Wednesday November 26th 2014

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How to forgive an addict: Top 10 tips

The more you learn about and understand addiction, the easier it becomes to forgive. Learn how and why forgiveness helps you, as well as practical tips for letting go of the past.


Harm reduction in opiate and opioid users

Top 10 popular approaches in harm reduction for opiates. Also, a description of the harms of opiate and opioid use taken from the book, “Harm Reduction: Pragmatic Strategies for Managing High Risk Behaviors”. Your opiate harm reduction questions are welcomed at the end.


Enabling behavior examples: Top 10

Enabling behaviors make it easier for addicts to continue to be addicted. Learn the Top 10 enabling behavior examples to prevent or stop enabling from happening.

College binge drinking facts: Top 10

college binge drinking is endemic to the college experience. In fact, 40% of college students report binge drinking during the college years. Top 10 facts on college binge drinking here


Relapse prevention strategies

Top 10 relapse prevention strategies. We review the most effective strategies for preventing relapse into drug, alcohol or behavioral addictions. Guest writer Henry Steinberger, Ph.D., the author of the SMART Recovery® Handbook, joins us here.

Top 10 contingency management interventions for addiction

What contingency management interventions are most common? And most effective? More about using vouchers, gift cards, and cash in drug addiction treatment to improve outcomes here.


Why do people start smoking? Top 10 reasons

Most people who smoke start around or before age 18. Top 10 reasons people start smoking (based on research!) here.


Am I a Facebook addict? 10 signs of Facebook addiction

Are you addicted to Facebook? Check out these signs of addiction to evaluate your Facebook use.


Top 10 national drug or alcohol use hotlines

For people in need of urgent help with drug or alcohol problems, we offer the top 10 telephone hotlines.


Video game addiction: Top 10 signs and symptoms of pathological gaming

Pathological use of video games has been reported in 8-14% of people who play video games. But what are the signs, symptoms and characteristics of video game addiction? We review here.

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