Monday October 20th 2014

Aftercare program interviews


INTERVIEW about addiction coaching : Life Recovery Coach Keith Bray

Life coaching aims to help you both determine and achieve your personal goals. But how can a coach help you in your process of addiction recovery? Learn about the personal and professional values of Keith Bray, a Certified Life and Addictions Coach and how coaching might help you recover from addiction.


INTERVIEWS with addiction aftercare programs: Beating Addiction

America is a country of over 23.6 million addicts … And is a social network that wants to help. Any addict. Any addiction. Read about the ideas and the beliefs behind this unique community as we talk to founder Alexander Kintis. We explore the WHY? WHAT? and WHO? of Beating Addiction in this interview.


INTERVIEWS with addiction aftercare programs: STAGES

To inaugurate a new interview series, we talk to Cole Watts of STAGES of Recovery in Lubbock, TX a sober living aftercare program targeting college students. STAGES three core concepts of recovery support, education and career development help guide university students in recovery. Can newly recovered university students really achieve sobriety in a college town? See for yourself.