Smoking marijuana in recovery

Is it appropriate (if ever) to smoke weed in recovery?

Should you smoke marijuana in recovery?

Alcoholics and drug addicts get the wrong picture and identify as sober, even while consuming a psychoactive substance. The truth is that for most, total abstinence from all drugs of choice is a requisite to recovery.So, what is the risk of smoking marijuana for people in recovery? And when might it be a decision that can help?

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about:

  • •What happens to the brain on weed
  • Marijuana as a medicine
  • Risks vs. benefits of smoking

Here, we’ll explore the risks and the benefits to help you decide. After a brief review the pros and cons of smoking weed, we then invite you to complete the accompanying worksheet. We truly hope that this e-book and accompanying worksheet will help you live a happy and substance free life.

Happy reading!

Smoking marijuana in recovery

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