Signs of internet addiction disorder

How do you know know if you or a loved one is an internet addict? Probably NOT by physical signs typical of other chemical addictions. We’ll outline some of the common signs and symptoms of internet addiction in this short review of IAD, or internet addiction disorder.

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Signs of internet addiction

Overall, the compulsive use of the internet is the main feature of internet addiction.  And experts agree that internet use causes problems in the life of an internet addict, whether personal or professional.  All subtypes of internet addiction share the same components. Signs of someone who is addicted to being online include:

  1. excessive use of the internet or staying online longer than intended (frequently associated with a loss of sense of time or a neglect of basic needs)
  2. withdrawal accompanied by anger, tension, and/or depression when a computer is inaccessible
  3. the need for better computer equipment, more software, or more hours of use in order to achieve the same effect
  4. negative consequences of use, including arguments, lying, poor achievement, social isolation, and fatigue

Internet addiction screening questions

So, how can you screen for internet addiction?  Basically, here are seven questions to ask yourself or a loved one.  If you answer yes to at least three of these questions, you might consider asking for help.  Or then again, maybe even one “yes” would constitute a look at your internet use.

  • Are you spending more and more time on the Internet just to get the same level of satisfaction?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms (depression, agitation, moodiness) when not on line?
  • Do your Internet sessions last longer than planned?
  • Do you spend a great deal of time on other Net-related activities,such as buying related books, talking about the Net and trying new software?
  • Despite adverse effects (family problems, failure to complete work) do you continue to use the Internet?
  • Have your attempts to cut down or stop met with failure?
  • Are you giving up important social or occupational activities in order to spend time online?

What to do if you are addicted to the internet


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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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