Thursday November 27th 2014

Treatment center interviews

Nutrition assisted detox: INTERVIEW with Sovereign Health

What is nutrition assisted detox (NAD)? We talk with the innovative healthcare organization who offer this service about the benefits, risks, and cost of NAD here.

The benefits of Spiritual Psychology: INTERVIEW with The Clearing

What is Spiritual Psychology and how does it fit into an addiction treatment plan? We investigate here.

Brain Restoration Therapy in addiction treatment: INTERVIEW with Dr. Ken Starr

Can administration of NAD, a co-enzyme of Niacin, really help restore balance to your brain after drug dependence? An exclusive interview with Brain Restoration Therapy advocate, Dr. Kenn Starr, here.

Non-traditional treatment for addiction: INTERVIEW with Morningside Recovery

Are you looking for addiction treatment that differs from a more traditional approach? We’ve interviewed Morningside Recovery in Coastal Orange County, CA for a snapshot of what non-traditional treatment can look like.


INTERVIEW with internet addiction expert

We talk with Dr. Kimberly Young of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery about the state of internet addictions. She helps us define internet addiction and identify problem behaviors. Dr. Young also outlines treatment and recovery options. Learn more about the fastest growing trends in online addiction here.


INTERVIEW with Jewish Recovery

Social media connects people quickly and easily…and is the backbone of Jewish Today’s recovering addict can access specialised “Recovery Rabbis” via Twitter, Facebook and blogs…and participate in dialogue. We talk to Rabbi Yisrael Pinson about the unique ways that Jewish addicts and alcoholics can reclaim their spiritual Judaism in the context of the 12 Steps. Learn more here.


INTERVIEWS with addiction and drug rehab centers: The Way Station

Continuing our new interview series, we talk to Brian Dooley of the Way Station in Orange County, CA a treatment center that uses neurofeedback to treat brain conditions including autism, ADD, ADHD, addiction, anxiety and depression. I was attracted by the treatment center’s pioneering use of biofeedback for addiction treatment, as the modality sits on the fringe of mainstream medical practice. We talk with Brian about their outpatient philosophy and the best practices Way Station uses today.