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adolescent drug abuse


Teen addiction stories: My childhood was normal

Not all teen addicts come from broken lives. Here’s a story about a normal guy who had it all, lost it, and has found his purpose again. We hope that you can relate.


Teenage pot smoking statistics (INFOGRAPHIC)

Can marijuana cause you harm? Yes, especially among adolescent and teen onset users (who can experience long term cognitive and neural impairment). More here, with statistics on smoking pot during the teen years and how smoking weed affects teen IQ later in life.


Talking to kids about drug addiction

A guide for how to talk with kids (or teenagers) about drug addiction. Your questions or stories are welcomed at the end.


Drug contracts for kids and teens

Can we have contracts with our own teens when it comes to drug use? you bet. More on how to create a drug contract here.

Drug free contracts for teenagers and kids

Step-by-step instructions for how to draw up a drug free contract for the home for use with teenagers and children.

Honesty, leniency can drive your kids to drugs?

Thinking about letting your kids stay home alone? What about telling them of past drug use? Think again. A review of recent studies about drugs and parenting styles here.


My child is using drugs: 8 steps for intervention

Is your child using drugs? Drug users are expert manipulators. To avoid denial or refusal of treatment, plan a intervention with family members to address your child’s drug use. 8 tips for planning a drug or alcohol intervention here.

How many teens use drugs?

THE Top 3 sites to find statistics on how many teens use drugs here.


Can I drug test my child or teen?

Yes, you can drug test your child or teen at home. How to set up a home drug testing system to prevent cheating on the drug screen here.

Heroin and teenagers

Can your teenager get wrapped up in heroin? Yes, and teenager heroin use usually starts with abuse of family prescription meds. More suggestions for and signs of teenage heroin use here.

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