The Definitive Guide To Quitting Painkillers (PRINTABLE BOOK)

An Instant Access to Guidelines and Suggestions on Quitting Opioids

Opioid painkillers can get you hooked. But they can also be used safely for pain management in every day life. How can you know the difference? And how can you quit using pain meds safely?

This book serves as a reference guide to the basics. We cover some of the following subjects:

  • What the process of quitting looks like.
  • Nonopioid strategies that work for your pain type and intensity level.
  • Signs that you need addiction treatment.
  • Pain meds during or after addiction treatment.

…plus more.

In addition to guidance on approved strategies for quitting, you’ll find self-evaluation tests to help you better understand your pain management needs.

We hope you find this book helpful in learning more about the safety considerations when considering quitting, your treatment assessment, intervention options, and opioid use tips. We hope that you enjoy our publication and that it can impart some additional knowledge about appropriate pain management that MAY or MAY NOT be opioid based.

For further questions, seek the advise of your primary physician or contact us at

Happy reading!

The Definitive Guide To Quitting  Painkillers (PRINTABLE BOOK)

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