Morphine rehab treatment: What to expect?

Recovering from addiction is more than just abstaining from morphine, it requires extended treatment that caters to your needs and teaches you valuable skills to stay sober. Read more about the principles which have been proven effective in treating addiction.

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Take Control Over Your Pain

Morphine is a commonly prescribed pain reliever. But, when you use it for a longer period you can become addicted.

Being addicted to a medication like morphine may make you feel helpless. You may have doubts whether you can ever enjoy life again while you are in chronic pain and addicted to morphine in the same time. But things can change if you want them to change. Living a sober life is possible. The key to overcoming your morphine addiction is looking for professional help.

How can you treat morphine addiction? Here we explore how a medically guided addiction treatment can help you recover. We review the services inpatient morphine rehabs provide. We also discuss the rules for visiting a loved one in morphine rehab. Additionally, we explain why leaving treatment early is a bad idea. Lastly we welcome all your questions about morphine rehab treatment at the end section. We’ll make sure to respond to you ASAP.


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The Road To Transformation In Treatment

Morphine is a narcotic pain reliever that is prescribed for moderate to severe pain. Like other opiates, morphine is highly addictive. Individuals may become physically dependent on morphine regardless of whether they use it legally or illegally.

Overcoming a morphine addiction generally requires the help of a morphine rehab treatment program. If you don’t know what to expect during morphine rehab treatment, though, entering such a program can be intimidating.

To help you better understand what to expect during morphine rehab treatment, we’ve put together the following list of services and treatment methods that are usually offered in morphine rehab treatment.

1. Assessments

An initial intake assessment will be performed when a person enters a treatment program. This is done to determine the severity of the addiction and create an addiction treatment plan. Periodic assessments will also be performed throughout treatment to track a person’s progress.

2. Medical detox

Withdrawal from morphine is not typically life-threatening, but it is usually uncomfortable. Most people in recovery are encouraged to enter a detox facility to ensure that they successfully and comfortably go through morphine withdrawal.

3. Medications

Methadone is a synthetic opiate that is sometimes used to treat morphine addiction. Unlike other opiates, methadone does not result in a “high”, and it can help reduce morphine withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

4. Psychological treatments

Individual behavior therapy is often the most common treatment method used for morphine addiction. However, you will also usually be encouraged to participate in family counseling and group therapy sessions during morphine rehab treatment.

5. Education sessions

Learning about addiction and how to fight it is an important aspect of addiction treatment programs. You will attend several education sessions each week while in morphine rehab treatment.

6. Supportive services

Morphine rehab treatment facilities typically offer a variety of supportive services. These services can include help with housing, transportation, employment, child care, life skills, and pain management.

Finishing Rehab Does Not Signify An End To Your Recovery Journey

Addiction aftercare is one of the most important aspects of morphine rehab treatment. Without a solid aftercare plan, people are at a higher risk of relapsing. People can expect, after morphine rehab treatment, to continue attending individual and group therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. This continuing treatment will ease the difficult transition from the safe, drug-free environment of a treatment facility to the outside world.

An exit plan is also usually created for those who need help understanding what to expect after morphine rehab treatment. This is a written plan, created with the help of an addiction specialist, that lists goals that the person in recovery would like to reach after treatment, as well as how they can go about achieving these goals. This could include goals such as remaining drug-free, finding employment, and rebuilding family bonds.

There’s a good chance that you will need a bit of help even after morphine rehab treatment. If this is the case, rehab facilities will usually be able to refer you to an appropriate program and organization that can support you during their recovery.

What Happens When I Visit My Loved One In Rehab?

Many loved ones want to know what to expect when visiting someone in morphine rehab treatment. The truth is that not all facilities allow visitors, and those that do typically have strict rules that must be followed during visitation.

If a rehab facility does allow visitors, a people in recovery will usually not be allowed to have visitors until they have settled into the routine of treatment. This usually takes a few weeks. However, some facilities may use visitations with loved ones as rewards for progress in recovery, and it may be a longer or shorter period of time before you can visit your loved one.

During your visit, you will usually be asked to abide by the rules of the facility. For instance, you will most likely be asked to limit physical contact with your loved one during your visit. You will also be asked to leave certain personal items, such as medications or cell phones, in your vehicle or at home. Finally, when visiting someone in morphine rehab treatment, there’s a good chance that you will be encouraged to attend family counseling sessions as well as addiction education sessions. Participating in these sessions is a great way for you to better understand your loved one’s addiction, show your support, and help them along the road to recovery.

Leaving Morphine Rehab Early

Like other types of addiction treatment, morphine rehab treatment is completely voluntary. Anyone can leave morphine rehab treatment before completion for any reason. Of course, leaving treatment early is not recommended.

Those who leave morphine rehab treatment early do not learn everything they can from the program. This means that – even if they feel as if they are “cured” – they are most likely unprepared to deal with the problems they may face after they leave treatment. This will most likely result in a relapse, meaning that they will go back to using morphine.

Morphine Rehab Treatment Expectations

Are you or one of your loved ones in need of treatment for morphine addiction? If so, it’s only natural to have concerns and questions. Feel free to leave any of your questions and concerns about morphine rehab treatment expectations below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and hopefully help you make the right choice.

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