Sunday November 23rd 2014

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How do drugs and alcohol affect you spiritually?

Why is a spiritual connection so important to addiction recovery? 5 reasons to work on your spiritual nature here.

How to change destructive thinking patterns: BOOK REVIEW

You can change destructive thinking patterns through awareness and practice … one day at a time. Here, we review the book “Chopping Wood & Carrying Water” and how it can help you in addictive recovery and beyond.


How does the Affordable Health Care Act support addiction treatment?

By 2014, insurance must include treatment for mental health disorders and substance abuse. But what other benefits to those needing addiction treatment does ObamaCare include? We review here.


7 ways to get into a creative state without drugs or alcohol

Being creative doesn’t need to involve drugs or alcohol. 7 ways to be creative without drugs or alcohol here.


Being creative without drugs

Is it possible to be creative without drugs? Absolutely! Here, Ted Brown tells his story, a musician in recovery who has learned that meditation, prayer, and perserverance lead to finding your true voice.


Songs about addiction and recovery

Songs about addiction and recovery from FireDean Schilling, and the story behind his music. An excellent resource for connecting and relating from one addict to another through music.


Documentary about crack addiction

If you’re looking for a documentary on crack cocaine, check out Hitting Rock Bottom. This TV-style online documentary is an EXCELLENT teaching resource for prevention or addiction treatment. Why? We review here.


Christian women: Addiction advice

Advice for Christian women caught in addiction…from a woman and mother who’s been there. More on how Christian women and live free from addiction here.

Clinical assessment of drug abuse

NIDA has developed a portfolio of free resources for nurses, MDs, and clinicians to help identify drug use and abuse early…and to address it BEFORE abuse leads to addiction. More on the new initiative NIDAMED here.


Christian addiction recovery stories

Looking for hope in a Christian addiction recovery story? Check out Sober Mercies, a book written by a Christian who has experienced addiction, quit, and emerged without losing God in the process. More here.

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