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Let go of an addict!

For those of us who love addicts, letting go can be terrifying. But life can be so much more! Read on for encouragement when getting out a codependent relationship with an addict (from someone who's been there). Then, your questions are welcomed at the end.

How much does outpatient alcohol rehab cost?

Outpatient alcohol rehab costs, on average, about $2-5K per treatment episode. More on the costs of outpatient alcohol rehab here.

How to pray for an addict

How can you pray for someone who is struggling with addiction? We review some suggestions here.

Long term effects of morphine on sex and pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

From this infographic you can learn what morphine does to men's and woman's general and reproductive health, and how it can influence infants and sucklings.

Your teen and drug cocktails: A game of Russian Roulette

If one drug is good, more must be better. WRONG! More here on trends in mixing drugs with other drugs and what you can do if your teen is showing signs of drug abuse.

Tips on parenting after drug addiction - INTERVIEW with Brandywine Counseling & Community Services

Tips on parenting after addiction...because when you start addiction recovery, that's when the real work begins! More here from experts Brandywine Counseling & Community Services in Deleware.

Where can alcoholics go for help?

Five (5) ways to get help for alcohol problems include therapy via psychotherapists, support groups, self-assessment, treatment centers, and family therapy. More here.

Can you get addicted to Subutex? Is Subutex addictive?

Subutex (buprenorphine) has a low abuse potential. The risk of developing addiction is also low. However, some people grow an uncontrollable need and compulsion for Subutex, which is characterized as addiction. Read more details, here.

What happens during alcohol rehab treatment?

If you are in need of rehab, what can you expect? We explore the process of treating alcohol problems here.

Art therapy in addiction rehab and recovery settings: INTERVIEW with Royal Life Centers

How can art therapy be best integrated into a rehab setting? What are some ways that people in early recovery can express or explore issues through art? A Q&A here with a rehab in Florida who is using art discover and recover!

1 Finding a 12 step meeting on your phone...There's an app for that!

How can a phone app help you in recovery? We talk with someone who's trying to make 12 step meetings accessible to matter location or timing. More on how technology can help addicts in recovery here.

Negative and adverse effects of hydrocodone (INFOGRAPHIC)

Hydrocodone can affect you negatively. How? More here.

Help for addiction in NE Iowa: INTERVIEW with Pathways Behavioral Services

Do you live in NE Iowa and need help with addiction treatment? Help is available NOW! We answer your questions about addiction help in this Q&A session with expert Marcia Wulfekuhle of Pathways Behavioral Services Inc.

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Intervention strategies for families - INTERVIEW with expert interventionist, Louise Stanger

Is your family in need of addiction intervention services? Do you know how to prepare for an intervention or know what to expect? Important information about options for families faced with addiction in this interview with expert interventionist, Louise Stanger. More here.

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Drug addiction at work: How to address addictions in the workplace

Addiction can affect an employee's ability to contribute to your company's success. How can you address problems with drugs or alcohol in the workplace? Learn more here.

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