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Long term effects of Adderall on pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

What are the effects of Adderall on sexuality? Main effects include decreased libido, troubles with conception, and erectile disorder. Check out this graphic for more quick facts.

The real dangers of methadone

Tolerance to and dependence on methadone can develop with chronic or indefinite use. What are some of the other dangers of long term methadone use? We review here.

Negative and adverse effects of heroin on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

What are the effects of heroin on the brain? Are they serious? Get a clear picture of how heroin works here. If you like it, we invite you to LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE with others. Or PRINT IT OUT!

Talking to your family about addiction recovery

Five (5) principles to follow as you prepare to talk with your family about your addiction recovery. With a section for your questions at the end.

Does acamprosate work for alcoholism or alcohol dependence?

Yes, acamprosate can help lessen cravings for drinking and is effective in the treatment of alcoholism. More on this treatment option for alcohol dependence here.

Can you get high on Antabuse?

No, you cannot get high on Antabuse. In fact, Antabuse has no euphoric effect. For more details on Antabuse's mechanism of action, continue reading here.

Hillary Clinton quotes on drug policy (INFOGRAPHIC)

Where does Mrs. Clinton stand in terms of policies for marijuana legalization and the "War on Drugs"? We review her thoughts, ideas, and attitude about drug policy here.

2 How long does disulfiram stay in your system?

Disulfiram is eliminated slowly from the body and can affect the system up to 1-2 weeks after last dose. More on the metabolism of disulfiram here.

2 How does a heroin craving feel?

A drug craving is somewhat similar to a deep yearning. But the craving for an addictive substance such as heroin, is sharper, stronger and much more intense. 5 tips for coping with a craving for heroin here.

What is rapid opiate detox? Does it work and is it safe?

An interview with practitioners of The Waismann Method® about how rapid opiate detox works, its safety, and what to expect during the procedure.

How much Spice is too much?

A description of how Spice is packaged, and difficulties in estimating overdose amounts. Plus, more on the signs of Spice overdose and their treatment here.

Does acamprosate get you high?

No, acamprosate does not get you high or have euphoric effect. More here on its mechanism of action in the central nervous system.

How long does Bunavail stay in your system?

Buprenorphine, a main ingredient in Bunavail, can be detected for up to two weeks at typical doses. However, the detection timeline can vary considerably depending on the dosage and individual metabolism. More here on Bunavail's elimination from the body here.

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4Long term effects of cocaine on the brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Are you interested in the effects of cocaine on the brain? Check out this infographic! Then, LIKE > SHARE > PRINT it out. We invite you to use the graphic in your school or medical practice!

What is intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse?

Intensive outpatient for substance abuse is basically a type of rehab you attend at least 3 days a week for 2-4 hours a day or more, often scheduled around work or school. More here on this option for addiction treatment here.

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