Spice rehab treatment: What to expect?

An overview of what awaits you in rehab for spice addiction.

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Spice Recovery Goes Well Beyond Abstinence

People who experience addiction issues often times think of recovery not as a process, but an endpoint. In case you are addicted to Spice, you should know that recovery, beyond anything else is a process. This step-by-step journey includes the core treatment activities such as: assessment, detox, therapy and aftercare.

The purpose of rehab centers is to provide people in recovery with all the necessary tools and knowledge to reach and maintain sobriety. However, in order for treatment to work, you need to do your part of the work.

Some view treatment only as an attempt to quit drugs, when in fact maintaining recovery is lifelong process. Regardless of the fact that treatment has an end (it lasts for a limited time 30-60-90 days up to a year), recovery requires your long term devotion if you want to remain away from drugs for good.

Here, we’ll take a look at what happens when you enter treatment. We review what happens after your rehab stay ends. Additionally, we’ll provide you with some advice on rehab visiting rules. Finally, we outline the risks of leaving a spice rehab program before completion. Your questions and personal experiences about spice addiction treatment are welcomed at the end. In fact, we try to respond to every real life comment personally and promptly.

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How Does The Process Of Recovery From Addiction Work?

The term spice refers to any blend of herbs and chemicals that are sold as alternatives to marijuana. Spice produces mood-altering effects similar to marijuana when smoked. One of the biggest allures of spice is that is has been marketed as a legal and “safe” alternative to marijuana. It wasn’t until just recently, though, that individuals started to realize that spice wasn’t as safe as it was proclaimed to be, due to the dangerous chemical additives. Because of this, many spice blends are now illegal.

Contrary to popular belief, spice is also now known to be addictive. Spice rehab treatment is sometimes necessary to overcome an addiction to this drug. Entering a treatment program can be intimidating for many people, especially if they aren’t quite sure what to expect during spice rehab treatment. Although treatment for spice addiction won’t be exactly the same for everyone, it will be similar, since rehab facilities generally offer the same types of services the same basic stages of recovery.

Addiction screening and assessment

An thorough evaluation will be performed, including an addiction screening and assessment, before a person enters spice rehab treatment. This is used to determine the severity of a person’s addiction as well as to determine the types of treatments that may work best.

Medical detox

Not everyone experiences spice withdrawal symptoms, but those that do may experience symptoms such as mood swings and intense drug cravings. A medical detox program can be used to help you make it through withdrawal more comfortably and without relapsing.

Psychological treatments

Those in spice rehab treatment will typically undergo individual behavior therapy and group therapy. Some people in recovery and their loved ones may also benefit from family therapy as well.

Education sessions

Many people who become hooked on spice may not realize that the drug is addictive. Education sessions during spice rehab treatment can help people better understand the dangers of this drug as well as help them better understand addiction in general.

Supportive services

Those who complete spice rehab treatment programs will often have a number of supportive services available to them. These services are designed to help them maintain their abstinence and get back on their feet during recovery.

What To Expect After Spice Rehab Treatment?

It’s natural to be nervous to leave an addiction treatment program. Those who know what to expect after spice rehab treatment, though, may find the process of transitioning back into society a little easier.

Before leaving a spice rehab treatment program, addiction specialists will work with you to create an exit plan. This is a written document that outlines some goals that people need to work toward after spice rehab treatment completion. Addiction plans will also usually contain steps that can be taken to reach these goals.

An addiction aftercare plan is also usually created before you finishe treatment. After spice rehab treatment, you will typically continue to attend therapy and counseling sessions, but on an outpatient basis. Supportive services that make recovery a little less difficult will also be available. For instance, people in recovery may be able to get help with childcare, transportation, employment, and health care bills while they are in recovery.

Family Visits In Spice Rehab

Many spice rehab treatment facilities do allow people to have visitors, but only after they have settled into their treatment routine for at least a couple of weeks. If your loved one is in battling a spice addiction, chances are you’re wondering what to expect when visiting someone in spice rehab treatment.

Visitation usually occurs during a few designated hours on the weekends. When visiting someone in spice rehab treatment, you will typically be able to chat with your loved one and discuss nearly anything you wish. Some facilities may also allow you to have a meal with your loved one, take a walk, or play board games.

You may also be invited to participate in certain treatment sessions with your loved one as well. For instance, you may be asked if you would like to attend a group therapy session or participate in family counseling. Taking an active role in your loved one’s treatment is recommended. By doing so, you’ll be able to learn how you can help and support them during their recovery.

An Early Exit From Treatment Can Sabotage Your Recovery

A spice rehab treatment program is not like prison. There are no locks on the doors, and participants are not forced to stay. So, the simple answer to this question is yes – you can leave spice rehab treatment before completion.

Leaving spice rehab treatment before completion, however, is never recommended. Individual treatment programs are designed to adjust to people’s specific needs. Those who choose to leave treatment – for whatever reason – are not typically in the right frame of mind to do so. By not completing the suggested course of treatment, people are putting themselves at a higher risk of relapsing than those who complete a rehab treatment program.

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Spice Rehab Treatment Expectations

When battling a spice addiction, your spice rehab treatment expectations should be high, yet reasonable. For instance, you should expect to be able to overcome your addiction, but don’t expect it to be easy or happen over night. Do you still have questions or concerns about what to expect in spice rehab treatment? Feel free to leave them below, and we’ll address them with a personal response as quickly as we can.

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