confidential, and available any time of the day and the night.

12:17 pm May 9th, 2017

I’m addicted to heroin and want so badly to get off it and have a better life, without help I have no idea where to go without insurance or who to call on for help. Where do I turn to? 😔

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:13 pm May 9th, 2017

Hi Britt. I suggest that you call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7. You will speak to a sympathetic, well-trained individual who can help you find a reliable recovery program that will meet your treatment needs.

5:29 am May 11th, 2017

My nephew is 21,when he was a child a pit bull attacked him and he had several stitches to his head and he was traumatized. He had learning problems as a child and can’t write very good. At one time he had an OCD issue and would wash his hands till they bled and were chapped. He is severely depressed and has anger issues. He has no insurance and white kiss made fun of him and he friended black friends but they steal and beat him up and laugh at him and take advantage of him going so far as to steal his shoes. His mom is sucknif him and us goingbti kuckbhum out. He never finished school and no GED and has been unable to find a job. He is drinkng and smoking whatever they give him and I’m afraid for him because they are not friends they make fun of hum and use him. I’m afraid for him plz help me please. There are such thing as killer kids.

12:36 pm May 13th, 2017

I have been addicted to heroin most of my adult life and I am 55 years of age,,I am desperately trying to find a long term treatment program that I can get into.
I just don’t have the financial capability to do so,if there is a non-profit group of some sort that could help me, please let me.
I am a 100 percent ready for a change.
Please help..

2:06 am May 19th, 2017

My son has been hospitalized 3 times within the month, diagnosed with alcohol hepatitis. He has no insurance and I discovered that he has gone back to getting oxy illegally for pain. He had a issue about 3 years ago with this. He has stolen from me again…$570 within the past week and is currently back in hospital. I believe he needs rehab and is not welcome back home unless he gets clean. He has 2 young children (5 and 3) that live with their mother so I would like him to get help so he is around to watch them grow. I don’t know where to get him the help he needs without insurance. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

3:35 am May 25th, 2017

Hi my name is keenen i be smoking weed since i was 13 now im 22, the marijuana has took over everything for me i can’t eat work or be happy with out it, i have miss out on alot of opprutinty in life because i can’t stop i know have a 3 year old daughter and im not doing anything with my life to support her because i cant go a day without it, is there help out here for me

3:38 am June 5th, 2017

am trying to save my son life he has mental problem but i belive it is because he his shooting or injecting meth in his body. please help i sent him to a state rehab it was a joke can you help mother jo am in need of an angel before i burier my son. who is will to get help i dont know where to send him please help we live in a small town waycross ga. where we have the plague of meth or i like to call it the devils doop.

8:31 am June 5th, 2017

I am looking for a free rehab for my son who is 28. He currently is working and has no insurance. He desperately needs help with substance abuse.

12:31 pm June 5th, 2017

i have been takind diazepam and temazepam since 1989 now ive a new doc they wont listen to me i havent a google acc. thanx

11:30 pm June 6th, 2017

Hello i have medical i need to be in a detox by tonight or tomorrow i live in sandiego ca a 10day if possible so my probation officer doesn’t make me do a residental program and so i don’t lose my job or house please help im at work right now i get off at 5pm please help and thank you.

6:54 am June 7th, 2017

I have no money looking for a job so I can pay to start methadone I can’t stand being sick without pills I just need the money to get started. I’m sure I can pay $6 or $7 dollar a day some how I just don’t have anyone to hep me pay to get started I don’t know what to I can’t live like this much longer

6:18 pm June 10th, 2017

Hello, i am 25 years old and turn 26 very soon. I went to detox and am looking to stay off drugs and alcohol but have no insurance or any money or even family help. My fiance and i are both in the same situation except she has insurance. We are looking to get into maybe a couples outpatient or halfway and start working imediately. please help me with this i am scared of being homeless and alone again

9:41 pm June 13th, 2017

Hi I’m 54 yr female , I’m looking for a dual detox rehabs that will accept my Health Net California Medical , how can I get a list of rehabs that accept my insurance. Thank You

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:09 pm June 14th, 2017

Hi Renee. You may find treatment facilities on SAMHSA’s treatment locator:

6:36 pm June 18th, 2017

I need to find a drug rehab for my grandson in Pennsylvania – I have looked on sites but it does not tell you any state – can you please help me or direct me to someone who can -, I would really appreciate it Thano your u

12:13 am June 19th, 2017

I can’t get right as each day goes bye I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to meeting my maker at the hands of a syringe. I have enjoyed , at different times in my life , some good solid years in recovery… I don’t understand how I just keep getting loaded… I believe I used up any funding avaiakable already this year…. I have so much to live for and yet I just either can’t or won’t stay clean…… I’m scared and empty, please help me

11:27 am June 19th, 2017

I need to find a drug rehab like yesterday but I have no insurance please help I can live like this no more I need my life back thank you.

9:53 am June 24th, 2017

My son needs a rehab and we do not have money. Please help we are desperate.

6:12 pm June 24th, 2017

I am 40 yrs old & have been addicted to opioids for 10 yrs. I desperately need help for I have been tormenting my family and ripping them apart. My wife(Summer) and daughter(Haley) don’t even recognize me anymore. I’m embarrassed by what I have done to everyone. How can I get help?

8:10 am June 26th, 2017

MY 29 year old son is a heroin addict and homeless. No job and I have been financially supporting him. I have been working 60 hours a week to pay my bills and support him. We live in NH and his name is on waiting list. If he doesn’t get help he will die.

8:25 am June 26th, 2017

My son is addicted to Heroine and is with a center here in Columbus, Ohio and he has been doing good but he can’t get his prescription for suboxin which is 52.oo. I have been trying to help him but also can’t afford his meds what can we do to get his meds because he has just got a job and worked 1 wk with a job service! Plus 150.00 go’s out for child support??? He is now needin his meds and he’s getting sick! Which he is not going to go to work which he will lose!! Please help!!

8:10 am July 13th, 2017

I am a 29 year old male. I moved to escanaba 2 years ago from west Virginia. I have been struggling with drug addiction for many years. Shooting up herion, cocaine, pills and am having a very hard time breaking the vicious cycle of this. I need help. I am ready to quit and get a fresh new start with life not only for myself but my fiance and family as well before I end up losing them or dead. Today is Thursday July 13th I have to switch my id from a wv id to Michigan I plan to do that Monday. I also have no health insurance and not currently working so I need to figure out how to pay for treatment. I need a inpatient treatment for sure. Outpatient will not work for me right now I am to deep in my addiction. I would like to try and get into a program as soon as possible for I am still currently using and don’t have the will power to stop cold turkey and alone. Please help me and point me in the direction that I need to get everything in order and to get into treatment before I lose everything or even my life. Please help me I am ready to accept the fact I am a needle junkie and addict and not only need help but want the help. I hope to hear from someone that can get me help asap.

12:42 pm July 16th, 2017

Looking for a long term residential treatment for my son near or around Utah. He has no insurance and no money. I have no income either, waiting for disability. He has a meth addiction. No short term program’s gonna help him. Needs something more intensive.

11:35 am July 20th, 2017

My 20 year old.daughter was arrested for meth i have bonded her out but in a small.town like.this she is bound tofail.she is a good girl.just life took her down wrong path her whole upbringing was around drugs ive offered to take.classes.with her but i dont knw if she will.be strong enough she has many U/A ahead of her as well as court dates can any one please share any organizations or.support groups me n.her can attend we have no.insurance or money persay

Not very hopefull
7:22 pm July 24th, 2017

Rehab shouldn’t have to b this difficult insurance no insurance make a person look the other way real fast it is sad to say .we r talking people’s lives and all I’m hearing is money money payment insurance companies we better start saving accounts for rehab when we’re saving for r kids college n things cause it sure sounds like we need to! America what the hell?

2:29 pm July 25th, 2017

i am begging for help for my son, he want to stop so badly. hes a good man non violent very kind hearted, no one will give a chance to prove who he really is, its a brain disease with mental illness, he knows all of Gods word, earned and worked hard to receive it a plaque he can marry, baptize, but no one will help use ive begged hes constantly begging and. praying. to nake it worse hes Dad passed away at 61, im 65 no retirement, sick and poor, he helps me so much, in so much agany, we pray together constantly, all our family member have all been called home to be with our Dear Lord, hes lost broken the pain and headache is unbearable!! please understand and help him befoe he does the unthinkable and he no way believes in sucide but says its the way out so he can stop hurting all around him, he has a beautiful daughter.please help him and all that love him. know will understand we are poor no insurance. im on social sec. 896.00 a month, he cant find work shelter, very ill physically to cant even see a Dr.i beg you i cant bare to loose my only son too.this is United States of America!! people dont care no more only out for themselves and such a sin all about love of money. one day all will half to answer to our Lord. i pray you will be kind carrying, understanding help me save my son. our Prayers also go out to each of you and your Family’s, pleasr please help. God Bless you amen.

5:33 pm July 25th, 2017

My daughter is name Ronequa odom and she is on pills and she need help she have 2 kids age 4yrs old and 4mos. I am her mom and her kids is in DHR BUT I HAVE HER KIDS MY GRANDKIDS I LOVE MY DAUGHTER AND MY GRANDKIDS PLEASE CAN Y’ALL HELP HER..

9:22 pm August 2nd, 2017

My 38 yr old son has a meth addiction so bad that he will stay up for days and sleep for days. He does not even look like my son anymore. He does not come around me because he knows I know. He has a 15 yr old son that just came to live with him and a girl friend and I am so afraid for both of them. He needs help and I can’t give it to him. He has no money nor insurance I have just about went broke helping him with DUI over the past years now he’s stopped drinking and now doing Meth. I would be willing to have him signed in somewhere but they say he has to try and commit suicide before we can have that done but I consider what he is putting in his body suicide.

1:57 pm August 5th, 2017

I am also desperately seeking treatment for myself. I have contacted SAMSHA multiple times and I have yet been directed in the right direction. They have given me one dead end after another. I don’t have private insurance, only Medicaid. My credit is poor so I am unable to get a loan. Are there any other options for me?? PLEASE HELP!!!

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:48 am August 7th, 2017

Hi Mikah. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment for you.

8:20 pm August 6th, 2017

I am on heroin and marijuana cocaine I need help and don’t have Medicaid or insurance what do I do where do I go home please help

1:27 am August 8th, 2017

My name is kelly i am in need of mental healh rearry bad pleases i need halp to get my life back i hav no insurance i need halp rehab in for mental health i hav no mees for money but i hav alot of goals ahead of me i just hav had so many badd in my life i would like to get halp and not look back my mom is sick and i hav to be welll to help her and g babys please help if u can i cant get a lone i looked for5 days no one will help me please call me if u can help me non one will with no insurance they wont even talk to me. Can u help help i no its expencive i just want my life back or start a new one no one around that can hwlp i dont think please let me no this will be tha last

2:03 am August 8th, 2017

I need help but don’t have insurance. I was in a rehab that was a joke and didn’t learn anything. I’m stuck in Florida and don’t want to drink or use anymore

Joshua and Jeremy
6:25 am August 8th, 2017

Both of my sons age 23 and 25 or hooked on heroin. I desperately need help for them. Neither one of them have insurance. I come home from work and lock myself in my bedroom every night while they do drugs. I need help for them desperately. Please please help me. They have overdosed and it’s only a matter of time before they will die.

5:04 am August 16th, 2017

I’ve moved to St. Louis after I was arrested in ky for drug pocession, I’m still goin to court and I don’t know what will happen, but my situation is that if I have to attend some type of rehab, I really need a out patient treatment because I have a morgage and other loans and monthly bills that I can’t stop paying or I could lose everything I have if I’m sent away for 6 months, is there something in St. Louis that would satisfy the courts and still let me work me full time job that has lots of overtime ?

6:10 am August 18th, 2017

My brother is the reason im doing this he has had to be rushed to the E.R. twice in the last month 8/17. Alcohol poisening he is 43 he has been drinking since he was10 yrs old this is a genetic disease past from great grandfather grandfather father to him to his sons, this needs to stop and he cant his liver is swollen and he just cant stop he cant work he omg we have to help him and we cant afford it neither can he and he doesn’t have insurance he is in diar need of help please before he dies. We live in pampa tx he doesnt need outpatient he needs inpatient where he cant go and get it while away from rehab.

5:45 pm August 31st, 2017

Hi, my son is an alcoholic, there may be some other drug use as well. I have watched his health deteriorate over the years. He is only 34, been in rehab twice, came out doing the same thing. He has a history of blood clots in his lungs and high blood pressure. He has a low income job and drinks his money away. He has seven kids and no future. He really needs rehab and therapy.

12:01 am September 3rd, 2017

I have no insurance opiates had destroyed my life lost my home job. All my savings. An The most precious to me my son died of overdose this past June 2017. I have been on pain medication since 1998. Started in Florida with pain clinic doctors putting me on oxycontin I became dependant I need my life back.

6:02 pm September 4th, 2017

Hello my name is Jacob I’m seeking a rehab-detox long term. I have no money no insurance. I live in north Mississippi but can an have the means to go anywhere

3:29 pm September 5th, 2017

Homeless on drugs all my life….tired. .please help

3:29 am September 14th, 2017

Help! My son who is 27 has been trying to deal with his addiction to pills by himself. He has taken over $27,000 and jewelry from me in the last five years. Recently the $27,000. My family has come over and beat him up and I am devasted. He is a good boy. I love him so much. He needs help but has no insurance. He has been away before – at that time he was still under my insurance. He does work but they don’t provide insurance.We live in New Jersey.
Please help us,
Thank you,

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:00 pm September 14th, 2017

Hi Donna. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

1:25 am September 16th, 2017

I need to get in a rehab

6:07 pm September 22nd, 2017

I have Florida Blue insurance but I’m finding no options at all for free detox. I need outpatient detox so I can keep my job and then Ill be able to get on a payment plan.
Everyone I spoke with told me Ill have to quit my job to really recover.
Any thoughts on what I can do?
Thank you.

3:32 am September 27th, 2017

I need help for boyfriend drug rehab incarcerated no income

11:39 am October 1st, 2017

I need help. I have no insurance and I’m addicted to cocaine.

1:51 pm October 8th, 2017

I desperately need an inpatient drug rehab treatment facility, I have limited income and medicare and medicaid.
I use crack cocaine and have bioplar, have been using for 35 years off and on, and am 64 years old. I don’t feel safe, I can’t protect myself on the streets and my relatives have closed the door.

3:15 am October 9th, 2017

I have a 30 year old son with alcohol and drug addictions he has used herion but not for a few months but I can see it spiraling out of control he had a job but doesn’t make much money and no insurance what can he do

6:28 am October 9th, 2017

Really needing help I’ve been using it for about a year if not a little longer I had three children and two grandchildren it started with depression and I started to use I’m so tired of this lifestyle this is truly not what life is really about at this point I do not know what to do or who to speak to I am reaching out for help ready to make a change for the better please if you get this message please contact me

11:28 am October 9th, 2017

Hello I’m very passionate Father/ Musician Looking for good treatment program music program would be huge plus I’m very passionate about God ,my music and my children heartbroken cause state took children from ex and only reason their not with me is because I’ve not had stable housing boy 14, girl 12 boy 7 now they have split them in different counties resulted 65 songs I’ve written and put together in not hardly a year had good job but had nervous breakdown thank you!

9:28 pm October 9th, 2017

I need help desperately for my pill addiction. I just lost my job because of it..i have no Insurance please help me

7:46 am October 22nd, 2017

I am seeking a methadone doctor or clinic. I have had a back Sunday be

5:44 pm November 5th, 2017

sam needs help and lives in southern california,

7:59 am November 14th, 2017

I am addicted to pain pills opiates. I was on suboxon for a while and it was great, I only needed a small amount daily to hold a job and live a normal life, for some reason it also helped with my depression but I lost my insurance and am not working due to needing pills to function, it’s a everyday rat race. I really need to get back on suboxon but can’t afford Dr or script. How can i get help in Jax, Fl

2:49 am November 20th, 2017

My daughter needs a place ASAP she is in a very bad place in her life. Please help her!

7:30 pm November 20th, 2017

Hello looking for a drug inpatient facility for my sister we live in Marietta ga. She doesn’t have insurance or a job or I D from Ha she does have plenty New York State id n mdicade catd please help. We are in need

8:26 pm November 22nd, 2017

I need a free methadone clinic info for a friend in desperate bed..south st paul mn…her insurance won’t cover HELP HER

Drug Treatment Center Finder
8:39 am November 23rd, 2017

Hi !!! great and very helpful post. I must say you did a great job. The treatment centers you have mentioned above are actually life saver for those who actually want to overcome from drug addiction but doesn’t have money or health insurance. Keep the good work doing.

3:55 pm November 26th, 2017

Hey My name is Lisa . I have been on methadone at the clinic for 15 years. My problem is I am am a senior citizen and it’s getting harder to pay. I have RHuemotoid arthritis. And Granular allure diesase If I don’t have the methadone I probably would die bc The pain is unbearable.. I don’t drink or do any other kind of drugs except humira and blood pressure meds.. I was wandering is there any help for senior citizens.. My insurance want pay for it ethier.

2:03 am December 9th, 2017

I have ssi and have completed 1 year in trc but now I have to leave and I’m concerned about my mental health,addiction,and housing PLEASE HELP

5:55 pm December 19th, 2017

My son is an unemployed, uninsured opiate drug addict. Today is the last day to include him on my insurance plan at work for $600 extra a month. Is it worth to add him for the sake of getting him to a treatment center for several months and away from our city of Memphis. Will his odds of getting better treatment be available to him. He’s 24 years old and will I be enabling him by doing this?

3:49 pm December 20th, 2017


9:00 am January 4th, 2018

my son is 29 years old and lives in Gilbert SC and has alot of issues he needs help badly before he hurts himself or someone else and i am scared for him he has a drug addiction and anger issues and he has a very bad record with the law and he has reached out and no one will help him PLEASE help me save my son he has no ID no income no health insurance no home no car no friends or family to help him but me and I am struggling so bad i can not help him someone help me find somewhere to get him help that wants to help him even not having any way to pay

4:47 am January 13th, 2018

I’m now taking methadone for my pain ,I’m just need going to have surgeries to movie ate my pain Bobby can be addicted I will be a year before I am ready to find a treatment center please send me some information if you can about your treatment center I have insurance but it’s Medicaid also I’ll get it one Methadone for over 15 to 19 year’s.
Thank you sincerely Valerie

8:45 pm January 14th, 2018

My grand daughter is homeless and running the streets in a bad way on heroin.I don’t know how to talk to her because I’m lost on info regarding how to guide her?

7:24 pm February 1st, 2018

I need help with opioid addiction in GA. I live near Atlanta. I’m on. SSDI but don’t have any insurance please help for a inpatient detox. Thank you

10:42 pm February 3rd, 2018

My nephew needs help he has a coke addict but he has no insurane no money please can you help him. The drug consumes him and he is in denial.

12:58 pm February 7th, 2018

My sister is in rehab(court mandated) she’s aa disabled lawyer with no insurance until Mar,h medicaid will start.
She will drink germ x, lis uterine, LYSOL. She is mad at me for petioning the courts. 21 Days isn’t enough time. We are despera the for help

2:50 am February 9th, 2018

My 25 year old daughter has been going to our local Methadone clinic for two years. She has no insurance. I’ve been paying 420 dollars a month for her and I’m on disability. Are there any programs in the state of Florida that are state funded and can help her and others? These patients are trying so hard to stay well. I personally think they are way overcharging for these services. Can anybody help me or provide me with any knowledge regarding special programs that I’m not aware of? Thank you so much.

8:55 am February 16th, 2018

I need to have my son who I believe is on drugs , I don’t know what, but he is not himself and leaves house and doesn’t show back up for couple days, get help. We live in northwest Arkansas and he has no job and of course no insurance. Please tell me where I need to go or what to do before it’s too late!

1:56 am February 20th, 2018

I have a 20 yes I’ll son who is very smart and creative. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my son. He lives in my house for free he does not work. He is just getting started in drugs. He’s smokin pot he’s starting to use pills also. I’ve don’t everything I can think of. He’s even been kicked out of house for a few days. He admitts to the marijuana but denis using pills. I love him and want him to succeed but I don’t Kno what to do or how to fix his problem.. plz help. I’m scared he’s gnna wake up and be 35 and have a bad habit and no job.

2:16 pm February 21st, 2018

I happen to be one of the unlucky ones that don’t have insurance and no one to borrow money from and I DESPERATELY would like to get in a treatment center and as bad as the opiate use has gotten that would be a great thing if uninsured people could get some type of treatment,,I don’t have 30 or 40 thousand dollars to go to treatment ,,to be detoxed and go to a treatment center,,I only pray and hope that I can get into one soon,,I am a chronic Heroin User and I can only think that my days are numbered and going out at 55 because of a drug addiction is just really unacceptable,,but for whoever can get into treatment please go if you have the chance it is definitely a life changing experience,,,God Bless anyone that is trying to help addicts….

11:44 pm February 26th, 2018

Yes please I need help I need a facility where I could stay and get intoxic I’ve been a drug abuse since I was 5 years old and it’s been hard for me to leave the drug issues I don’t want to lose my family so I need help

3:12 am March 9th, 2018

How can methadone clinics down in georgia AND Florida NOT accept ANY insurance or medicaid for a federally funded program and charge a$14 a day fee across the board with no sliding scale? That’s a lot of$$ for me I’m living on a VERY fixed income. Under$800 a month on ssi.So I can’t pay that and live! I can’t understand how they are charging that much when methadone itself costs pennies !!! Nothing like trying to get rich off of ppl that are struggling!! And with all of the opiate epidemics sweeping the country and ppl dying from opiates you would think that they would be more accessible to ppl with fixed incomes.I live in ny I’m on a program here just wanted to transfer5to be closest to5family but am forced to stay here because I can’t afford those fees and I have been clean with the help of methadone over2 years now! It has literally been lifesaving!!!

2:09 pm March 21st, 2018

is there any treament out there that will except 50 or older that requires blood pressure meds with no insurance no money no job and family will not help????!!!!

8:47 pm March 24th, 2018

My son is in Laporte Indiana jail and he is asking for help. He is facing 18years for possession of herion. He has been to westville prison for 6 years. He is a addictt and he doesn’t sell drugs. He is 37 when his dad passed away he turned to drugs. Do you work with Laporte Indiana courts? I am his POA his mother

10:40 pm March 25th, 2018

I am currently in school trying to obtain my associate’s degree but I want to get clean and stop using meth amphetimine. I am not working and I have no insurance. Can I still get help?

1:23 pm March 26th, 2018

I read all of these comments from people seeking help with no insurance and it breaks my heart. I’ve already commented about my daughters problem. I get prescribed strong opioid pain meds myself from a doctor due a a horrible accident that almost cost me my life. Three failed back surgeries later, just a few weeks ago an MRI of my right shoulder showed that my whole shoulder needs to be rebuilt. I have to be on these meds for the rest of my life and yes I have horror stories. A person builds up a strong tolerance to these drugs. What I take on top of Xanax would kill a normal person who’s system is not tolerant to these drugs. I have searched everywhere to get assistance for my daughter going to the Methadone clinic. I’m on disability and now paying 485 bucks a month for her. It’s caused me to be homeless and I’m living in my truck in my poor condition. This is inhumane. No help anywhere but yet the country wants this opioid epeidemic to stop. Then please, my God, help these people! It’s not right!

11:44 pm March 28th, 2018

My son is 28 years old and living in Arizona. I live in Maryland. He just admitted to me of being addicted to heroine and meth. He told me he wanted help. I’m sending him a ticket to come here but I don’t believe he has insurance. Is their any where he can go for help with no insurance.

10:58 pm April 6th, 2018

Please help ASAP! I need to get my husband help for his pill addiction now. We are uninsured and live off only his income. We can barely make ends meet him not working would leave us homeless. We are a family of 4 and it’s to the point we have hit rock bottom please help point me in the right direction to get him help ASAP please

6:36 pm April 21st, 2018

My husband has 5 beautiful kids three of them are mine he really wants to get off of this Suboxone he said that once before when he was on drugs he went to A3 to 5 day detox center it was funded through the state here in Texas that’s what he wants to do he is the only one working and has got abig family to provide for where is this program at now .. it does have to be 3 to 5 days detox center he’s taking a very very little piece of the Suboxone he just can’t break that habit of that little piece please help him he really wants to get off of and stay clean.

11:08 pm April 24th, 2018

I have a drug problem I’m wanting help before it gets worse

8:17 pm May 10th, 2018

This is not for me for my 33 year old son with a bad meth addiction so bad he is now homeless he has no job no insurance he is an addict tell what really rick bottom addict has funds for treatment. I’m trying to find a free Christian rehab the are referred to as non profit so why they charge a fee . He is in desperate need i fear for his life at this point just need options.

9:41 am May 20th, 2018

I live in Florida but don’t have healthcare I need help getting into a rehab.what are my options?

4:22 am May 23rd, 2018

My brother is addicted to herion so is his wife she left him with their two kids, he has no money no job but wants help getting clean for his babies where can he go in Phoenix az

12:42 am May 26th, 2018

I def need an in patient program . im addicted to many different kinds of drugs . I’m ready to have a life again I do need to detox along with atleast 30 to 60 days of in patient along with mental health counsaling

3:53 am May 27th, 2018

I have am addiction and want help I have no job haven’t on years and I have Medicaid pending disability case

10:48 pm June 1st, 2018

I am trying to get into rehab for drugs and I do not have insurance. I really want the help

4:06 pm June 2nd, 2018

This is the most frustrating problem to have I want help for drug addiction I have tried this so many times before and I get no where so I go back to drugs I’m so fucking tired of this I need help today

12:28 am June 7th, 2018

My daughter is 34 has no job and needs help with wound care and rehab over night facility .. She will die if I don’t find help for each time gets more severe. The hospital will be releasing her Monday June 11 and we can’t let her come home for she has and each time her behavior has worsen. She has her masters in psychology and has a death wish i guess for she really did it this time her whole body has been infected and im so scared if released she will die without round the clock help. I know she should be the one doing this but sadly she doesn’t care about life or us .. praying

1:33 am June 26th, 2018

I need help I’ve been using for over 20 years meth hardest Im losing everything please help

8:45 am July 1st, 2018

Yes I need help very bad I am close to death I do ten our more cans of duster a day I steal and sell my self for drugs am homeless and I have food stamps and medical Molina healthcare

7:42 am July 6th, 2018

Need rehab long term that want to go from jail to center in n.c.

2:14 am July 25th, 2018

I need help to get into a rehab asap no insurance. I’m from york pennsylvania.

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