Gratitude Activities for Addiction: A Meditation on Abundance and Gratitude

In time for Thanksgiving, check out these tips from Dr. Louise Stanger on how to manifest abundance. A look at personal experience with practices guidelines on how to FEEL gratitude…and to live with joy.

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Reflecting on Past Experience

As I contemplate my seventy second year, I recall the many lives I have lived, the trials and tribulations, the loves, losses, the successes and failures I have experienced. I know that I have brought joy to some and consternation to others.

Since I have moved, I have stepped up the number of 12 step meetings I am going to and have been working on my character defects as well as making amends to those I have harmed knowing full well their responses are in god’s hands, not mine. For me, the first step is so important because I surrender to being powerless over people, places, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Today, I am privileged to work with folks all over the globe, helping them rise to their best selves and often in the process I forget to take care of myself.

So, How Do You Manifest Abundance?

My understanding for the key to manifesting abundance is focusing and giving all your attention to the things you want. Then, you give zero energy to the things you do not want. 

That is the key.

To manifest even further goodness, you need to be grateful for the things that you have. Then, you keep being grateful as the things you have will just get better and better because you are focusing on all that goodness. That goodness grows exponentially and that’s a big part of how you shift your energy.

How It Looks in Practice

Today, I want to share ways in which I am working to manifest abundance in my life. In other words, I am working hard on discovering things about myself and not letting distractions (rumblings in my head, social media getting the best of me, etc.) get in the way.

This morning, I realized I wanted to create a morning meditation which helps focus on manifesting what I want and what I am thankful for. I share it here with you as a way that you can carry a similar practice into your life.

 A Meditation on Abundance and Gratitude

REPEAT TO YOURSELF: May I always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

That is one I have to truly concentrate on to manifest. Growing up in a home full of confusion and tragedy, my natural inclination is to see the world through dark lenses, so I must consciously and vigilantly believe something wonderful is going to happen and look beneath, inside and above  the surface to unearth it.

REPEAT TO YOURSELF: May I discover what I want in this next decade of life.

As the 12-Step teaches, act courageously one day at a time. For today I am kind, honest, working a program, transparent and manifesting abundance for myself and others.

REPEAT TO YOURSELF: May I manifest and practice gratitude daily by writing down each morning what I am grateful for.

These are just a few things I’m grateful for:

  • Traveling up high and seeing the desert from 8900 feet
  • My husband John for always creating magical moments
  • Seeing the Big Dipper
  • Learning new ways of being
  • Hearing from friends far and near
  • My clients, who are my teachers
  • Crying and laughing

REPEAT TO YOURSELF: May I manifest good health and exercise.

Moving to a new city has switched my daily routine so today I am vigilant in finding new ways to move my body.

REPEAT TO YOURSELF: May I manifest kindness and gentleness with myself and others.

Be kind to everyone you meet, for everyone is fighting some sort of battle.

REPEAT TO YOURSELF: May I manifest big ideas – so big that they grow wings.

Concentrate on where I want to go not what I fear. For instance, I want to speak with Oprah. I want to do a TED Talk. I want to climb Machu Picchu and I want to take my husband to Norway. I want to be of service to others. I want to write with purpose.

REPEAT TO YOURSELF: May I manifest money and work. “I love money, I love work. Work and money love me.”

Other Ways You Can Call on Abundance

Here are some other ways that I call on abundance. I repeat:

May I watch my grandchildren grow and soar. May I laugh and take them to places near and far, to even Chuck-E-Cheese and play with them.

May I laugh, love, work, be of service to others, forgive myself if I have harmed another, and embrace those who are my enemies and those who are my friends.

May I be gentle with my soul, meaning strive to not live in a dark lonely place of “you’re not good enough” – rather, that I am enough. Always.

May my phone ring with work and clients that I can serve. May I train and learn from others.

May I love more and worry less. I want to do the next right thing. I don’t always know what results may come from my actions, but if I do nothing there will be no result.

May I embrace the epic changes that I have made for GREAT OPPORTUNITIES ARE ALWAYS worth the risk.

May I have the courage TO DIG DEEP, to look inside and out and find grace.


May I learn to recognize all the dazzling important things that my eyes cannot see.

May I have the patience and courage to do what is right.

May I find laughter, silliness and play for I am often way too serious.

May I cultivate deep gratitude for all that life offers me.


May my difficulties only serve to help me discover who I am.

May I find a home for my talents in this world.

May I surround myself with people who help me grow and be a better me.

May I find a world that is kinder than I knew and often on my side.

“May I live the kind of life I imagine for myself – for this is my one time to be me. I want to experience ever good things.” -Maya Angelou

May I thank outside the box, thank people who least expect a thank you. Those that may have fired me or turned away. Or thank the grocery clerk, the mail person, etc.

May I show myself deep kindness for the world and, hence, deep kindness for myself.

May I always remember: “Gratitude can transform a common day into Thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” -William Arthur Ward

What Do You Do to Cultivate Gratitude?

Let’s keep the conversation going.

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About the author
Louise Stanger, Ed.D. is a clinical social worker LCSW and Certified Intervention Professional CIP with over 35 years experience in substance abuse and mental health disorders, grief and loss. She has been a university educator (SDSU & USD) and researcher. She is active in the Network of Independent Interventionist and Association of Intervention Specialists and is also a Motivational Interviewing Trainer of Trainers. More at All About Interventions .
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