The Bosurgi Method™: Can you overcome emotional dependency? An INTERVIEW with Luca Bosurgi

Are you experiencing relationship problems in addiction recovery or going through a difficult personal crisis? If you are looking for ways to change your life and become emotionally independent, read more how the Bosurgi Method™ can help you here.

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Become emotionally independent in recovery!

The risks of slipping into intimate problems in early recovery are quite well known. In fact, many people suggest that you DO NOT start a relationship in the first year of recovery. But how much do you know about codependency? And what can you do if you find yourself in an emotionally dependent relationship?

Find out here in this exclusive Q&A with expert Luca Bosurgi, an inspirational speaker and founder of The Bosurgi Method™. We discuss the purpose of The Bosurgi Method™ in helping people achieve emotional independence, through becoming self-sufficient.

Who’s the expert?

On his path to adulthood Luca acquired groundbreaking knowledge about the mechanics of the mind and how it relates to mankind’s journey of spiritual evolution. His passion was to embark on a healing mission to bring happiness and self­reliance to the world. Luca was a venture capitalist for most of his professional life, managing his own investment funds. After two decades of dividing life between his healing mission and the world of banking, Luca sold his business in the 2006 and moved to Los Angeles to establish his Bosurgi Method™ School and begin practice in Santa Monica.

During the last 10 years Luca has greatly refined his Method™ as well as his theories about the mind, obtaining over 95% success rate in the last four years. His primary focus is to make The Bosurgi Method™ in Virtual Reality a tool engineered to facilitate psychological professionals at their work.

We invite you to continue reading this interview and learn more about the Bosurgi Method™ and how it may apply in the treatment of addiction. Please do not hesitate to post your questions in the comments section at the end of the page. We will do our best to respond personally and promptly.

ADDICTION BLOG: Thank you for joining us for an interview, Luca. To begin, can you please explain to our readers: “How is emotional dependence defined?”

LUCA BOSURGI: Thank you for having me. The term “emotional dependence” defines the reliance on others to receive emotional needs such as:

  • love
  • safety
  • validation
  • guidance

ADDICTION BLOG: How can a person know that s/he has become emotionally dependent? What are the signs of an emotionally dependent person?

LUCA BOSURGI: I believe that we are born emotionally dependent. From birth through childhood we are reliant on our parents for protection and support while in this vulnerable state of development.

We are meant to become emotionally independent just before puberty and refine it during the teenage period. Unfortunately, most parents do not have the models needed to guide us toward emotional independence during childhood. When the time comes to release their parental duty, instead of empowering us with self­reliance, we transfer our emotional needs from our parents to the people around us. This is why emotional dependence exists in adulthood.

An emotional dependent person will experience all the fears and anxiety caused by the need for love and validation from others (partners, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc). This includes:

  • fear of rejection
  • fear of judgment
  • poor levels of confidence
  • high emotional pain
  • emotional numbness
  • narcissism

These symptoms typically cause feelings of been overwhelmed, performing poorly at work or in relationships, a wide variety of addictions, and depression in extreme cases.

ADDICTION BLOG: What does the Bosurgi Method™ provide to people who are experiencing personal crises? How does this Method™ work?

LUCA BOSURGI: The Bosurgi Method™ is a highly effective home therapy that accelerates the path toward emotional freedom. It gives the mind the clarity necessary to learn from the models we were meant to receive from our parents.

Our minds are always striving for the “Natural Order” which is to maximize security and efficiency. When the mind identifies a safer and more efficient solution it will chose to adopt that solution.

ADDICTION BLOG: Why do you think that the success rate of the Bosurgi Method™ is so high (95%)?

LUCA BOSURGI: I spent 10 years researching, developing, and testing the Bosurgi Method™ to achieve these results. The high success rate is due to the time invested building an efficient communication protocol that is able to speak to the mind. Then advances in technology provided by Virtual Reality, offered the perfect learning environment for the delivery of my method, which only helped increase the success rate.

ADDICTION BLOG: How can people with addiction problems overcome emotional dependency using the Bosurgi Method™?

LUCA BOSURGI: Addiction and its causes are complicated. Regardless of the cause, the path back to mental and emotional health is full of anxiety, fear, lack of confidence, and low self­worth.

These feelings are the result of emotional dependencies which the Bosurgi Method™ VR home therapy targets. Our therapy has been proven highly effective at clearing the causes of these dependencies, creating a path to emotional freedom. Emotional freedom creates the self­reliance needed to reclaim your life from addiction.

ADDICTION BLOG: Does a person need to prepare in advance for the Bosurgi Method™?

LUCA BOSURGI: No! You can get started with the 1st session as soon you have a pair of VR Goggles.

ADDICTION BLOG: Can people use The Bosurgi Method™ as a home therapy? How?

LUCA BOSURGI: Yes, the Bosurgi Method™ is designed to be used as a Home Therapy. It is available through a mobile application so you can enjoy the sessions anywhere, any time. The therapy includes 20 sessions and we have seen the best results in clients that enjoy 1 session a day.

To get started you just need to order the Bosurgi Method™ sessions and make sure you have VR Goggles which are available on our site if needed.

ADDICTION BLOG: What does “Virtual Reality” refer to and how is it applied to your method?

LUCA BOSURGI: Virtual Reality is mainly used for interactive entertainment, but it has much more value to it. It engages our two main senses in a fully immersive setting that replicates the way we learn naturally, through experiences. It also offers captivating visuals able to calm the mind and keep it focused on the experience. We enhance this learning environment by guiding the mind into the Theta state, the same state used by Buddhist Monks for mind and spiritual development work.

ADDICTION BLOG: How can people access The Bosurgi Method™? What should they do to order it?

LUCA BOSURGI: The only thing you need to get started is a smartphone, our package includes everything else. The package includes the Bosurgi Method™ VR sessions, Virtual Reality goggles, and access to the application for your phone. Your readers can order the Bosurgi Method™ from the Mind Fitness Lab product page at a special discount of $199, VR Goggles are included. This offer will be available till June 30th , 2016.

ADDICTION BLOG: Do you have anything else that you would like to add and share with our readers?

LUCA BOSURGI: I would like to thank you for allowing me discuss the connection between emotional dependency and addictions with your readers. This understanding is key to unlocking our emotional freedom which will increase happiness, performance, selfreliance, effectiveness, and relieve us from substance dependencies.

About the Interviewee: Luca Bosurgi is an author, inspirational speaker and the creator of the Bosurgi Method™. He is a board certified and licensed clinical hypnotherapist, a highly experienced life coach and a master spiritual counselor. Luca has had formal training and clinical experience in psychology, metaphysics, life coaching, spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy for over two decades. His vision is to help people become psychologically independent, happy and self sufficient.
He has researched the mind for over 25 years and discovered the unfulfilled needs that restrain millions of people in a cage of dependency and fears. He also discovered the rational key for permanently ending psychological dependency in a very short time. Luca Bosurgi’s mission is to offer awareness and mind training methodology to the world, to help bring humanity to healthier, more efficient, and joyful place.
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