Is Tramadol a narcotic?

Yes and No. The DEA and FDA don’t think that Tramadol’s potential for abuse is high enough to make it a narcotic. But its qualities are narcotic-like. Should Tramadol become an official narcotic? We discuss here.

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Is Tramadol a Narcotic?

Yes and No. No, Tramadol is not officially classed as a federal narcotic by either the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) or the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The original classifications created by Controlled Substances Act of 1970 are now monitored and changed by the DEA and the FDA, but neither recognizes Tramadol as a narcotic. Instead, Tramadol is in a class of medications called opiate agonists. However, Tramadol is classified as a narcotic in some states such as Virginia and Kentucky.

Should Tramadol classification change?

Given the addictive nature of all opioid drugs, it might make sense to class Tramadol as a narcotic. In a legal sense, most opium, opium derivatives, and their semi-synthetic substitutes are already considered narcotics. Furthermore, Tramadol can be addictive and is prone abuse and misuse. One argument that manufacturers of Tramadol is is that the medicine is rarely addictive in people who genuinely need them to control pain, and is slow acting.

But given the efficacy of Tramadol, its physical dependence and necessary withdrawal when you stop taking it, I believe that this drug should be classified a narcotic, in order to create legal consequences for those who are taking Tramadol for non-medical reasons. Here is a list of why I believe this:

PROS – Why Tramadol should be a narcotic

* technically a narcotic b/c it binds at opiate receptors in the brain
* high potential for non medical abuse
* current high rates of misuse
* easy to obtain, sell or distribute

CONS – Why Tramadol should not be a narcotic

* legitimate medical use of Tramadol may be affected


What do you think? Should Tramadol remain unclassified? Or should it become a narcotic?  Your comments, experience and opinions are welcomed and will be posted here.

About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I’ve been taking Tramadol for about 4 years, daily, for arthritis (codeine does nothing for me, and never has). I began to ease off to see whether I still needed it, due to the recent changes, making it more difficult to obtain (prescriptions for 1 month only). My normal pain level used to run from 0 to if you ask about it, and I thought about it, I could tell there was some discomfort in my back – but I could still dig dandelions out by bending over.

    Without it? I get stiff just lying in bed. I get stiff sitting. My minimum pain level doesn’t drop below 3 or 4 at any time, and rises to 8 or 9 if I exert like moving a ladder from one side of the garage to the other. I’m going to live with the pain, but I really wish that people with certified need (and at 77, just the claim of arthritis is almost enough – could somehow get an exemption from the tight control.

    Addiction? Only if you call not liking pain an addiction to normal life. I’ve never felt a moment’s “urge” to take a pill since I stopped, other than the pain and stiffness, and I’ve got a bottle full right in the cabinet.

  2. I’m still taking Tramadol for sciatica pain and it is still working great. And yes, I get tested just like Brenda does prior to every Doctor visit. I just accept it as part of the hassle of taking Tramadol. I understand why they test me, and it’s no big deal. I mean the alternative of not taking it means I would be unable to even get out of bed. I am 69 and that is way too early for me to be bedridden. So those who feel insulted or demeaned just need to toughen up and get used to it. Better for them to find abusers than to have the drug banned completely.

  3. No opioid works for me (with the possible exception of – possibly – killing me if I overdose, but I’m not about to try) EXCEPT Tramadol, which takes effect within a few minutes and 50mg lasts for about 40 hours. Evidently, there are differences among people, and if I were prevented from using Tramadol, I’d be bed-ridden and wracked with enough pain that life wouldn’t be worth living. (I spent 4 days in bed before a pharmacologist in the hospital suggested that I try it. I looked at the time when I took it, and wrote it down, then took it. When the pain was gone [totally], I looked at the clock. FIVE MINUTES had passed.)

    Addiction? I’ve missed a dose (50mg qd) and never noticed until the next day when the pain started again. (Severe spinal arthritis.) If the pain stops by itself, I’ll stop taking it, and it wouldn’t bother me – I FORGET to take it.

    As I said, there are evidently differences between people – big enough differences that it matters. One size DOES NOT fit all.

  4. I am a person who lives in chronic pain and I am so sick of the stigmatism that goes along with a suffering human being wanting some relief from pain. For 8 years I took a time released morphine pill every twelve hours and I never once abused that medicine but the way I had to go and get that medicine every month was heartbreaking . I had to pee in a cup and sometimes if the federal nurses were there they would try to tell me that there was not enough in my system and would accuse me of selling my medicine . Why would I do that . I understand that some people may do that but I am not that kinda person. Every month I was treated like an addictive person when all I was doing was trying to have a life without so much pain. I got so sick of the way I was treated I weaned my self off all my pain medicine and my Zoloft and stopped going to the pain clinic . I was living in so much pain and was not able to do much and I was depressed off and on for a while but I did start getting better mentally speaking after a while and my pain became something I have to live with . I go every few years and get epidural injections that gives me some relief but I only take Ibuprofen ( over the counter) for my pain . Nothing gets rid of the pain completely, Nothing . My life is limited by my pain, I have good days and bad days . Some days I suffer for things I do the day before . But I refuse to be treated like a drug addicted person when I just wanted some pain relief, I am sick of being put in a catagory that I am not in. I am sick of the good people suffering for the bad. There should be a blood test that can tell doctors if you are an addictive person just wanting drugs for evil reasons Or a person who truly suffers from chronic pain . I have been in 2 car accidents where drunk drivers crashed into me over a 10 year period of my life. I also was in a accident at work that further destroyed my back . I have had 8 back and neck surgeries to try and fix my bulging disc and in the last year I was diagnosed with a piturtory tumor that is rather large. I live in pain every second of my life and can not have relief from my pain because our society would label me an addict. My first husband was an addict and his whole life was addictive not just his drinking or his drugging . He got into aquarium s , one was not enough he had 11 . He got into plants , my whole house was grow lights and plants . His whole life showed an addictive personality. I am not an addictive person and never have been . When I was on my medicine I always took it as it was prescribed and it helped me have a better life. But I would rather live in extreme pain then to be labeled as something I am not. It’s so sad that our society labels everyone who takes a needed medicine with one label. My life is a painful life.

    1. It is INFURIATING the way that you and so many others are treated. Made to sign contracts, take blood tests, and STILL have people look down their noses at you – all because you want the excruciating pain to stop. This is something that has really bothered me for about 6 years now. I had a customer who was treated like you, and I kept telling her to “take me to an appointment with you.” I wanted to confront the doctor who was treating her so bad, screwing with her meds, and holding that “pain contract” over her head. I asked for years, but she never took me up on the offer. She has been mostly bed ridden for the last few years. I personally deliver her products to her at home now. She used to be fairly heavy, but now she is skin and bones. Too weak to stand outside and chat more than 2 or 3 minutes. I want to do something for those who suffer. I want to get involved, but I don’t know where to start. I believe my voice may help because I don’t take pain meds – I am lucky to not have pain. Therefore, it may hold more weight, or be more credible to others, since they can’t dismiss my words by claiming that they “expect an addict to be in favor of / defend the drugs”. They couldn’t apply their stereotypes to me, so maybe they will be forced to listen. Any thoughts? I will try to check this blog occasionally, too. Sincerely, Heidi.


  6. Patrick: When I first started taking it for sciataca pain, I did notice a feeling of dizziness. That is what abusers probably are going for. Thing is, after taking it for a while, that dizziness goes away. So abusers probably have to take more and more of it to get that feeling. With all the other “fun” drugs available, it seems pretty dumb to try and get feelings of “high” from Tramadol. But drug abusers aren’t known for being smart.

  7. How could it even be. Considard a narcotic when you don’t receive the good feeling when you take it I’ve been taken it for awhile and it does help my arthritis pain but I don’t get the feeling I have gotten from other pain relievers I thunk somebody is full of sh*t

  8. my dr just prescribed me tramodol for my back pain. if u take it like ur suppose to then wats the problem no i dont think its should be a narcotic because its not ppl should take meds as they are directed and we wont have the addicts issues to have to worry about

  9. From my own experience tramadol should be a controlled narcotic.. i still used since i was prescribed by a doctor for herniated spine. Its been 5 years. Now if i dont take it i get anxiety attacts and unable to sleep. I went to a rehab center for help. But they drugged me with something i wont ask for tramadol. After 3 weeks leaving the rehad my anxiety attacks came back…… P/S Rehab centers dont know much about treating this opioid…..

  10. I am a Tramadol user. I don’t feel that this drug should be classified as a narc. I have had a knee replacement and I’m working on losing weight so that I can get the other knee replaced. In the mean time, I suffer from osteoarthritis, with little cartilage in my right knee. Over the counter meds like Aleve will not work to relieve the pain from “Bone on Bone’, so Tramadol is the next best option. From a cost standpoint,I can get it much cheaper from my insurance company as a prescription. I never felt like I am addicted to it, and I do take it often to relieve the pain in my knee. If I need to quit, I could do that easily.

  11. I sustained a severe back injury years ago. Due to varying issues including fusions, I have low grade continuous chronic back pain. I have taken most of the pain killers and I do not over take them. During an injury the prescription is correct but as time progresses one doesn’t need the level of pain killer and you can taper off of them as the pain decreases.
    I am furious that everyone ONLY looks at addiction to actual medical help! I understand some doctors over prescribe but with computers, I can’t get more than the doctor prescribes and insurance governs this on top of it.
    It is becoming so difficult to get them as a person that these pharmaceuticals help because of this. I can’t drive a car when the pain is at maximum but I have to get to the doctor’s office to get the script. Will all those thinking of only addiction deliver the script to my house for legitimate use?
    Also, the fools in favor of banning as in censorship don’t realize a few things about human nature.
    1. Making them difficult to get only increases their street value but it doesn’t seem to make them less available to most who do not need them from what I am reading.
    2. Increasing their street value makes them more desirable to be sold on the street. Period. Mainly teens and younger adults looking to make money any way possible will gravitate to the easiest and most expensive drugs to sell.
    3. If they are sold on the street human psychology kicks in. The addiction rate will increase because no one is prescribing them or watching the use of them to keep the levels appropriate.
    4. Teens, in particular, will also want that which is banned by authorities. It’s a rebellion mentality that seems to set in this age group. This destroys their lives and future as much as it affects their families.
    5. As with cigarettes and alcohol – they aren’t banned BUT the rates of use are dropping because of education and high costs. This is the right approach to reducing the use of highly addictive substances that are easily purchased at every corner after reaching an appropriate age but their use and purchases are decreasing.
    Why don’t we apply the same principles to these other “addictive drugs”?.
    I am careful not to over take them because I actually need them. If i became addicted then what would I do when the pain becomes intolerable and my tolerance high? Go broke or be smart and use them sparingly after initial post surgery or injury

  12. I go to applegate cover. U think may be if I take this tramadol I get in trouble. With them they help u get off everything. I am taking solblton. 8 mg plz. Tell Me something.

  13. The laws on pain medicine has gotten out of control. its making it way to hard for people that need help to get any at all. Punish those that are abusing it. Why punish those that need help? these laws are starting to have the appearance of Communism traits. I will put in plain English the Doctors are not practicing by the Oath they took. Plain English don’t piss down my back and tell me its Raining. its B.S. a 11yr old can figure this one out. Thank you for your time.

  14. I need help with addiction.and don’t know how to get help.i been on stuff for 8years .im not myself and was not brought up this way I can’t do it myself

    1. Hi Renne. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment for you.

  15. I do not believe the classification of Tramadol should be changed. The powers that be are rapidly making it impossible to get pain relievers for the elderly. If I was not able to get this sort of relief, I would not be able to function on a normal basis. If we are going to extend life we must make it as comfortable as possible. Otherwise there is not reason to do it. Too many very painful things are still out there and will not be solved in the near future. My opinion.

  16. Just started taking tramadol and so far I like it, the best my arthritis has felt in months only been taking it for two days.

  17. No it should not. There is too much control now on opiates affecting people who actually need it. As far as addiction, people get addicted to anything from coffee to cigarettes, and is a poor excuse to keep adding drugs to the narcotic list. Time for people to take responsibility for their own behavior and not have it mandated.

    1. Hi Janet. I suggest that you speak with your doctor about the possible interaction between these two medications.

  18. Kay: Tramadol doesn’t have that type of side effect that I know of. I would go back to the Doctor and tell him what you are experiencing. Sounds more like neuropathy from diabetes or a blood circulation problem.

    Arlene: at a guess I would say 8-10 hours. Depends on the physical size of the person taking it I would think.

  19. Have only had two scripts of 20 pills each script (5o’s) and t5ake up to two every 8 hours.They give some help for the pain (trapped nerve between hip and femur bone and also left hip bursitis ) when pain is at it’s worst I can’t walk or move at all I hate all medications and have a phobia re- any medication but I had to take the tramadol as the pain was so bad,I think I am having adverse reaction as in last two weeks I am getting pins and needles in right hand thumb and left leg is totally pins and needles.I think the only hope I have is to have an operation and have the nerves removed,my fear is that I may end up in a wheel chair but right now that option seems a better one than pain.

  20. Ive been on tramadol for 10 years started off at 50 milligrams now 200 im on 6 200 milligrams max a day depending howi feel I did have 3 Drs on the go so no probs getting scripts but laws have changed here and im down to 1 Dr i really want to get off them but will have to admit my usage and am worried i will be made to go cold turkey I get so sick when i do stop taking them What best plan to sort this

  21. I tapered off after 8 years. Im still getting buzzed in my head from it. The VA wanted to put me in the Detox ward. I did it on my own.

  22. Yes you can get hooked on tramadol, the withdrawals are not like hydro or oxycodone or other opiates, but it makes your body hurt to the point you can become suicidal. I was taking 480 pills every month before getting caught…thanks to suboxone I was able to overcome I’m once again taking 240 pills a month and they don’t last the month so I have to take any other thing I can get pain relief from

  23. Hello I’m new to this blog ! And I just need somewhere to vent about my mother-in-law and her addiction she is so lost in her addiction to narcotics that I feel like our hands are up in the air she is addicted to tramadol among a lot of other narcotics this a very real disease in fact I just came from the ER. Because she went to get one of her famous cocktail shots ! It is killing us seeing her do this to her self ! I could go on and on but that’s all for now please leave feel welcome to give you’re feedback!!

  24. Clearly it is a narcotic. It was not a scheduled substance in NC until April of this year 2015! It was given to me because my MD’s considered it a safe alternative to opiates considering I have a long history of opiate abuse. Who dropped the ball on this one?


  26. Yes…should be classified as narcotic….I was an innocent participant..prescribed by 2 docs for back pain….took for approx 7 years….Thank God I am free of it now….and realize all of the horrid side effects I had while taking…..didn’t know why I felt so bad for so many years….am now back to my okd self and feeling good…will deal with the back pain with Advil and Aleve…

  27. Making Tramadol a narcotic is only causing problems. I have my dreams of going back to trucking without the tramadol with my early osteoporosis and osteoarthritis it is really the only option since other medications make my ulcers worse, and it does help with my fatigue problem it causes me no problems that would inhibit driving or other things, now my dreams could be squashed like a grape on the floor, and addicting , no I have come off of it many times, and taken breaks from it, and I know it is causing major problems for most doctors I talk to and others who use it in the day but need a small amount of something stronger at night , put it back where it belongs please.


  29. Tramadol is now government controlled in the UK. I have chronic long term back pain due to a bone density deteriorating condition but as I have been on a methadone program my Dr will not prescribe me Tramadol even though I have tried probably every medication possible and it is the only 1 that helps

  30. yes, I was very surprised when I took for about a month and Tramadol worked very well for me,even helped my depression but when I reailized I felt I needed it everyday and started to taper down,i got very restless and very sad,down and out…..I thought I,d found something to help my Interstitial cystitis and my Back,,,well ,I can tell you it is addictive,not horrible to quit but not totaaslly without some discomfort,,,

  31. I guess it depends on what you call “high”. I got dizzy the first few days I took it. Now, no dizziness at all. I have neuropathy real bad in feet and hands and Tramadol and Gabapentin really work together nicely to suppress it. I may have to start taking a dose of Tramadol in the morning to get me through the day, though. Neuropathy gets real bad just before my single nighttime dose.

  32. tramadol does get u high if you take 4to6 and wait an hour it does pack a punch and is addictive and u will withdrawal from them if u take em as prescribed u would never know they carry a euphoric high…for those who say different dont know shush!!!


  34. Tramadol is not addicting for people who need it. If your an addict then I guess just about anything and everything should be taken off the market. We cater to people to can not control themselves… the one ruining it for all the good. Why do we protect them? There are more productive things our government should be doing with their time. I could go on about personal growth and responsibility, but that would take to long. Short version, leave lower level drugs alone.

  35. My husband is a physician and was told it was not a narcotic so he started taking 200mg. Within ten years he went up to 1200 mg and lost all sense of morals. He had a long term affair and would come home and be a happy go lucky guy. He lost his conscious as the dose continued to increase. After six years of living a double life; he got caught. Attempted suicide and is in a rehab dealing with all types of issues. From depression to sex addiction to drug addiction. He thought he would be there 30 days it now looks like 90 days. He became dishonest, a liar, and became someone who justified his actions. His affair started two years prior to our marriage and continued throughout. He was performing surgery and was dishonest with everyone. He discovered that Mexico had 100mg pills and started getting others to buy the drug Dora him. I cannot forgive his actions. He might lose the only person that loved and saw the good in him. I hate what this drug has done.

  36. TARGETONMYBUTT: I sure sympathize with you. The VA doesn’t seem to be as strict with Tramadol, although I had to sign agreements to be randomly piss-tested. Not a big deal as I am prone to kidney stones and they have to test my urine for blood all the time anyway. Perhaps you should look into getting another Doctor that isn’t as fearful of police and media? Just a thought. Hang in there.


  38. Western Medicine Sucks. It is all about big Pharm Making Money. Pain is your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong. Taking medication that only stops the pain at the receptors in your brain is like turning off your fire alarm and ignoring the fire. The person that said they are taking a bottle of 100 of these things a week will not have to worry for too long, as their liver and kidneys are going to fail real soon and they will be dead anyway? I was prescribed this garbage for pain in lieu of Hydrocodone, which worked well, and I was not abusing in any way. 1/2 Pill twice a day, never increased dosage, but my doctor said he could no longer prescribe them for me so he gave me a scrip for these. I felt like I was leaning to the right when I walked, and I had terrible nightmares. I took it for about three days, then flushed the rest, and rode out the storm. Then I started exercising. That did the trick. There is no free lunch, or alternate world, you are stuck with this one for a while, so get used to it.

  39. Dave: My feelings exactly! I am also on a gabapentin-tramadol mix for my neuropathy and it is the only thing keeping me going every day. Otherwise, I doubt I would ever get out of bed. The pain from walking around or trying to hold something in my hand is just too intense.

  40. I’m a paraplegic who suffers from horrific nerve pain. I originally was put on gabapentin for my pain and it worked well for awhile, but my pain got steadily worse so he stretched my dosage to the max allowable for per day and it still wasn’t enough. Then my doctor added tramadol, we gradually reached a dosage of 50mg X4 per day to finally get my pain down to a level I tolerate. I don’t know where I’d be without it. My pain was so bad that I actually considered suicide rather than live like that. To me tramadol is a life saver!!! Narcotic or not a narcotic; I don’t care! Am I afraid of being addicted to it? Absolutely not! Even if I was I wouldn’t care because the relief it gives me from pain is substantial and has changed my life. I can participate in life again rather than stay home and suffer in silence.

  41. When I was started on Ultram I thought it was just a medicine that was a step above Tylenol and probably would not work for my Fibromyalgia and Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. I had already tried Tylenol and Aspirin as well as the anti-inflammatories. I can barely stand to be touched. Imagine my surprise when after a few twice a day doses I was far from pain free but could take a little more part in life. It took the edge off the pain. I have never once felt ‘high’. I’ve only felt less pain. That’s why I don’t see how it could be a narcotic or resold to others. Do some get high? I have used it for years now with good benefits. There are no euphoria or strange sensations that I have experienced or desired.

  42. I take Tramadol 50mg. 2 BID and would not be able to get up in the mornings without it. Arthritis has touched me throughout my body and leaves me stiff and in a lot of pain each day. For years I was told it was in my head and nothing given helped. About 9 years ago I was given Tramadol and when taken as the doctor recommends I get along just fine. I can get up at 5:30 a.m. and be able to move around in about 45 mins.

    I hate to think what my life would be like without this drug. I know it has a strong withdrawal because I have had to go without a few days because of regulations already put on this drug. I have a hard time with the pain in addition to withdrawal pain.

    This has been my salvation and allows me to function normally when I take it regularly.

    Thank You,

  43. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  44. NO!! Tramadol should not become a narcotic. That would make it harder to obtain for people who really need it that cant obtain narcotics. I have fibromyalgia, back pain, nerve damage and severe leg pain. I currently take tramadol and DO NOT know what I would do without it. Call it addiction if you want but it takes most of my pain away so I can function and actually go to work.

  45. Christina: Most likely yes, it will show up. As long as she has a prescription and is taking it legally, she should be okay. Why is she scared?

  46. My sister takes tramadol 50 mg. She has a urine test scheduled in about three weeks. Will it show up? I told her drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. But she is scared. Will this help? She takes about five a day.

  47. LINDA CLARY and other chronic pain sufferers: THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT. I have been dealing with debilitating chronic widespread pain since 1980. Years ago it forced me to have to go on Social Security Disability. I could not function. I have multiple health problems, each one leaving me disabled; but, one of my most intolerable problems is daily migraine and facial bone pain that extends down my neck, across my shoulders and acute pain in my actual shoulder joints causing vomiting, thrashing and literally takes my breath away. I have numerous specialists each trying and trying addictive and non-addictive medications to try to prevent or at least relieve my pain even just a little. All prescriptions have failed even the narcotics. In 2013, my primary care doctor referred to a pain management specialist who recommended I try what they call “IV LIDOCAINE INFUSION”. The IV drip contains lidocaine, ketamine, toradol and propofol. It takes about an hour including some recovery time. I have it done every 5-7 weeks – but I understand some patients get months of relief from one infusion. I walk in with pain between 7-10 on the pain scale; and during or immediately after the infusion, my pain is 0. That’s right, zero! My pain returns gradually after about three weeks, but never once to the level it was before I received my first treatment And, I have not experienced any negative side effects at all. I encourage you all to talk to your doctor about this and get yourselves referred to a pain management specialist. Many of my doctors were not even aware that this procedure existed so I am educating them and encouraging them to spread the word amongst their peers. So write down the details I have provided and present it to your pain management specialist. I used to wish for just an hour without pain. Now I get weeks of relief; and as the pain gradually returns, it is less acute and more tolerable. This treatment has absolutely, positively changed the quality of my life. Now I can remember (and experience) what it is like to not be in excruciating, 24/7, intolerable pain. Assert yourself and ask for this. I wish you all relief!!!

  48. I tore both rotator cufffs in my shouders years ago thhey prescrbibed me percocet for a while got off them with not to bad of problem but now I have arthitis in both shouder along with bone spurs .the doc perscrbed me trmadol and it works just fine.Idon’t see how you could abuse unless you took really high doses of it .It’s not addictve or as strong but seems to me to work fine.I accidently threw them in the garbage one month along with old blood pressure vials so instead calling my doctor and have to tell him what a stupid thing and have him think I was making it up I went without them for over a week until my next refill the pain was terrible butas far as withdrawl symptoms I felt crappy for a few days tryied not to think about which along with trying to stay busy which was hard because I hurt so much.The tramadol works pretty well I have to say and by the way I’m 55 years old and work in construction.Anyone having problems with the meds good luck an god bless. PEACE

  49. Went to the VA today and had to fill out all kinds of forms because New Mexico has re-classified Tramadol. I can still get it from the VA, but they made me to agree to random pee tests. Not a big deal as I have to take pee and blood tests anyway because I am prone to kidney stones. I was also warned that they would keep a close watch on my consumption of the drug. Again…no big deal. I only take it myself and that is only once in the evening. But it really smokes me that idiots would abuse this drug. It makes it harder for those that actually get legitimate benefits from it from getting a prescription. And the Doctor said they also raised the classification for Vicodin in the state. I took that in the past for pain from kidney stones.

  50. tramadol and gabapentin are the only meds that help with my significant fibro and peripheral neuropathy pain. the word “addiction” should never be spoken in the same breath as chronic pain. I suffer 24/7 with unrelenting nerve pain. I did not ask for these diseases nor did anyone else. I am never ever pain free. if I wanted narcs, I have oxy here for years and never took one. please leave chronic pain suffers alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I have been taking tramadol 50mg – 2 tablets – 4 times a day, for 1 1/2 yrs. now, and I don’t feel like I am addicted to it or I need it to get high. I take it for nerve pain. I had lower back surgery for a herniated disc and the surgeon botched the surgery by accidentally cutting a nerve, must have been a very large cut because Tramadol has been the only thing that helps, but does not stop the pain totally, but it definitely works well for me.

  52. They sent it from PA, but the people that I order from all have these European accents I think. I’m not sure what kind of accent to call it. And they call all the time practically begging me to place an order!

  53. Leah: As long as the place you are ordering from has the Doctor’s prescription, you can order online or over the phone. Note that when it arrives you will have to sign for it. I would be suspect of what you are ordering/receiving if they didn’t have a prescription. Was the place you ordered from located in the USA or was it overseas?

  54. I am from Alaska..Is is illegal to order tramadol over the phone? I ordered through the phone, and all they asked me was my age, height, and weight, didn’t ask for a prescription. They send me tramadol COD. It comes in a bottle with my name on it and everything…I’m starting to worry that I can get arrested for having these

  55. I have 12 screws and 2 metal plates in my ankle…..not to mention I have fractured my hip in 2 places and broke my wrist and shoulder….I am constantly in pain somewhere! the doctors down here in Delta Colorado are to afraid to give narcotics out…which sucks for the people who actually need ever tramadol because it isn’t classified as such is acceptable…I really hate how people miss use drugs and ruin it for us people who actually need them..and because of them arnt able to get the help we need….and for our doctors to be so scared to give people the help they need as well! sad sad sad!

  56. Hi Julie. I’d suggest that she self-disclose to her prescribing doctor about the high doses and seek medical help and supervision of possible withdrawal.

  57. My daughter has RA she has overdosed on tramadol she took 80 pills in three days should she stop taking completely or go back to recommended dose of 1-2 3 times a day. She in a withdrawal state bad anxiety can’t sleep please giver some advice

  58. No Ultram (Tramadol) is not considered a controlled substance in the state of Georgia, though it is listed as a dangerous drug. Not sure what listing it as a dangerous drug involves, though. If you have a prescription, I wouldn’t worry too much.

  59. I have prescription for tramadol, and i’m on probation so what does it show up as if any?? i live in GA and not sure if its a narcotic please could you tell me if its a controlled substance and if it shows up on urine drug screen,and what it shows positive for? Thank you very much

  60. I been prescribed Tramadol HCI 50 mg three times daily for severe back and knee pain from car accident! my question is does Tramadol show up on a urine 10 panel drug screen, and what if any does it show up as? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILIES AS WELL !!!!

  61. I have gone through five spinal surgeries, Tramadol or Ultram allows me to function as a human being, without pain. There are no highs from taking the dose, I can take two tablets and two hours later I am pain free all day. Without it I endure horrible pain in my back and legs, and sleeping at night is impossible. There will always be addicts among us , but should the rest of us suffer because of them. The war on drugs is an expensive failure. Start treating it like you do alcohol, tax the hell out of it. Spend the money in treating the addicts, instead of fighting a losing battle. Stupidity runs Kentucky Congress. Gets an education boys.

  62. Ken: What you say makes no sense. If it’s the Feds, it would not depend on what state you live in. They have jurisdiction in ALL states.
    Let’s not resort to scare tactics and rumors when describing Tramadol. It would take a “determination of incompetency” to prevent you from buying or owning firearms.

  63. Joe: That’s great!! I had that same “head high” and I had to walk kinda slow because my balance was unstable. That went away after a week or so. Now I can feel Tramadol “come on” at night when I am laying in bed. The diabetic neuropathy just seems to disappear as soon as Tramadol kicks in. And it lasts for most of the next day and evening. So I only have to take one dose per 24 hours (100mg).

  64. I take tramadol for stenosis. The Va passes it out like candy. Try to tell them you need help getting off the drug and they pass you off to mental health. Now what do you think the fed does with that info? They come and get your guns in some states. Think a prospective employer can’t get that info? You think wrong.

  65. I have severe gouty arthritis in my feet and i was prescribed 50mg of tramadol to be taken every four to six hours for pain. i do feel a little like head high but thats it. it works very well to where the pain is almost not there anymore. without them i have to crawl. my feet cant touch the ground without me screaming. Im only 26 and its help me to the point where i can run around outside with my 3 little daughters.

  66. This medication is not working enough for me. Pain still there despite taking the top dose. This stuff is like a tease it only works sometimes and other times it only works if you double up on it. Headaches and back pain seem to only be partly masked on this stuff. Sucks.

  67. Very well said 335i. I do NOT want to mix up comments by those who are taking Tramadol for “recreational purposes” with those of us who are taking it for serious pain. For many of us Tramadol is a lifesaver that allows us to survive our days and nights without pain, or with the pain greatly lessened.

  68. Ken, why are you prescribed tramadol?
    From your post I don’t understand what condition you have.
    I can figure out that you have pain that at times makes it hard to breathe.

    Many of us here are chronic pain sufferers, but not all of us have the same bodily response to the same medications.
    If tramadol doesn’t work for you, then you need to work with your doctor or pain specialist to try different treatments and/or medications.
    Only you know how and if a certain medication affects you, and you need to communicate that to your doctor/s so that together you can find different methods and/or medications.

    When a medication is prescribed by a doctor, it is for medicinal purposes due to a verified condition. This has nothing to do with people who take these types of drugs to get high.
    Since we do have people who take these drugs for no medical reason other than to get high, there needs to be a clear distinction between “patients” and “non patients”.
    This will be a step in the right direction, by recognizing the distinct differences.

  69. Well, for Fibromyalgia I have never had relief with Tramadol, Percocet, (made me very, very high) Ibuprofen. I came off Tramadol slowly; I was at 50mg 3x a day and just came off 50mg at a time without issue. None of these helped with my migraines, osteoarthritis or soft tissue damage from a car accident.

    All I can say is I felt no different on it, unlike Percocet, and was no issue at all to step down from and come off of completely.

  70. I wish to add to my last post. I have WED, severe restlessness throughout my entire body. I hesitate to call it restlessness because most people have at one time or another wakeful restlessness and just can’t sleep. But this is a gnawing, creeping throughout the muscles, joints and nerves; I don’t know how else to describe it. The only thing one can think of is “escape.” In Texas, Tramadol is not considered a narcotic and in Arkansas it is. Now I am having to go through all the tests again regardless that it is in all my paperwork sent here from my primary doctor. I am currently being given minimum amounts of Tramadol… (2) 50mg a day to get me through the testing. I am scared to death that they are not going to find something that will help me. Because if they don’t, I fear they won’t prescribe something that has already been proven to work. That’s why I think that to consider it a narcotic legally, it will prevent doctors or at the very least discourage doctors from caring for their patients that actually need it. I say to those of you who might be curious; No, it does not give me a high at least not in the amount I am taking. But to some, perhaps it does.

  71. Right now I think it should be unclassified simply because if it is classified a narcotic, many doctors will not give it to his/her patients. Many doctors won’t anyway because it is addictive…but then so are sleep meds. I applaud the diligence to stop controlled substance abuse; but it seems that has taken priority over the care and comfort of the patient. The doctor should know his patient and what drugs have been tried. Some times the only thing left is a narcotic. So what does a doctor do? Say, “Sorry, you might become addicted, so I am going to let you have a nervous breakdown with the pain, Willis-Ekbom, etc.”

  72. Tramadol is a God awful medication. It ruins your personality . How does one detox this drug and function day to day? This BS about doseage control. WHEN THE PAIN hurts you so bad you have to go to the restroom and stay there till the pain subsides enough to come out and then you have to lie about it so no one knows. You jobs because you can not balance the doses low enough to kill the pain that day. Take as doctor directed comment was stupid. Should I tell the pain to go away so I can answer the phone without taking gasps of air to talk?

  73. Frank: Tramadol still working great for me too. I take it for sciatic pain in my left leg. I also take Gabapentin to treat diabetic neuropathy in my feet and hands. They seem to work well together and I have had no negative side effects except for constipation from the Tramadol and sleepiness from the Gabapentin. Thank goodness for “better living through chemistry” 🙂

  74. First of all, I have osteoarthritis due to a blood disorder (factor 9 deficiency, hemophilia B). Basically I have bleeding in the joints and the tramadal I take relieves the pain. Up until 5 months ago I was taking diclofenac along with the tramadol but my Doc took me off the D because it also thins your blood. The reason that’s not good is because my disorder effects the coagulation of my blood. The reason it was stopped is because I had a full knee replacement and they were afraid of the excess bleeding during and after surgery. As far as the tramadal is concerned, it works Great for me. The few times I’ve run out waiting for a refill, the only problems I had were pain only (no side affects ie; cold sweats etc)
    I have been taking tramadal since 1999 !!!

  75. As we can see from the various people and their posts, any chemical can effect different people differently.
    I have deteriorating disc’s in my lower back, along with stenosis in the lower vertebra. This had resulted in sciatica causing pain mainly in the left buttock area running down my left leg with burning pain, as well as tightening of the left leg muscles from the left buttock/hip down to my toes. So there is added pain due to the muscles tightening along with the nerve pain. It has progressed to near same issues on my right side as the bulging, deteriorated discs and stenosis has progressed.

    I am prescribed hydrocodone with ibuprofen due to the anti-inflammatory effects of ibuprofen. This works for me. However, as with most chronic pain patients, I too have developed a tolerance to opiate pain medication. Medically there is a difference between “tolerance/dependency” and “addiction”. The difference is that with tolerance the patient’s body chemistry becomes “too familiar” with a given dose and thus needs a higher does to get the same relief. As with addiction, if the patient stops taking the medication, then they will start having physical withdrawal as there is no external chemistry, which the body has become adjusted to have.

    More in another post so as to not make this one too long. 🙂

  76. Ken: One thing I do BEFORE taking ANY medication is to research it online. I have a VA doctor and they don’t tell you anything about what they are prescribing. And the VA are notorious “pill pushers”. All I can suggest is to try tapering off it by reducing the amount you take on a WEEKLY basis. And do it by 1/4 pill incements so that it doesn’t have such a drastic effect. Your are gonna need a pill cutter. 😉


  77. Mike

    Tramadol was prescribed to me as a non narcotic pain killer. There was no info disgussed that it could be addictive. Stenosis can become less painful over time with steroid injections directly into the spine. After a few months the pain lessened and I wanted to stop taking tramadol. I found I got sick disoriented and confused.

  78. Ken: Just curious, but WHY did you try to stop taking it. Was the Stenosis cured? I have had no problem not taking it cold turkey with no weaning. The problem is when I stop taking it the sciatic nerve pain in my leg is unbearable. After reading about stenosis, it seems like it is up to YOU to treat it. You should have done research on Stenosis before taking Tramadol.

  79. The VA gave me Tramadol for Stenosis pain five years ago. I tried to quit taking this crap to many times to count by weaning doses and within a few days was feeling terrible really ill shaky and not centered at all. VA tells me no one has ever come to them with this problem. Not true! I read that there are hundreds of GI’s on this crap and they are addicted. I spoke to the VA doctor and they say weaning is it and what was the matter with me? It’s easy they said. When I told them I tried many times to wean myself off as the book says to do. They said the only alternative they have is to put me in mental health as a drug abuser. Imagine that. Anyone ready for Obamacare?
    I get sessions in a group with real drug abusers and all I with some sort of counter non addicting drug that will ease the awful symptoms of withdrawl so I can get my life back on track.

  80. kevin: Maybe it doesn’t work for you, but do you think those of us it does work for would spend money on it if it DIDN’T work? Advil does nothing to stop my sciatic nerve pain. I could take ten of them and it still wouldn’t work.

  81. tramadol is not an effective painkiller i prescribed a few and they did not work at all i got more relief from advil and my doctor even said it was a joke

  82. Well after six months of taking tramadol the only negative side effect for me had been constipation. And I mean REAL BAD constipation. I won’t go into the disgusting details, suffice it to say I had to “manually” assist myself in passing my bowels. The counter to this problem for me is Dulcolax stool softener and drinking LOTS of water.

  83. i have had severe restless leg syndrome for over 20 years. add fibromyalgia about 5 years ago. i went weeks without sleep and often was in so much pain at night that i screamed. i walked around the house all night because i could not lay down. tons of sleep meds never worked (ambien is hell) and pain meds a joke. finally about 2 years ago my v.a. doc put me on tramadol. it has completely transformed my life! my fibro is gone (unless i miss my meds) and i can lie down at night comfortably. i now go to sleep about 4 a.m. and get 5-6 hours. i consider tramadol a miracle drug and frankly don’t care if i am addicted! i have had no side effects.

  84. Tom: I agree 100%. I had a slight “narcotic feeling” the first time I took it, but it went away after that. I recently went to the VA doctor that prescribed tramadol and gave him a glowing report on how well tramadol relieves the pain from my sciatic nerve as well as the arthritis in my knees. By relieving the pain in those areas I am now able to be more active and I actually lost 7 pounds of weight.

  85. Hey,
    I have chronic lower back pain from working in construction. My doctor recommended Tramadol HCL ER 100 mg. It worked for awhile and then he bumped me up to 200mg. It helps alot. I have tried vicodin and percocets in the past however Tramadol works well without the narcotic feeling. It takes about two hours before you will notice anything.

  86. Michael: You don’t give any details on WHY you are taking Tramadol. Also no details on the changes you say you have had. Are you taking them for pain? Have you tried cutting back on the doseage?

  87. I’V been taking tramal 150mg 2 daily modified release tab for 5 years it has changed me in many ways for the worst my personality ect. I want to get of these but i can’t. Anyone who says they are non addictive don’t know what their on about.

  88. I’ve been taking tramadol for about 2 years after injuring my shoulder in a car accident. It works well for the pain and also as an anti depressant which was a surprising unintended benifit. I was prescribed different anti depressants before including imiprimine trazadone many others that did nothing (lexapro). Tramadol not only works for pain but also is an excellent antidepressant. I believe it’s chemically related to effexor? Anyway shouldn’t be put on controlled substances list. My doc hated to prescribe scheduled meds. And I like my doc. If it was scheduled I would be forced to find other methods to obtain my medications so I can function. Codeine is availabile without prescription in some countries. Why the need to control ever hing in US?

  89. If you are looking to catch a buzz on tramadol you got to take more than 2. At least 4 or 5 (50 ml). In NY it is still not a narcotic so the doctor can call them in to the drug store. It also helps if you cannot get vicodin or percocets because the doctor will not give them to you or you have depleted your savings account and cannot afford to get them in the streets. I must warn you that the withdrawl is just as bad or worse.

  90. JimA: Sciatic pain has almost completely disappeared. I get VA coverage and they verified it was nerve problems in my back. I think it is also affecting my left arm and shoulder, as I was getting the “pins and needles” feelings and some moderate pain in the shoulder. That has subsided, but I still have a weird feeling in my thumb. All through that pain Tramadol has been an excellent pain reducer.

  91. Hi Mike,

    Go to a good orthopedic doc and have them take X-rays. I had sciatica, and it was totally related to my hip. Hip replaced, sciatica gone. Check it out.

  92. Hi Everyone. I am 66 and arthritic. I needed a hip replacement and was prescribed Hydrocodone for the pain 10/500. First at every 4 hours. I waited too long to get the hip replaced, because I try to let my body heal all ills, but I was down to bone on bone, and I had episodes that left me crying the pain got so bad, and I am not a cryer. I finally got my hip replace, and continued the use Hydrocodone after the replacement for the pain after the surgery. That was in May. I am now healed, but have continued use of the hydro since May but at two pills a day. I went to one pill a day, breaking them in half for a couple of week now, now I am down to one half just at bedtime. I called my Dr. for a refill and he prescribed Tramadol as a substitute. He said that I should stop taking an opiate, even though I never abused the use of the drug, and only increased use in a weather change, which can really lay me low.

    Bottom line is that after reading the posts here, and going through the anxiety of weaning myself off the Hydro, I think I am going to try something Natural Like Kratom Leaf extract, because they say its not addicting.

    I think that the answer, for those of you that can tolerate it, is to get some exercise, even if its just a little bit. That helps a lot, when I can do it. The thing that really upsets me about the current situation is the fact that so many people, take narcotics to get high, when they don’t need them for pain, and that has ruined it for people that really need them for pain.

    There was a show on TV the other night and the US, which has 5% of the worlds population, consumes 85% of the worlds prescribed narcotics. Opioid use is clearly out of control, like everything else in the US.

  93. More info on the effects of Tramadol:
    I have discovered that the drug is more effective when take on an empty stomach or after a light meal (soup and sandwich). I still only take it before bedtime. No way I would take this during the day. If you have to drive or operate any kind of machinery, it’s just too risky. It is still effective for my sciatic nerve pain and also seems to work for arthritis pain. And I agree 100% with Mr. Gray and Faith who posted above. I have no problems going off Tramadol and only take it when needed for pain. That is maybe 2-3 times a week. Sometimes less. The insomia I was going through when I initially started taking it has disappeared. The only negative effect I have with it is occasional constipation. And now that my body has adjusted to it that has been greatly reduced. BTW…I am 63 years old. My pain tolerance is pretty high, but the sciatic nerve pain is more than I can take without help.

  94. Hi Mike. Thanks for sharing more about how tramadol affects your body and mind. Some people are just hard wired (scientists postulate) to be more prone to enjoying psychoactive effects than others. I do wonder, though, if there are other treatments out there for nerve pain that don’t have these unwanted side effects. The night waking and the panic does not sound appealing!

  95. I have taken 7 doses of tramadol. Two 50mg pills each dose once in the evening each day. When I first started taking it, it was pretty effective against my sciatic nerve pain in my leg. I also experienced the weird “slow motion” effect of my body moving VERY slowly. And there was a weird “head trip” of my head feeling “spacey”. Now, I don’t experience either, but I do wake up in the middle of the night with insomnia. Seems like my brain is in overdrive and I get streaming thoughts” going through it. Last night I didn’t take any and suffered a minor insomnia attack. For th4e life of me i can’t figure why anyone would take this drug for it’s “effects”. I don’t enjoy them at all and onmly take it for the sciatic nerve pain.

  96. I just took my first dose of Tramadol last night at Midnight (100mg). It was prescribed by my VA doctor to treat a sciatic nerve problem I have. It didn’t kick in for about 2 hours. Possibly because I had a big dinner. But when it did kick in, holy smokes! I woke up and my head was totally spaced out. The pain I went to bed with was gone, but it was definitely a powerful drugged feeling. It’s 9:47AM and I am still experiencing a residual effect. This is definitely something I will take for extreme, emergency pain situations only.

  97. I invite people to come back after three years on being on Tramadol. Try to get off of it and see what it does. Because, by then you will be tolerent to that and all other normal doses of narcotis. Getting off Tramadol is the most horrific thing that has happened in my life. Think of countless weeks trying to calm the feeling of “crawling out of your skin” with no where to turn for help? Guess what? Detox won’t take you. So you are off to fend for yourself as your world falls apart. I dare you to try. This HAS to be a narcotic. I have a couple weeks to go and I’ll be fine. But I’m on a mission.

  98. i take tramadol daiy for intense burning .aching, shooting pain from my buttocks to my toes. my feet are also numb at times. this all began with a cytomegaloviral illness more tham 2 years ago. the docs and i use the word loosely, treated me like i was “nuts” i went to 12 plus docs my first 6 months of beimg ill and was told there was nothing wrong with me, go back to work. at that time i could hardly walk into the doc ‘s office. i yelled there is something wrong with me. and i have been a r.n. for 30 years. sooo i ended up with a lumbar fusion, with NO relief from pain.the surgeon actually discredited me to other docs. i had to wrote a letter to stop him. hippa you know, now i am being told i have neuropathy from the virus. soooo. i have pain 24/7 for 2 plus years. tramadol and gabapentin help to ease the pain, but not rid me of it. so if i am dependent on a drug, so be it . the alternative is to be in severe pain. and ask me why i had a fusion for neuropathy???? never never never trust a doctor. they do not feel your pain. i just wish all my ignorant doctors could feel what i feel for 72 hours. i think if you are having chronic ongoing unrelived pain take/do whatever you need to find relief. p.s. i was never sick before this and am 60 years old. if you never had pain you just can,t imagine the SUFFERING.

  99. dont think it should be classed as a federal narcotic, it can be use for many other purposes then just physical pain, such as anxiety, depression, even can be used to help with withdrawls for heavy opiate users to aid them in quitting oxy cottens or heroin

    I was on oxys for quite awhile, methadone does work but its gets stuck in your muscles and bone so when you do stop cold turkey all together you sweat and deal with the same withdrawl pain, your just trading 1 withdrawl for another, and and it takes a month to get it out of your system depending how long you were on it,,

    and suboxone is so expensive if you dont have insurance, never tried it but read quite few reveiws saying its the same propblem as methadone so I figure I might aswell just go with tramadol since its cheaper, I can get as much as I want and never run outm and its 100% legal perscriptions you can order off the net, the best route to go, thats just my opinion

    its a free country I dont see why they wont sell this over the counter like in canada does with codeine, some people really need it and cannot afford the to go to the hospital to get perscriptions

  100. Hi Kirk. Thanks for sharing more about your positive experience using tramadol. I’d just say that drugs work differently in each person. I’m glad that tramadol helps your arthritis and that you don’t experience withdrawal when you stop taking it.

  101. I have been useing Tramadol for several years to treat arthritis. I have never had any of the side effects talked about here. (Could that be brcause I take it as my Doctor directs?) I have missed doses sometimes two or three in a row and the only effect I feel is the flair up of arthritis pain in both wrists and my back. If I am addicted to anything it is the ABSENCE of pain in my joints!

  102. Yes, but keep in mind that physical dependence is possible and is distinctly different than addiction. The one characteristic present during any addiction is mental craving, or obsession.

  103. I don’t really notice that narcotic effects. I been on vicodin, lortab, and oxycodone and those work way better than tramadol. Now a days doctors try to find alertanatives for narcotics but they don’t always work or have worse symptons. I don’t understand how people can say I’ll never take addictive medicines… If the pain is bad enough you will take what ever works. Personally none of those medications worked as good as medical marijuana and I didn’t have to smoke it. I ate a pill or eatable with no withdrawals what so ever. Its sad that you can’t get the medicine that helps without feeling like a drug addict.

  104. I was taking lortab then percocets while going to physical therapy and to my chiropractor for left lower back and sciatic nerve pain in my leg.. I had enough of that narcotic crap.. I got hooked and went through hell getting off of them .. you will get hooked regardless of your confidence.. Just like ciggs but way worse.. I had pain everywhere.. Then I switched to tramadol and it actually works taking to account my tolerance.. For me, I wouldn’t say its addicting but actually helps stop the pain.. I had different dosages prescribed, 37.5,50 and 100mg I did notice narcotic affects resembling percocets more than lortab at higher doses but without the intense euphoric feeling people get hooked to.. Although similar.. Id recommend it over the tough stuff and I would consider it a narcotic although less habit forming therefore should remain easily accessible for all..

  105. I have taken just about every drug (legal and not) known to man – not proud, was just a rebellious teen. I have been taking Tramadol for a few years now due to severe sciatica and other health probs – the only thing addictive about it is if I don’t take it, I have pain. If I take a whole pill, it wires me to no end, but it CERTAINLY does not have the affect (at least on me) as, say, Lortab or something else in that range. If I don’t need to take the Tramadol (the few times I am not having pain) I in NO WAY whatsoever have withdrawals. It is my personal opinion that this is NOT addictive for anything other than the fact that you MIGHT be addicted to NOT feeling pain when you take it. So…….

  106. Hi Paul. Just be sure that you understand that Tramadol is not a LEGAL narcotic, although by medical definition as a pain reliever, Tramadol is a narcotic.

  107. My doctor just perscribed me Tramadol after I told him that I DO NOT WANT anything narcotic. I was using Ibuprofen for back and knee pain but only took it once or twice a month. I have seen narcotics ruin peoples lives and I refuse to become like them. I can deal with the pain for the most part since I have a high pain tolerence. I think anything that has any narcotics in it should be labeled as such. That is why I refuse to goto any pain clinics. Guess I need to call him and ask why he gave it to me after I stated I did not want it. But I need something more with the cooler and wet weather causing my joints to hurt more.

  108. I take tramadol for chronic left flank pain until doctors and insurance people can do their job right and I can have surgery. It dulls my pain if I take 100-150mg, but still doesn’t stop the pain. I’m not at all addicted to it and dread when I actually do have to take it because it makes me sick. But it is better to be sick then it is to deal with the pain. (Either way, most of the time I still can not function) I don’t think this is anything that even comes close to a narcotic, but we all have different opinions and different reactions to certain medications.

  109. lyrica did not work for me but tryciclids like celexa and cymbalta really help my fibromyalgia and sciatica pain…i do feel like the tramadol may not be as effective as when first i took it but im not going to take it other than prescribed…just gonna have to make do:(

  110. You are right. I take lyrica and tramadol both. Lyrica is an outstanding drug for aiding in the relief of chronic pain. The sideeffects are mild depending on the dose and it doesn’t seem to be addictive. Good luck.

  111. I have been dealing with chronic pain since I was 22. A severe csr accident left me with alot of new hardware throughout my right leg, foot, and ankle.The worst was a degloving injury to my right foot. A degloveing injury is when all the soft tissue is mashed and sepirated from the bones. Tendons and ligaments are basicly destroyed with the nerves being severly dammaged bringing the onset of severe neuropathy. After reading these blogs, I normally don’t put in my two cents but this time all of these answers hit so close to home I felt oblagated.I normally take a 10mg. percocet every six hours. Soma twice a day for muscle cramps, and lyrica 150 mg. every eight hours. By the way folks those of you who haven’t tryed lyrica are really missing out on a very highly bennifical drug for the relief of chronic pain. I recently started taking tramadol in the attempt to have some help with breakthrough pain of the morning and evenings which are the worst times of the day for me After taking it for about three months, I noticed that it just wasn’t working the same like it was. I was tempted to take more but I didn’t.I did however take an extra muscle relaxer.. It was probibly an hour later I began to feel nausous and soooo tired.. I was at my mothers as well so I was trying to hide that fact that I was feeling sick so she wouldn’t worry… It didn’t even suspect in the least what was about ro rake place. I came to in the hospital. The tox screen came back negative for everything except the meds I take.Folks take this seariously. Follow your Drs. orders with this medication… Even taking it propperly , the normal dose can bring on a siecure.So folks you don’t have to be a druggie for this to happen to you. Furthermore to the folks talking about being treeted like a dope head criminals; immagine being 22 and having to plead your case… Even with medical transcripts in a folder about two feet thick.Folks, hang in there and keep reserching and reading, shareing yourthoughts everywhere you can. Who knows, a physician somewhere might read your comments and it change his perception on how he sees people who suffer from chronic pain. We need to stick together and stand our ground until we are nolonger treeted like criminals or drug addicts and given the respect we deserve . If anyone wishes to respond feel free to email me at

  112. i have been on tramadol about 3 weeks now after losing lortab and i think it may work even better than the lortab. i even got my husband to get a scrip for chronic knee pain not helped by nsaids and its even helping him. i do believe that true pain patients dont abuse their medicine because they actually need the pain relief so that they can function and try to have a life with their families and friends. i just pray that florida doesnt change tramadols statue to opoid cuz i’d be stuck in bed then…good luck to everyone:)

  113. Tramadol is for the birds especially after 4 major surgeries. However, indeed those other strong ass opioides, will make you feel good rather than releive pain if you abuse them. So personally, Tramadol is just effective as advil or better. take my word

  114. Just to be clear my urine tests come back perfectly clean every time. One doctor told me that there is a risk that a person could take an excessive amount and poison themselves and die. So if you took your entire bottle I guess, but I do not take more than two in four to 6 hour period and I even take less the majority of the time. Seriously if I wanted to kill myself, my blood pressure medicine Micardis 80/12.5 HCT
    would be easier to overdose on to kill a person. So now that there is a risk of someone killing self with blood pressure medicine, why not stop refills on it too? Because the issue is not about the threat of danger or suicide, the truth is that Doctors are being pressured to treat every patient as a criminal drug addicted evil person, despite the fact that MRI results and other means show real severe pain and that the patients do not abuse the prescription nor consider the medication as a drug for recreational use. Having real pain is not fun, and when you have real pain the medication works to block that pain, and is not used to produce a euphoria state. When you are in real pain, tramadol does not make you feel good, it only prevents you from suffering. But you people who have no pain and get tramadol and then abuse it and overdose on it, and then go to rehabs and emergency rooms with tramadol in your systems, are really making things difficult for all of us legitimate patients. I do not abuse drugs and I am not a drug addict, I have real pain, and so far tramadol has helped block some of that pain along with ibuprofen. That is all I know about it, and to think someday it will be illegal for a doctor to treat legitimate pain means, that it might hurt to much to walk when I throw my back out, and shop or attend school or other important daily activities. Thanks alot for screwing things up for all of us you dope heads.

  115. For several years Tramadol has helped me function and walk when my pain becomes overwhelming. When I hear other people abusing it, and now in the last few months see how some doctors are increasingly paranoid to treat legitimate pain, I understand why I am being treated like a criminal by my doctors. After over ten urine tests I would hope that one day my Doctors will stop treating me like a drug addict and treat me as a responsible patient with real pain. My MRI shows crushed discs, my pain is real, and I do not take more than prescribed ever. Still Doctors care more about precautionary or preventative defenses in every case, so they don’t end up in court like Conrad Murray. This medication helps with my pain period, yet refills are always more than an act of congress because the doctors are super afraid, and instead of being a patient they are beginning to treat patients like dangerous criminals and our punishment is with holding pain medications. Personally I have taken myself off Tramadol a few times easily, once it was difficult for me, but I am in control and this is why I will not accept anything stronger. I see people taking much stronger forms of pain medications and that means they may never stop being addicted or needing them, me I can stop my medications at will, although not comfortable, and my pain comes back. Then I am forced to resume pain management and take tramadol. This is upsetting that I read about people who take more than they are prescribed, you make legit patients suffer and pay the consequences. My pain is real, so why all the paranoia ?

  116. Tara I am in the same situation as you but have not stopped taking the tramadol because I am scared of being sick. Would you be willing to talk more with me, privately? Please reply to my comment and I can give you my e-mail address. Thanks.

  117. i also have lupus, fibro, irritable bowl, sjogren’s, and migraines. i was on lortab and soma for the past 2 years and never abused them or had to up the dose; i actually would ration them out to last longer than a month. recently the florida legislature passed a statute that put so much registrictions on doctors prescribing controlled substances that my doc decided not to do it anymore, so she switched me to tramadol…only been on a few days with some relief. if they change tramadol’s statue to opioid, i have no clue what i will take becuz i cant take nsaids cuz im on the highest dose of immunosuppresants that is legal. just praying for legal pain relief.

  118. Betty…it may be stupid that people abuse or have abused tramadol…unfortunatley I am one of those people! I have two days off the pain meds however my doctor had to prescribe some detox meds to help ease my detox…and let me tell you…I am very sick! I havent slept in three days and I feel like I have a bad flu bug! But my whole point is people make bad decisions in their life and that doesnt make them stupid…I am a very educated young woman…even went to medical school…Im okay if other people want to judge me…but deep down I know I am simply fixing a mistake I chose to make a year ago

  119. I am a 33 year old medical assistant who was prescribed Tramadol for pain caused from fibro myalgia. I was very familiar with it because my dad used to take it and shamefully enough…i used to steal them from him. That was just the beginning of my addiction…little did I know it would get way out of hand! I started by taking two or three and until two days ago…I was taking 18-27 at a time! Same effects as herion believe it or not…nodding out and much more! I have since quit taking ALL pain meds as I was tired of having siezures from the abuse! I have two days clean…however…beieve it or not…its truly the worst thing i have gone through! my doctor actually had to prescribe detox meds so I wouldnt be quite as sick! It is a wonderful drug if not abused…in one year I have made my life a complete mess over Tramadol (and others)…if you are prescribed this drug…be very careful and never take more than two at a time because I promise you WILL have a seizure!

  120. Drug companies are making a killing off of us! Is there anyway we can put pressure on them to come up with non-narcotic drugs for people with genuine cronic pain? We don’t want to get HIGH we just want to be able to walk, bend, sit, etc. I haven’t been able to grocery shop in 15 YEARS!!! It is the small every day things that would mean the world to us. How do you feel?

  121. Someone just sent me an email on Tramadol addiction! Honestly this just blows me away. Maybe I’m in way too much pain or I’m NUTS. When my physician gave me an RX for this and I took the tramadol it did absolutely NOTHING for me. NOTHING !!!!! So I flushed it down the toilet. Anyway, I sure hope it helps some people. However, making this drug classified as a narcotic is crazy. I took two 50 mg. tablets and they did not relieve my paint one at all. So in my book; this should not be in the same family as an “opiate”. I am not a physician, just a 64 year woman with chronic pain. Everyday I pray for a non-narcotic drug to be manufactured for folks like me. I DON’T WANT ( AND WILL NOT TAKE) TO TAKE ADDICTIVE DRUGS. Dear God is there any
    alternative? Has anyone got a suggestion?

  122. Hello Brenda! I am 64 and have lupus and fibromyalgia and take no pair medicine but surely need somthing. I have tried everything but except narcotics. Doctors are very hesitant to prescribe “DRUGS” for pair. I have a rhruemathologist (probably-misselled both words!) that gave me a RX for Tramadol and it was like taking an asprin. I am glad it worked for you. Thank God I have a high pain tolerance. Otherwise, I would have blown my brains out by now. I keep praying that by some miracle SOMEONE will come up with a NON addictive pain pill that we can take so we can walk and be able to take part in family activities – – – like boating. I wish you good health my friend.

  123. I wish paul would tell us what he uses for chronic pain. If you are in pain even aspirin can be considered addictive – as you have to have it.
    I have taken aspirin until blood vessels in my eyes burst , stomach burned, and every bump was a bruise.
    Tylenol – you cannot take it every day – I tried – causes extreme and strange muscel spasmsand causes my blood pressure to go sky high.
    Ibuprophin – took it until stomach burning could no longer be tolerated and it caused brusing and extreme face sweating.
    Vicodin – has tylenol
    Vioxx – offf market now -due to heart problems chemical smelling very loose bowels – swelling of eyelids, face , ankles. –
    Celebrex same as Vioxx.
    Arthrotec – chem smelling loose stools so bad you cannot leave home.
    Mobic – did not use very long
    all these things very expensive and no better pain relief than aspirin.

    Now I take tramadol.
    no stomach pain – I take 50 mg tabs so I can adjust dose according to pain. Usually only take 1 in am and 1 in pm. If I have a bad pain I take a bit more.
    I sometimes and 1 aspirin or a naproxin.
    I have no side effects, and my stomach has healed up.
    I do not feel it is addicting.
    If you people have any other things that can be taken that is safer than tramadol for pain I would like to know about it.

  124. i think this is a joke seriously so say if your fasmily member leaves a few tramadol at your house and the police raid ur house u will get in trouble for having them even though they are not yours its really stupid people getting high off tramadol!

  125. I’m a nurse who suffers from chronic pain from a back injury and have over the years become very familiar with just about every pain medication from non-narcotic to narcotic out there and can clearly say that anyone who thinks that Tramadol isn’t just as much of a narcotic as vicodin either doesn’t know what they’re talking about, only believes what they’ve been taught or has something to gain from the sales of the product. I can take a vicodin, narco or tramadol with the same effect; Warm, soothing, calming opiate based results that turns to lethargy with over use, no longer works to relieve pain in time, perpetuate insomnia and sickness when usage stops.
    Sounds like addiction to me. Or I can always chug some NyQuil that always works as well. The drug companies just like the cigarette companies are in the business of making money. Addictions a good way to insure profitability and as we all know pharmaceutical medications are the fastest growing areas of abuse in the US today. Thank the lobbyists.

  126. im hooked very bad you can get a bottle of 100 pills 100mg in mexico and there legal to bring across i go through a bottle a week

  127. Hey, I think your mostly on track with this, I won’t say I totally agree , but its not really that big of a issue.

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