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While alcohol detox can give alcoholics a good start toward recovery, not everyone needs it. Read on to find out who needs alcohol detox and what’s involved in the process.

Drug treatment is expensive, but it is often necessary for those looking to overcome an addiction. However, it’s important to understand that there are ways to pay for drug treatment, and there are a few things you need to avoid during treatment, including paying on behalf of someone else. Tips on paying for drug treatment here.

Are you looking for addiction treatment that differs from a more traditional approach? We've interviewed Morningside Recovery in Coastal Orange County, CA for a snapshot of what non-traditional treatment can look like.

We explore the concept of psychological dependence on drugs versus physical dependence here.

How does Adderall affect the brain? Find out in this visual graphic here. If you like it, we invite you to LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE with others!

The term "drug seeking behavior" refers to a pattern of attempting to obtain prescription narcotics from medical professionals by using underhanded methods, such as lying or coercing. This behavior usually indicates a drug abuse problem. Learn more about drug seeking behavior here, and how it can be identified.

Rapid detox is one of the more expensive services associated with addiction. To find out more about the cost of rapid detox and if you can afford it, keep reading.

For many, covering the full cost of alcohol treatment can be very difficult, if not impossible. Sliding scale fees, however, reduce the cost of alcohol treatment, making it affordable for nearly everyone.

Interventions for alcoholics should be well timed and executed with the help of an interventionist. Top 10 tips on planning interventions for alcoholics here.

Some health insurance plans don’t cover alcohol related illnesses. Read on for more information about covering the costs of alcohol poisoning here.

Prescription drug addictions are becoming more and more commonplace. Identifying and treating a prescription drug addict early on is important. Keep reading here to find out more about how to identify a prescription drug addict. Then, we invite your questions about helping Rx drug addicts at the end.

Addiction counseling is an effective method for overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction. Ranging from almost free to $150 or more per hour, counseling can be expensive. Learn more about addiction counseling costs and how you can afford counseling here.

The expense of drug rehab is often enough to make some addicts shy away from treatment. While free drug rehab can be difficult to find, it’s not non-existent. Read on to find out more information about low cost and free drug rehab.

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Most addicts aren’t willing to admit that they even have a problem, let alone agree to seek treatment for their problem. To improve your odds for a successful substance abuse intervention, what should you avoid and what are best practices? We review here.

How is addiction treatment customized for people with disability? We explore here and invite your questions about addiction treatment at the end.

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