Web based addiction treatment services: INTERVIEW with Operation Parental Awareness and Responsibility (PAR)

Have you ever wondered if you need to leave home to seek help for addiction? Is online help for addiction even possible or effective? Read our interview with Operation PAR to learn more about this unique treatment alternative here. Then, decide for yourself!

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Can you treat addiction from home?

Today, we speak with Marvin Coleman of Operation Parental Awareness and Responsibility (PAR). Founded in 1970 as a non governmental organization, the agency helps provide parents with the necessary resources they need to address drug addiction. Today, they are well know for their wide range of services, but also for their award winning scientific research initiatives.

One of the many services Operation PAR currently offers is an eServices program. These web based addiction treatment services are an alternative to traditional therapy. But how does e-therapy work? Do this sound like something worth trying?

Read our Q&A with Marvin to learn if web based treatment is best suited for you or your friend/family member/loved one. Find out more about the benefits and limitations of the service, and how to best help yourself by using just your phone or computer. Then, we invite your questions about online addiction treatment at the end. In fact, we try to respond to all questions or comments with a personal and prompt reply.

ADDICTION BLOG: What is an “eService” program for addiction treatment? What are its components and what does it look like (on a day-to-day basis)?

OPERATION PAR: eServices is an alternative to traditional therapy that provides you with effective intervention and counseling services on your computer. Meeting with your therapist online, at your convenience, saves you time, energy and money. All you need is a phone or internet connection.

It works the same way as a standard outpatient treatment program. Clients call in seeking services, we complete an assessment to determine which program best fits the clients needs, the client is then assigned a counselor and given a log similar to one that you might use to login to your online bank account. The client will be given a treatment schedule which they will login to at the specified time for individuals or groups.

ADDICTION BLOG: What are the “best practices” in setting up, managing, and facilitating an online or web-based treatment service?

OPERATION PAR: 1. The first thing you must ensure is that you have been trained and are certified through The Florida Certification Board as an eServices Counselor.

2. The next step is to ensure that you have the right technologies like phone and internet to support your processes.

3. Third, use a recommended evidence based practice for treatment. A list can be found on NREP National Registry of Evidence Based Practice.

ADDICTION BLOG: Who is best qualified for home based addiction treatment services?

OPERATION PAR: The Florida Certification Board Certifies Counselors in Online/ eServices.

ADDICTION BLOG: Are there some people who SHOULD NOT consider this treatment modality?

OPERATION PAR: This protocol is designed for outpatient treatment and is not intended for clients who need residential treatment or detoxification.

ADDICTION BLOG: How many online addiction treatment programs currently exist in the U.S.?

OPERATION PAR: I am not sure. It is estimated that about 25 programs are doing some type of eServices across the state of Florida.

ADDICTION BLOG: What is the average cost of such programs?

OPERATION PAR: Average cost is $150 for an Assessment of services, $100 for individual sessions, $80 for group.

ADDICTION BLOG: How do you measure program success? Is online addiction treatment as effective as face-to-face inpatient or outpatient programs?

OPERATION PAR: Success is measured by client completion of the program and then their demonstrated ability to reach/ maintain stability from drugs and alcohol at the 90 day, 6 month and 1 year mark.

Statistics are proving to be just as effective as face-to-face treatment and with certain populations such as youth and single parent families, more effective.

ADDICTION BLOG: What are some of the benefits or advantages of web based addiction treatment?

OPERATION PAR: The benefits of eServices is: confidentiality to the client because they don’t have to come in and sit in groups with others. Counseling can be adjusted around the clients schedule. It overcomes drop out issues like work life responsibilities and transportation.

ADDICTION BLOG: What are some of the limitations of web based addiction treatment?

OPERATION PAR: The major limitation is the fact that the client isn’t face-to-face, which limits the counselor’s ability to assess demeanor, mood, and body position. It also limits the ability to identify abuse issues.

ADDICTION BLOG: Is there anything else you would like to share with Addiction Blog readers?

OPERATION PAR: eServices use evidenced based intervention and treatment practices; practices that are proven to be effective and can also be used for Assessments and Evaluations, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Student Assistance Programs (SAP), Outpatient Services, and much, much, more…

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