Thursday December 13th 2018

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Addicted to Obama : is idealism good or bad for addicts?

Election Day, 2008

Tears were streaming down my face the morning after the election as I watched Obama’s victory speech in Chicago early this morning.  The hope.  The ideals.  The ideology. I agreed with it all.

The problem is that, as an addict, I can go way overboard in the WAY that I think.  My objectivity becomes clouded … and the more that I believe that I know more than others, the more I move away from a something higher and bigger than me.  Who am I to say that I have a direct line to what is right?

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous give us a prescription for such big headed-ness:

Whatever our ideal turns out to be, we must be willing to grow toward it.  We must be willing to make amends where we have done harm, provided that we do not bring about still more harm in so doing … In meditation, we ask God what we should do about each specific matter.  The right answer will come, if we want it.

– The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, page 69 *

Setting personal ideals and developing humility is what recovery is about.  Pursuing, espousing and broadcasting ideologies is not.  I must remind myself.  Therefore, I have created this short list of tips for coping with idealism.  Please feel free to add to the list.  I’m SURE I’m missing a few angles.


  1. Don’t talk about your personal beliefs.  Keep them personal.
  2. Avoid conflict.
  3. When in conflict, agree with your opponent.  If needed, this tactic immediately harmonizes any situation.
  4. Listen more.  Talk less.
  5. Be prepared for disappointment by believing in God’s justice.  Then, visualise your ideals again and prepare for disappointment.
* Thank you, Big Book Concordance!

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5 Responses to “Addicted to Obama : is idealism good or bad for addicts?
Toni Mitev
8:14 pm November 22nd, 2008

yeah, blind faith in your leader can only get you killed.

10:03 pm November 23rd, 2008

True that. But so can blind faith in just about anything. 😉

2:08 am August 14th, 2010

The Obama administration – regardless of what you think of it – marks as a defining turning point in US sociopolitical history

Bryce Policastro
1:04 am August 21st, 2010

So it looks like out fearless leader will be playing the toughest golf course at Martha’s Vineyard. Shame on him. He should be working! Soon he’ll back in the Oval Office hard at work.

6:56 am May 6th, 2012

As an addict I, too, go to the extreme in many areas of my life -especially with idealism and personal beliefs. Thanks for the reminder of humility that I so easily stray from.
Avoid conflicts & human triggers!

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