Quitting smoking in recovery

A workbook of facts about smoking to prepare you to quit.

Should you quit smoking in recovery?

Nicotine addiction may not destroy a person’s life in the same way as other psychoactive drugs, but it can certainly lead to a great deal of suffering…including unnecessary illness and earlier death. In fact, smoking tobacco causes more deaths among people in substance abuse treatment than the alcohol or drug use that brings them to treatment.

Crazy, but true!

So, if you’re considering quitting, how can you prepare yourself? Quitting smoking in recovery is a true challenge. Let us help you in making this life changing decision.
In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about:

  • What happens physically when you smoke cigarettes
  • Why smoking is so addictive!
  • What happens when you quit smoking
  • Risks vs. benefits of quitting smoking

We hope that this e-book and accompanying worksheet will help you live a happy and free life. Please contact us with questions or if you need support in the process.

Happy reading!

Quitting smoking in recovery

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