Monday May 25th 2015

Effects of heroin on sex and pregnancy (INFOGRAPHIC)

Heroin use affects male and female reproduction. How serious can those effects be? A visual GRAPHIC for you to LIKE > SHARE > PRINT OUT and use for class or office.

Myths vs. Facts: The truth about medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction

Is medication assisted treatment substituting one addiction for another? Do they get in the way of true recovery? A myth-busting guest piece from Mark O'Brien of the Legal Action Center here.

4 Getting through benzodiazepine withdrawal: INTERVIEW with Dr. Jennifer Leigh, Ph.D.

In this exclusive Q&A, we speak to Dr. Jennifer Leigh, Ph.D. about benzodiazepine medication(s) withdrawal. What kinds of protocols are best practice? Why do we get hooked in the first place? More here.

1 Is naltrexone addictive?

NO. Naltrexone is not addictive and has no potential for abuse. In fact, naltrexone helps people in recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. Read more about what naltrexone is made of and how it's used, here.

Can (or should) you test yourself for addictions online?

A list of criteria to evaluate whether an online test for addiction is legit (or not). More here.

How to stop taking cocaine

Should you just stop taking cocaine? Or should you seek medical help? We review the recommended steps for stopping cocaine use here.

A timeline of the heroin problem in the U.S.

A brief chronology of heroin-related events since the 1850's in the U.S.

Stuck in addiction? Believable Hope (BOOK REVIEW)

Are you seriously stuck in addiction and see no way out? Take hope! In this book, Michael Cartwright gives you real life situations to provide you with hope for any and every kind of addiction. More here.

3 How to support a loved one in addiction recovery

Addiction is stressful for the whole family. So, what can you do once a loved one starts the process of recovery? Three (3) things to remember as you deal with addiction in your family.

Can fentanyl cause death or kill you?

Fentanyl is about 25-40 times more potent than heroin and 80 times as potent as morphine. More on the rise in fentanyl related death and its causes here.

What is the drug Flakka?

Flakka is a synthetic drug derived from khat and is similar to both bath salts (cathinones) and amphetamines. It can trigger anxiety, paranoia, and delusions that lead to psychosis. More on the drug Flakka here.

Long term effects of meth addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

How serious can meth addiction be? A GRAPHIC on how meth works in the brain and the effects of being addicted to meth here. After review, feel free to LIKE! SHARE! PRINT IT OUT!!! We encourage use of our infographics in the office or at school.

Does naltrexone get you high?

No, you cannot get high on naltrexone; the opioid medication does not psychoactively affect the brains of people who are taking it. Read more here.

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Should you go to an outpatient rehab? INTERVIEW with David Lisonbee

Are you considering inpatient or outpatient rehab? The following Q&A with David Lisonbee addresses some of the questions you may have.

Long term effects of cocaine addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

A GRAPHIC on the dangers of cocaine addiction and how it begins in the first place. Feel free to LIKE > SHARE > PRINT our work!

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