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Is Bunavail like Suboxone?

Read about the similarities and differences between Suboxone and Bunavail for the treatment of opioid dependence and addiction here.

How is powdered alcohol abused?

Powdered alcohol is a relatively new form of alcohol, and people are already figuring out ways to misuse it. We review the details here.

Can you get high on Bunavail?

Yes, Bunavail can trigger euphoric effect when used OTHER THAN PRESCRIBED. This prescription medication contains buprenorphine, which can be abused. More on Bunavail and euphoric effect here.

Long term effects of meth on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Meth causes specific effects on the brain. We've compiled them graphically here. If you like it, support us by LIKE > SHARE > PRINT for use in the classroom or medical office.

Is Vivitrol addictive?

NO. Vivitrol is not addictive. In fact, Vivitrol has zero abuse and addiction potential. We review what Vivitrol is made of and how it's used here.

How long does acamprosate stay in your system?

The terminal half-life of a regular dose of acamprosate ranges anywhere from 20-30 hours. Acamprosate reaches steady levels within 5 days of regular dosing, while peak concentrations occur within 3-8 hours after administered dose. More on acamprosate and its metabolism here.

Is Bunavail addictive?

Bunavail contains 2 medicines: buprenorphine and naloxone. Dependence to Bunavail can develop, even at regular doses if taken for a long time, and withdrawal symptoms will occur upon cessation. But is this addiction? Read more here.

Healthy dating in recovery

What does healthy dating in recovery look like? We talk with someone who is trying to facilitate the conversation here.

How is Ritalin abused?

Ritaline abuse = any time you take Ritalin OTHER THAN PRESCRIBED, especially for euphoric effect. Specific descriptions of Ritalin abuse here.

1 Effects of ecstasy on pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

Ecstasy can seriously affect human sexuality and/or reproduction. More on the effects of ecstasy on men, women, and children (including those in vitro) here.

2 How to stop using crack

The best way to stop using crack is with medical supervision, so that you can receive the psycho-emotional support that you need. More on how to stop using and avoiding relapse here.

Pink quotes about drugs and alcohol (INFOGRAPHIC)

Famous singer Pink confesses, "I quit drugs after near overdose." If you want to read more addiction quotes by Pink, explore our infographic here. Then, LIKE or SHARE Pink's quotes on drugs and alcohol with those you think can relate.

How long does Revia stay in your system?

A single dose of Revia will block the pharmacologic effects of opioids for periods as long as 24 hours. But, how long does it stay in the system? Read here.

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Oprah Winfery's quotes on food addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

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